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New Frontier Group Signs New Agreement With International Assistance Group (IAG) For US Cost Containment

New Frontier Group, the award winning US medical cost containment company has signed a new Preferred Provider Services Agreement to deliver medical cost containment and assistance support to IAG Partners who have travel and health insurance customers who require medical treatment in the United States.

Under the terms of the agreement, New Frontier Group will employ its 24/7 team and state of the art IT platform to help IAG Partner companies access the most appropriate and cost-effective treatment at hospitals and clinics across the US.

“The global travel insurance market is extremely competitive, and it is essential that insurers and assistance providers look for every advantage they can find in terms of enhanced services and cost control,” said Randall L. Condie, Chief Operating Officer with New Frontier Group. “Our job is to reduce our clients’ costs in the US, and we are confident that our IAG Partner clients will see significant savings.”

Louise Heywood, General Manager, IAG sees the recommendation of key service providers as one of the primary functions of the organisation. “By accessing and pooling the resources and expertise that we have within our network, our advisory team made up of key IAG partners are able to identify the best performing providers for the services our members need.”

About New Frontier Group

New Frontier Group is a multiple award-winning US medical claims management and cost containment company which supports some of the largest insurance and assistance groups in the global health and travel industry.

With access to the very best US networks along with outstanding in-house claims arbitration, New Frontier Group helps its clients to achieve market leading savings on their medical bills, resulting in improved loss ratios and increased bottom line profitability.

About International Assistance Group

International Assistance Group is the world’s largest alliance of independent assistance companies and accredited providers. IAG Partners specialise in worldwide roadside, medical, travel, corporate and home assistance for business and leisure travellers, expatriate workers and corporate clients. IAG Partners & Accredited Service Providers currently support over 118 million end users worldwide.


Chinese Travel Expansion: International Assistance Group Welcomes HealthLink As Core Partner

China’s leading provider of mobile health services, HealthLink, has been appointed as an additional Core Partner to the International Assistance Group (IAG), the world’s largest medical and travel assistance alliance.

The decision by IAG’s Supervisory Board followed scrutiny by an internal panel of experts on operational capability, quality and financial standing in accordance with the group’s processes in place for selection at all levels, including an onsite audit. It is the first time that IAG has admitted a third Core Partner in respect of a single country recognising not only size, but also cultural requirements. The China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI) predicts that overseas trips by the country’s residents will increase from 145 million to more than 400 million by 2030.

“This appointment indicates the flexibility of our working model to meet the needs of key markets by welcoming strong local presence to contribute to our established practice of shared knowledge, involvement and development. The size and cultural requirements of China and the needs of Chinese travellers abroad is ideally suited to our collaborative way of working,” stated Cécile Hermetz, IAG’s General Manager.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Beijing, HealthLink’s network covers 2,863 urban cities and regional areas and with an exclusive direct relationship, through China Fast Rescue Alliance, to 289 emergency alarm centers and tens of thousands of hospitals through the 120 emergency number, where they are able to act as a first point of contact. Employing over 350 people including medical staff, HealthLink is able to cater for the demands of international inbound travellers meeting the challenges of language and cultural barriers.

On gaining the IAG Core Partner status, HeathLink’s CEO Derek Deng commented, “We are extremely proud of attaining this level within such a reputed global alliance of independent assistance companies. It will enhance our international operational network through the Partners and Accredited Service Providers of the IAG.”

According to a Joint Travel Report issued by China Tourism Academy with Ctrip, China’s largest online travel agency, outbound trips reached 130 million in 2017, up 7% from the previous year. Furthermore, whilst Thailand and Japan remain to be the two largest destinations, places like Morocco, Turkey and Tunisia are seeing huge growth in visitor numbers, where preferential exchange rates and reduction of visa requirements have played a part.


International Assistance Group Strengthens Quality With External Accreditation

The world’s largest assistance alliance, International Assistance Group (IAG), announces that it has obtained ISO 9001: 2015, a quality management certification for the vetting, accreditation and reaccreditation of its Core Partners, Assistance Partners and Accredited Service Providers.

