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Ebola Website For International SOS Members Goes Live

International SOS has launched a dedicated Ebola website in response to the developing outbreak in West Africa.

iPMI Magazine reported the ebola virus outbreak as it happened, click here to read more.

The site is being regularly updated with disease information, actualité en français (news in french), country-specific updates, travel advice and educational materials for members to download. The first outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa seems to be spreading, with cases confirmed initially in Guinea and now Liberia. Governments and NGOs are working hard to control the outbreak and there have been some border closures.

Doug Quarry, Group Medical Director for Medical Information and Analysis at International SOS said, “The situation continues to deteriorate. This means that more international resources will be required to contain it. In addition, the outbreak may be coming closer to a number of mining operations in the affected areas. Operators at these sites must be ready to train staff on how to avoid the disease. They should also be prepared if some staff ask to be evacuated from the area.”

The dedicated website is available for International SOS members and can be accessed at the following address:

Members are encouraged to contact one of the 27 International SOS Assistance Centres for advice before, during or after travel to any of the affected countries.

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