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International Assistance Group expands its medical escort services in the US

International Assistance Group (IAG), a worldwide alliance of assistance companies, recently expanded its coverage of the assistance chain, with a new Partnership that was offered to Rescue Nurse International (RNI), in Colorado. Medical Escort on commercial flights is a valuable solution for non critical patients who need to return home.

Medical evacuations and repatriations are not always critical. Some patients need to be brought home with a medical escort, but their health condition allows them to fly on a regular commercial aircraft under the supervision and care of a nurse. This service is provided by medical escort companies such as Rescue Nurse International.

International Assistance Group partnered in the past with Air and Ground Ambulance companies in the USA. To expand the coverage of medical escort services, they signed a Partnership contract with a second Preferred Provider. Rescue Nurse International offers to IAG Partners an efficient and valuable solution as alternative to air ambulances, for non critical cases.

Rescue Nurse International, based in the USA, is a worldwide medical transport company focused solely on the repatriation of patients travelling on commercial airlines. In just five years, Rescue Nurse International has strategically grown to handle more than 400 individual patient transports per year, from virtually every corner of the globe. In 2012, RNI became the first and only commercial medical transport company to receive full CAMTS accreditation and achievement, which stands alone to this day. RNI provides 24-hour basic and advance care for patients requiring evacuation and/or repatriation for non critical, stabilized medical conditions.

From bedside to bedside, RNI has the ability to coordinate every aspect of medical transport including but not limited to: flights with routing options, ground transportation, discharge and readmission coordination, hotels and meals, oxygen and medical equipment, MEDIF clearance and 24/7 medical direction. RNI Founder, Gabrielle Bartusiak, explained her motivation to join an alliance of assistance companies such as International Assistance Group.

“Being part of a worldwide network whose focus is medical services, allows our Company to expand its reach in a meaningful way. Our nurses have the proper documents for International travel at a moments notice. We as a company are excited to be part of IAG and come together for such an important cause… quality patient care. ” “Independent but working together to achieve common goals,” this remains the spirit of International Assistance Group.

IAG Partners rely on the 60 independent assistance companies federated around a central organisation, based in Paris. The animation of the network of Partners is the Head Office’s mission, which in addition maintains a global database of providers (over 3.300 hospitals, over 60 air ambulance companies, and other assistance providers are also available in this exclusive and constantly updated database).

IAG is meant to assist its Partners to grow their business and deliver quality assistance services outcomes; nevertheless the strength of this alliance is not limited to the access of this reliable network. The success remains also based on the knowledge sharing spirit of the group. “International Assistance Group is proud to welcome Rescue Nurse International in its network of Preferred Providers in the USA. RNI has had a long cooperation with On Call International, our Core Partner in the USA who strongly supported the application of RNI. By using RNI, the non US IAG Partners are offered the capacity to rely on a company with proven experience and CAMTS accreditation. Calling on RNI will for sure speed up your medical repatriations from the USA thus decreasing costs and time involved” declared Cecile Hermetz, General Manager of International Assistance Group.

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