This internationally recognised quality management certification comes to support IAG’s aims that its processes are robustly examined and applied to its selection and review processes.

IAG’s General Manager Cécile Hermetz stated: ‘We needed to find and appoint an organisation with a solid history and international presence in a number of demanding sectors. Also, one that understood the challenges of operating through independent companies globally.’

“For over two decades the IAG logo has come to represent a mark of quality delivered independently and locally. To have external accreditation strengthens the confidence that the marketplace has in our alliance and processes,” Ms Hermetz added.

With a history going back to 1864 as a maritime membership organisation, Norwegian based accreditation body DNV-GL today operates in 100 countries providing quality assurance services in oil and gas, energy as well as food and healthcare.

IAG’s Quality Coordinator, David Clero explained, “The IAG selection process has been developed over a number of years and with considerable input from our Core Partners. The vetting process is robust in terms of the extent of areas that are covered as well as a three-stage process that includes a panel of experts assessment and validation by our Supervisory Board.”

“The ethos of ISO 9001 is continuous improvement which matches our own aims. It was refreshing to learn of new methods, which we have implemented, and for those to be externally recognised,” he added.

IAG’s Core and Assistance Partners number 45 organisations globally with Accredited Service Suppliers growing at an annual rate of over 35% and covering the full range of services needed to support the delivery of quality assistance services across the globe.

The International Assistance Group is a global alliance of over 140 independent assistance companies, service providers and correspondents. Together we deliver first-rate roadside, medical, travel, corporate, security services and home assistance to business and leisure travelers, as well as expatriate workers and corporations. Founded in 1992, International Assistance Group was originally created by five European companies seeking to help one another provide high-quality services.

Last year alone, International Assistance Group’s Partners collectively handled over 7 million cases, including 20,645 medical repatriations and 2 million roadside cases. IAG’s international presence and range of services enables it to meet the needs of more than 181 million travellers worldwide.

For more information, please visit:


Cross Border Telemedicine And Psychological Crisis Management: International Assistance Group Appoints Eutelmed As Accredited Service Provider Globally

Adding a significant layer of service to its partner companies, International Assistance Group (IAG) has appointed Eutelmed as a global Accredited Service Provider to offer psychological support in crisis situations ranging from family issues to large scale tragic events.

Pioneer in cross-border telemedicine since 2010, Eutelmed is a leading international healthcare provider for expatriates. Eutelmed provides a telemedicine approach covering 30 languages and cultures across all continents of the globe. The company is staffed by clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, speech therapists, general practitioners and dermatologists. This is supported by 150 clinical healthcare professionals globally who can be called upon to manage cases locally and on a 1-2-1 basis where necessary.20 000 users are seen each year, 95% of which are foreign nationals, in Africa, North, Central and South America, Asia, Europe, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Oceania, and the Pacific.

With expertise in training, prevention and crisis management, Eutelmed’s client base includes major global corporate entities as well as health and insurers. Apart from dealing with family issues in areas such as stress, anxiety, depression, suicide, bereavement and addictions, they have been involved with major crisis response including the recent terrorist attacks in France involving many nationalities, as well as the deployment of 20 psychologists to a major incident in 2015 where 106 expatriates from 20 nationalities who were later evacuated.

“The needs of travellers and expatriates now demands a more holistic approach to wellbeing rather than merely concentrating on clinical treatment. The challenge often rests in cultural differences,” said International Assistance Group’s General Manager, Cécile Hermetz.

“Sadly, we are also seeing an increase in tragic large-scale events where victims extend beyond those that require emergency medical treatment and where counselling and psychological support is very much needed,” Ms. Hermetz added.

Eutelmed’s E-Health Director, Dr. Bernard Astruc stated, “Eutelmed’s focus is to help people where there are challenges posed by language or culture. Our capabilities are tested and proven, and we are delighted that International Assistance Group has appointed us to serve their alliance of assistance Partners across the globe.”

Read more international medical and travel assistance news from the International Assistance Group by visiting their micro web site on iPMI Magazine, click here.


