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East West Rescue (India) Strengthens Its Relationship With The International Assistance Group

  • East West Rescue (India) strengthens its relationship with the International Assistance Group.

International Assistance Group has created a new network model early 2012 aiming to expand the group further. The Partnership Program launched in January 2012 has been a great success. This unique assistance network relies on independent assistance companies and providers identified now as Core Partners, Assistance Partners and Preferred Providers. 21 additional companies joined the Partnership Program during the last twelve months, and contributed to the benefits of global assistance solutions. The last newcomer is the industry-reputed Indian company East West Rescue.

Today, Cecile Hermetz, General Manager of International Assistance Group, expresses her pride and happiness, "To have East West Rescue now being part of International Assistance Group - as Assistance Partner. The relationship established by some International Assistance Group partners with East West Rescue for more than 15 years and with International Assistance Group since 2007 has allowed to measure the knowledge and medical assistance capabilities of East West Rescue on the whole Indian continent and neighboring countries including Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives and Pakistan. We most welcome East West Rescue in our ranks and see this partnership as a way to maximize further the quality of our services in India."

Before being officially part of the International Assistance Group Partnership Program, East West Rescue had relationships with IAG Partners as service provider. East West Rescue is part of the East West Group which has been providing health care services in the Indian Subcontinent since 1920 and relies today on a network of over 2,500 hospitals and doctors in the subcontinent.

East West Rescue has been providing Air ambulances and medical assistance since 1969 (43 years) and formally became a company in 1987. Handling over 1,600 cases per year, the 24/7 Alarm and operations center always has a doctor present to assist in medical cases.

The staff speak a variety of Indian languages, Russian, English and also a little French and Spanish. In addition to the medical assistance services and transportation of patients, East West Rescue provides other services such as emergency Medical Backup for events, remote site services, health and safety training as well as travel medicine

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