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CSOS, China's First Emergency Assistance Company with Global Servicing Capability and MSP Networks Completes Restructuring and Resumes Full Operation

CSOS Assistance Co., Ltd (referred to as "CSOS"), China's first emergency assistance company with a global servicing capability and worldwide medical service provider network, announced today that it has completed a corporate restructuring and commenced full-speed operation to serve the growing demand home and abroad. Being one of the only few Chinese companies with a government approved license to offer trans-regional medical assistance services, CSOS was initially established in 1998.

Over the past years, CSOS has undertaken a large number of domestic and international medical evacuation cases and is highly regarded due to its remarkable service quality. CSOS escort doctors and nurses have traveled extensively to serve and accompany patients to and from Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific and received numerous compliments from both insurance firms and individual patients.

Ms. ZHUANG Hua, Chief Operating Officer of CSOS said, "CSOS has significantly enhanced its strengths and servicing capability to fulfill demands from Chinese and foreign insurance companies after this restructuring and has established management, medical, operational and marketing teams with significant international experience, forged seamless global hospital networks, expanded handling capacity of multi-lingual alarm centers, developed an industry leading IT platform and procured more advanced medical devices, etc."

This represents the first but significant step for CSOS to transform into a global player in the emergency assistance and innovative healthcare services industry, she noted. In order to strengthen its brand management, the company adopted a new logo "CSOS" which is easy for visual recognition and identification. CSOS now has a global medical service provider network consisting of 10,000 certified hospitals that cover more than 200 hundred countries and regions. On top of its medical assistance services, CSOS expanded its comprehensive service portfolios including travel assistance, third party administration (direct bill payment), corporate health management, international clinic and specialty medical service.

The CSOS spokesperson pointed out that one of the key differentiators for the newly restructured CSOS is its international and multilingual medical and operational teams. All the escort doctors and registered nurses have abundant clinical and practice experience overseas, and they come from the United States, mainland China, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. All CSOS staff can speak fluent English, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese to serve patients during the transition right from the beginning. 

"We offer services in parallel of international standards and never compromise on service quality," Zhuang said.

Built over its core medical capability, CSOS' comprehensive service portfolios are focused on satisfying clients' demands for better health and security solutions worldwide.

She explained, "Our services are more responsive, more customer-centric and more competitive, and we can help overseas insurance firms to develop businesses in China and domestic insurance firms to address the bottleneck in the supply chain of back-office services and develop more customized products and services, catering to their indigenous demand and overseas expansion initiatives."

According to forecast, inbound overseas tourists will keep increasing amongst the heightening of international cooperation between China and foreign countries. The population of outbound Chinese tourists will hit 100 million by the year of 2020, driven by continuous economic growth and steady increase of personal income as more Chinese enterprises explore overseas markets and more Chinese travel abroad for leisure and educational purposes. However, the international security environments keep worsening for Chinese traveling abroad, this also leads to an unprecedented stronger demand for overseas insurance products. CSOS endeavors to become the most internationalized and respected Chinese emergency assistance and specialty healthcare services provider.

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