Expanding UK Based DoctorCall Becomes An International Assistance Group Accredited Service Provider

With the increasing demand to have non-emergency medical consultations dealt with promptly for international clients, the International Assistance Group (IAG), has appointed DoctorCall as an Accredited Service Provider for the UK.

Seeing 10,000 patients a year, 40% of which are foreign nationals, DoctorCall is the longest and leading provider of private home visiting medical services for international visitors to the UK with its staff of 30 physicians.

Founded in 1989 as a private home call physician service solely in London, DoctorCall now includes an assistance department to help find those services around the UK, 24/7 telemedicine consultations plus their own clinics based in London’s financial business district and West End as well as Manchester. In the last two years their acquisitions have included: SOS Doctors, Night Doctor and the Dr Dorothy Kelly & Associates clinic.

DoctorCall serves assistance companies from around the world, each with differing cultural needs, such as The United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, China, Japan, Spain, France, Germany, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Ukraine.

“We are delighted to have DoctorCall as an Accredited Service Provider providing this level and scope of quality service to all our Partners in our global alliance,” said International Assistance Group’s General Manager, Cecile Hermetz. “Whilst this will be of immediate benefit we need to be mindful that the future acceptance of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is still unknown after the UK’s exit from the EU in March 2019. The existing challenge of receiving non-emergency treatment in the UK will potentially increase and it is important to have solid options,” she added.

With a 90-minute call-out time in the Greater London area, DoctorCall has prided itself on offering the comfort of convenient treatment in privacy and at a fixed cost. Now, immediate 24/7 telephone consultations with a physician will enable the patient to be directed to a local practice elsewhere in the UK if necessary.

DoctorCall’s CEO Dr. Charles Levinson, expands on the demand services outside the public sector: “Strains on the public sector and demands from international clients signal an increasing need for our services. Having been established for a long period of time and with an eye on innovation in delivery, we have, and will continue, to meet those needs. We are proud to have attained Accredited Service Provider status within the International Assistance Group.” 


Leading Air Ambulance Provider In France Joins International Assistance Group

Bordeaux based air ambulance provider Airlec has joined the International Assistance Group (IAG) as an Accredited Service Provider (ASP). The ASP program was launched in November 2016 as part of the IAG strategy to improve the quality of the provider network globally and offer support on business maters through the network of IAG Partners.

“As the only European Air Operator willing to undertake missions during the Ebola crisis, the IAG is delighted to have a provider with such a considered approach, expert contacts and a mix of short and long-haul aircraft,” commented Cécile Hermetz, General Manager of International Assistance Group.

Established 20 years ago, Airlec handled 1000 missions in the last 12 months, 400 of which were to the African continent. The aircraft fleet allows for jets to be deployed on both medium and long-haul missions, with turboprops available for short-haul.

Airlec’s Managing Director, Paul Tiba, commented, “We are continuing to undertake more complex cases and certainly in the area of infectious diseases. Being an Accredited Service Provider to the IAG not only brings commercial opportunities but a greater pool of knowledge with which we can develop our business.”


International Assistance Group Announces Assistance Solution For Travelers To Indonesia

Southeast Asia has been a top international travel destination for many years; namely Indonesia with very well-known places such as Bali, Jakarta and Lombok. International Assistance Group (IAG) has recently partnered with AA International Indonesia to offer quality assistance solutions to travelers in the region.

International Assistance Group’s Partners have registered an increase of 37% in assistance cases in Indonesia, which highlighted the need of finding a local solution in the country.  Moreover, Indonesia targets to see 20 million foreign tourist arrivals by 2019.

IAG Partner’s rely on the expertise of AA International Indonesia, an assistance company headquartered in Jakarta and established in 2007, specialized in the provision of assistance services on a 24/7 basis to ensure the welfare of travelers and individuals worldwide. The company not only offers emergency medical and travel assistance solutions such as evacuations, hospitalization, patient monitoring, but also roadside assistance, security and risk management services.

Experts with over 17 years of experience in providing emergency security assistance along with travel risk management services, assist all industry sectors, travelers, expatriates and business units with emergency planning and consultancy on a global scale.

