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APRIL International Care Hong Kong Announces Success Of New Claims App

APRIL International Care in Hong Kong has announced take up ahead of target of its innovative claims app and says it has received well over 12,000 claims via the app, which represents nearly a quarter of all activity through their Asian hub by the end of 2018.

The new market leading APRIL app has been designed to speed up and simplify the claims process and empower users of the system through better information sharing and faster settlement of bills. The process works by allowing clients to simply photograph medical invoices which are less than US$800, add a security code and then submit the invoice directly via the app to APRIL for settlement. The app also holds a copy of the electronic membership card.

Innovative new functions recently added include the ability to use GPS to find local medical facilities. The app can also check to confirm whether direct billing is available and it can be used to request a letter of guarantee, an essential prerequisite for hospitalisation and surgery.

The system also allows users to check on the status of reimbursements, view their claims history and receive important news and relevant notifications, all via a smartphone or tablet.

Commenting on the success of the app, Kylee Bees, customer journey manager said, “The new APRIL app marks a step change in the way we are able to process medical claims for our policyholders and sets APRIL International Care apart from competitors. Paper receipts are no longer needed, clients simply photograph and submit their invoices, so speeding up the claims process and increasing accuracy. Moreover, clients are automatically given a detailed history of claims in progress and historical claims.”

APRIL’s Hong Kong subsidiary is part of the APRIL International Care, the international private health insurance and assistance provider, which has clients in 120 countries. The Group has operations in 31 countries including in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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