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American Care Air Ambulance joins International Assistance Group as a Preferred Provider in USA

International Assistance Group continues expanding its network, which now includes a second air ambulance provider in the US. Each year the company engages newcomers to collaborate in providing quality assistance services; an objective that can only be reached with the excellence of Partners and Preferred Providers such as American Care Air Ambulance.

Along its 20 years of experience in the assistance industry, International Assistance Group diversified its activity, in order to have providers in the medical, roadside, home, travel, and security assistance. Last year International Assistance Group launched a new Partnership Model that has achieved its success, considering the enterprise expanded its network and today counts with an alliance of more than 56 Partners around the world.

Likewise it is present in 38 countries within six continents. To extend the coverage of aero-medical evacuations in the US, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Latin America, and more, American Care Air Ambulance joined the international network as Preferred Provider in February 2013. American Care Air Ambulance, founded in 1994 by Milan Floribus, has been a leader in the air ambulance industry with a perfect safety record ever since its creation.

The company has conducted more than 4700 missions for assistance and insurance companies, hospitals, US government organizations, and private-pay individuals throughout the world. Last year American Care Air Ambulance successfully conducted 218 aero-medical-evacuation missions. The new alliance between the two companies delighted their managers, who are motivated to collaborate.

"To further develop positive relationship with, and understand the needs of, assistance companies which are our primary clients," expressed Floribus, current Vice President of American Care Air Ambulance, concerning his motivation to join the International Assistance Partnership Program.

According to the mission and commitment established by American Care Air Ambulance to provide optimal bed-to-bed aero-medical fixed-wing, medical escort, and commercial stretcher evacuation services domestically and internationally with highly-personalized care and special attention to safety and the comfort of each patient, four medical directors worldwide, two chief flight nurses, and a team of over 60 medical professionals apply their extensive critical-care and aero-physiology training and experience to the care and comfort of the patient and any family member accompanying the patient.

Fully equipped airplanes

Sister company American Care Aviation owns N41SM, a Cessna 550, and leases N501CP, a Cessna 501 with the upgraded Williams FJ44 engines adding power and saving fuel. Each plane is equipped with a fully-functional mini-ICU. Medical equipment includes LifePak12 for lung function and heart/blood monitoring, external heart pacers, defibrillators, suction pumps, and sufficient amounts of medical oxygen for transports anywhere in the world.


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