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Ground Transportation: A Duty Of Care Black Hole In Travel Risk Management

Travel and operational risk company, Anvil Group, ground transportation booking provider, GroundScope and transportation network provider, Uber for Business, today announce the publication of a brand new report that focuses on how corporates can better protect their travellers and themselves when it comes to selecting ground transportation options.

The report Ground Transportation - A Duty of Care Black Hole in Travel Risk Management is based on the discussions and outcomes of the inaugural Ground Transportation Risk Summit, an event hosted in London recently by the three organisations.

The event looked to identify some of the main issues around ground transportation today, outline what can be done to increase awareness of the potential risks, set out some basic advice for those looking to enhance and mature their duty of care programmes, and consider the broader implications for companies who fail to address this important issue.

Bringing together the views of experts from the corporate world, the risk management world and the world of ground transportation itself, the ensuing report addresses why ground transportation is not getting the consideration it deserves in many travel or risk policies and identifies what can be done to change this.

Matthew Judge, Group Managing Director of Anvil Group explains the rationale behind the event and the report: “By failing to address the issues in ground transportation, not only are companies putting their personnel at risk but they could also find themselves facing legal ramifications. Ground transportation certainly presents complexities and challenges but organisations need to understand how to overcome these. That's one of the reasons that Anvil has come together with GroundScope and Uber for Business. By working in close partnership, we're able to help organisations tackle the issues head on and ensure that they're able to meet their duty of care requirements from both a legal and a moral perspective.”

With the rapid growth in the number of ground transportation options, particularly the usage of ride-hailing services, it can be a complicated minefield for travel managers to navigate. Businesses need to consider wide-ranging implications - from safety and security, to liability concerns, to legal and financial considerations.

GroundScope’s CEO, John McCallion, echoes Matthew Judge’s sentiment, “Ground transportation is an integral part of every business trip yet it's seriously lacking the focus it needs in many policies. Despite its often low profile, it’s the part of the journey that can pose the greatest threat to business travellers and is something that companies need to take serious steps to address”.

Every year, almost 1.3 million people lose their lives on the world's roads and many millions more are seriously injured. Add to this the risk of opportunistic crime, car jackings and assaults in many countries and the roads can be a very dangerous place indeed for today’s business traveller.

This newly created report provides a useful resource including background information and advice on issues including:
⦁ The impact of the changing nature of ground transportation
⦁ The treatment of ground transportation in corporate travel policies
⦁ The need for greater education and collaboration
⦁ A step-by-step guide to conducting due diligence on ground transportation providers

A copy of the full report can be downloaded at


Anvil Group is a global travel and operational risk company that delivers advanced technology-led resilience solutions which identify relevant threats, warn those affected and prescribe what action to take. Anvil works with a global client base to protect their people, property and performance against risk. Combining the automated Riskmatics® risk management platform with the unparalleled experience of their global analysts and direct on-the-ground security and physician-led medical assistance service, Anvil puts clients firmly in control.

GroundScope is a global booking service that lets travellers choose from over 600 local ground transportation services across the world – from taxi firms to coach companies – and book the safest, most reliable and cost-effective option for their trip. GroundScope brings together a powerful online booking platform available on web, App, GDS and mobile, an enormous selection of rigorously-vetted ground transport partners and a group of experienced staff offering 24/7 customer support.

Uber for Business is a travel management solution that helps more than 65,000 organisations across the globe run more efficiently with enhanced billing, reporting, and administrative tools. With service in more than 80 countries and 600 cities, Uber for Business delivers a consistent and cost-effective way to manage ground transportation programs for businesses of any size.



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