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A New Website For A New Era: International Assistance Group Introduces A Fully Redesigned Portal

A New Website For A New Era: International Assistance Group Introduces A Fully Redesigned Portal

As part of the group’s 25th anniversary celebration, the International Assistance Group (IAG) has launched a completely revamped website, designed to better reflect the modernity and human component of its growing network.

The new site ( leverages all the latest tools, technologies and design codes needed to offer a truly contemporary online experience.

According to Cecile Hermetz, General Manager of IAG, the website was due for an update. “The previous IAG site dated back to 2012 and no longer served us to the extent we needed,” Hermetz explained. “It was essential for us to have a website that genuinely reflects our brand, our commitment to our partners, and the evolution of our alliance.”

Hermetz said the new website aims to achieve multiple key objectives at once. This includes better highlighting the value of IAG Partners and Accredited Service Providers, offering an improved navigation experience, and reaffirming the group’s positioning as “the unique global alliance of independent assistance companies and qualified specialist providers operating in the medical, roadside, and travel assistance industry.”

From the very moment visitors land on the home page, they’ll discover stronger, more human imagery, as well as industry-focused visuals that make it easier to understand IAG’s scope of services and business model. They can also click through short interview videos through which partners across the globe share their stories and express how their companies are benefiting from being part of the alliance.

Partner companies have now access to a secure, partners-only extranet to simplify communication, foster relationships and also find useful information about IAG such as newsletters articles, reports, latest events and guidelines. In the future, this common space will serve as a central hub for partners to collaborate and exchange on innovation. 

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The overall user experience is intuitive at every level. With a streamlined interface and responsive design, visitors can enjoy simple and fluid navigation from any screen, whether on a desktop or mobile device.

What’s more, an interactive world map allows visitors to zoom into any region on the globe to locate partners and providers, by both country and partnership type. In fact, all IAG Partners and Accredited Service Providers benefit from their own dedicated featured page, thus enhancing their visibility as independent entities. Clients can read up on their services and contact them directly via IAG’s new website.

IAG has put a lot of thought into improving the online experience for future partners as well. Through a carefully revisited “Join us” section, prospective partners can easily grasp the benefits and requirements of joining the IAG network, as well as the various partnership levels.

“Our new website is merely the first step in the group’s longer-term rebranding vision,” said Cécile Hermetz. “We’re excited about further strengthening our partner-focused approach, and we hope our partners will be as enthusiastic as we are!”

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