“After spending the past 4 years developing our brand, including the company's work ethics and values in this highly dynamic and competitive assistance business in Indonesia; as the CEO of PT AA International Indonesia I feel very honored to announce our new Partnership. Certainly, it is a special time in our company's journey which has now become appointed as the only IAG Core Partner in Indonesia. I am grateful for all our staff, who embrace our commitment to providing value-added service solutions and to living AAI Indonesia’s core values with integrity and professionalism,” mentioned Brandon Heng, CEO at AA International Indonesia.

“Looking ahead, becoming an IAG Core Partner means we are expanding our presence globally. And I have to say, I am optimistic because of being supported by well experienced teams in AAI Indonesia, enabling us to deliver world class solutions to clients and members every day,” added Mr. Heng.

At AA International Indonesia, a multilingual and dedicated staff of 120 professionals similarly deliver value-added services such as Third Party Administration to insurance companies and corporations; Expert Opinion Program (EOP) which offers patients the opportunity to have their diagnosis and treatment plans evaluated by some of the best specialist across the globe; and “MediCheck”, a program that provides responsive and hassle free on-site medical checkups with a team of mobile paramedics and state of the art medical equipment


International Assistance Group Appoints Michael Marquardt As Chairman Of Its Supervisory Board

International Assistance Group (IAG), the world’s largest alliance of independent assistance companies and providers is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Marquardt as new Charmain of its Supervisory Board.

Michael Marquardt has been active in Europe, Asia and America for almost his entire working life. From late 2007 to early 2016, he served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of AA International, the international parent of Asia Assistance Network (M) Sdn Bhd, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since the sale of five of the operating entities in April of 2016, Marquardt has served as Chairman of AAI Indonesia, a medical assistance solutions provider based in Jakarta, and a new Core Partner of International Assistance Group. He also oversees the group’s operations in Taiwan and South Korea. Marquardt has served on the Supervisory Board of IAG since 2009.

In addition to his responsibilities in Asia, Marquardt serves as a global business advisor to corporations in the United States and Europe. He works closely with chief executives and senior leadership teams on strategic issues and advises Boards of Directors on effective risk management measures, corporate governance, geographic expansion, and emerging digital technology issues.

“I am truly honored to serve as Chairman of IAG’s Supervisory Board, a Board that for the first time in the organization’s 24-year history has members from five continents.  I believe I speak for everyone on the Board when I say that IAG has a bright future ahead of it. Our industry, like many others, is facing technological and geopolitical disruptions.  To enable our Core Partners, Assistance Partners, and Accredited Service Providers to be successful, we must stay focused on our mission, demonstrate leadership, and be responsive to industry trends.  We are fortunate to have such a dedicated and professional team in Paris, led by our long-time General Manager Cécile Hermetz,” said Michael Marquardt.

Marquardt gained deep expertise in the areas of risk management, corporate governance, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act when former FBI Director Louis J. Freeh asked him to serve as President of his new global risk management firm in early 2008. Applying his entrepreneurial and international business experience, Marquardt was integral in developing the firm’s early business relationships and engagements with several Fortune 500© and Global 500© corporations.

Michael grew up in Berlin and emigrated to the United States soon after witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.  He had the opportunity to lead a fast-growing technology company in the United States before being recruited to lead a new start-up venture in late 1999. Michael served for seven years as co-founder and chief executive of second opinion provider MediGuide and led its business development initiatives in the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.   

About International Assistance Group

International Assistance Group (IAG) is a limited incorporated company in Paris (France) regulated under the French law and owned by its Partners. The worldwide alliance of independent companies spanning all the links in the assistance value chain was formed in 1992 by five European companies with the aim of helping each other offer quality assistance. The group’s success has attracted accredited companies around the world and it now boasts 60 Partners and Providers and a turnover of over €1.5 billion. 

In 2015, International Assistance Group handled over 5.2 million cases, 32,450 medical repatriations and 1.6 million roadside cases. IAG’s international presence and range of services enables it to meet the needs of more than 154 million end users worldwide.

