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MetLife Announces Enhancement Of Travel Assistance Program With AXA’s International Teleconsultation Service

MetLife has announced that AXA will enhance its travel assistance program by providing international teleconsultation through AXA Partners,1 becoming the first global life insurer to offer AXA’s international teleconsultation service to U.S. employees going overseas. The new service will enable employees traveling outside the U.S. and Canada to have face-to-face virtual medical consultations with U.S. providers anytime from anywhere in the world.

“Consumers today expect immediate information when they have a problem or a need – and this is especially true when it comes to their health,” said Jessica Moser, Vice President of Small Business Solutions at MetLife. “Employers that recognize the demand for instantaneous care will not only keep their overseas employees happy and productive, but it will go a long way in terms of attracting and retaining top talent as well. We’re pleased to partner with AXA to make this service available to U.S. employees.”

With over 35 million trips by U.S. citizens overseas annually according to the National Travel and Tourism Office, there’s high demand for a U.S. healthcare experience when traveling globally. The addition of AXA’s international teleconsultation will address this need by providing access to a 24/7 medical team made up of U.S. trained, licensed physicians and advanced practitioners who can provide medical advice, treatment options, assistance with prescription refills and provider referrals.

“Given the complexities of healthcare systems around the world, employees are looking for providers that are familiar to them, especially when they have an immediate need,” said Dr. Cai Glushak, International Medical Director at AXA Partners. “If employees face an emergency or simply need a quick prescription refill, they don’t want to go through the ropes of navigating the local healthcare system or finding an in-language physician. They want a service that allows them to have accessible care in real-time.”

AXA’s secure virtual platform allows employees to use text, audio or video communication with the physician while living or traveling outside the US or Canada. It offers members a registration system, virtual waiting room, storage of medical history and discharge instructions as well as access to prescriptions globally or a direct referral to AXA’s provider network. The international teleconsultation service is included within existing travel assistance services, so there is no additional fee to the employee or that person’s employer.

1 MetLife facilitates access to AXA Travel Assistance and International Teleconsultation Services for U.S. employers who purchase group life insurance from MetLife. To obtain these services, the employer must enter into a separate agreement with AXA. These services are distinct from the insurance provided by MetLife.

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