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MAPFRE ASSISTANCE Publishes Travel Insurance Observatory

MAPFRE ASSISTANCE publishes Travel Insurance Observatory (TIO), a study based on the health implications of tourists with data obtained from their travel insurance policies sold in the UK.

The report notes that the most common diagnosis related to the fate of the trip during the period of follow-up, refers to gastrointestinal infections (in 51% of cases). The study was presented at the XX General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) held last August in Zambia - Zimbabwe. MAPFRE, through its Unit MAPFRE ASSISTANCE, participated in the event, as an affiliate member of this organization.

For the preparation of MAPFRE ASSISTANCE study, in collaboration with its subsidiary InsureandGo UK, analyzed the claims occurred in countries of destination for both tourists and business travelers, taking into account the frequency with which health problems occur, the most common medical diagnoses in these cases and the specific situation of each country.

It takes into account health-related aspects of tourists before the trip (health risks cancellations) during the course of it (where traveler gives direct assistance through call centers and health care providers associated with MAPFRE CARE also benefit from coverage linked to your mobile devices or gadgets in the event of accidental damage), or after the trip (reimbursements for medical expenses incurred by the insured). The report also highlights that North Africa represent 21 percent of medical claims, even when the overnight stays of British residents according to the ONS (Office for National Statistics) reach only 3 percent.

This analysis is carried out both by region and focus on the 20 countries (out of 130 analyzed) in which there has been a greater number of medical cases related to these destinations. Participation in the XX General Assembly of UNWTO Affiliate membership of this organization, MAPFRE ASSISTANCE about institutions and tourism authorities and helps position the company as a leader in the global tourism industry.

In addition, the continuity of the study allow MAPFRE ASSISTANCE TIO be the spokesperson on travel insurance at the WTO and in front of all media and audiences that follow the information issued by the agency of the United Nations. In the XX General Assembly of UNWTO tourism authorities attended more than 190 countries, among whom were Ministers, Secretaries General, and all the official structure of the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations, and other affiliated companies.

As stated by the Deputy Director General of MAPFRE ASSISTANCE, Gregory R. Santos: "MAPFRE have a specific purpose in regard to our participation in the WTO, and is contributing to the positive experience of tourists in their fate."

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