With over 23 years of experience in the industry, the alliance now enables all of the partnered organizations to reach more of the assistance market through the close co-operation with other organizations in the network, thus increasing their competitiveness; all of this while retaining their independence.

For more information, please visit:


International Assistance Group: Rebuilding The Future For Nepalese Schoolchildren

International Assistance Group (IAG), the world’s largest alliance of independent assistance companies, contributes to help rebuild a school in Nepal after it was destroyed by the earthquake.  

On 25th April 2015, Nepal was struck by an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale. The disaster left 8,600 people dead, 21,000 injured and 800,000 homes destroyed; it is estimated to have directly affected a quarter of the Nepalese population, including 1,000,000 children whose lives and education were abruptly interrupted. In the immediate aftermath, International Assistance Group’s (IAG) Partners in the region, Alpine Rescue Service (Nepal) and East West Rescue (India) worked tirelessly around the clock to organize emergency medical evacuations for other IAG Partners who had hundreds of clients stranded in Nepal.

One year on, the gradual process of rebuilding the nation continues, but the pace of progress is slow – especially given the constant threat of further seismic activity and the political unrest triggered by the sheer scale of the challenge ahead. In the months following the disaster, Alpine Rescue Service, the IAG Assistance Partner in Nepal, initiated “Mission: Rebuild Nepal” with the aim of reconstructing some of the country’s key institutions. In particular, Alpine Rescue Service decided to focus their efforts on helping a generation of children get back into education. This need was especially pressing because, as international charity UNICEF reported in 2015, 90% of schools had been destroyed in some areas, while 24,000 of the country’s classrooms had been rendered unusable.

In July 2015, International Assistance Group made a large donation to Alpine Rescue’s fund to rebuild Shree Achane Higher Secondary School in Dhading, Nepal: an institution attended by 776 students before the structure collapsed during the catastrophe. “Despite delays caused by monsoon rains and the fuel embargo crisis in late 2015, we are very pleased to announce that the construction work is now underway. Provided there are no further setbacks over the next few weeks, this part of the project should be completed by August 2016, helping the children and the wider community to return to a more normal daily routine,” mentioned Ram Bahadur Nepal Chhetri, Managing Director at Alpine Rescue Service.

As a result of their experience and expertise in this field, IAG has a unique insight into the impact of both natural and man-made disasters, and what it takes to rescue people and rebuild lives in the days, months and years that follow. The group understands that the process of healing a nation continues long after the first-response missions are complete and all tourists have been safely repatriated. “We believe that it is extremely important for IAG to contribute to such a meaningful cause, which will provide education to over 700 Nepalese students. We are proud to be part of Alpine Rescue’s project because we recognize that education plays a key role in society,” concluded Cécile Hermetz, General Manager at International Assistance Group.

About International Assistance Group

International Assistance Group (IAG) is a limited incorporated company in Paris (France) regulated under the French law and owned by its Partners. This worldwide commercial alliance of independent companies spanning all the links in the assistance value chain was formed in 1992 by five European companies with the aim of helping each other offer quality assistance. The group’s success has attracted accredited companies around the world and it now boasts 60 Partners and Preferred Providers and a turnover of over €1.5 billion. More than 7,400 employees take care of 154 million end users.

In 2015, International Assistance Group handled 5.7 million cases, 32,000 medical repatriations and 2 million roadside cases. IAG’s experience, international presence, and range of services enable the group to meet the needs of over 154 million beneficiaries worldwide, out of which 1.8 million are expatriates. More than 7,400 dedicated employees serve clients in over 130 countries, making International Assistance Group and its Partners one of the leading assistance network companies in the world. For more information, please visit:


Apollo Hospitals Group, The Leading Healthcare Provider In India, Has Been Accredited As Preferred Provider Of International Assistance Group

International Assistance Group (IAG), the world’s largest alliance of independent assistance companies recently accredited Apollo Hospitals Group as Preferred Provider for all clients in need of emergency medical care in India.  

As India’s first corporate hospital, the Apollo Hospitals Group has a robust presence across the healthcare spectrum and has emerged as one of the foremost integrated healthcare providers in Asia.

Starting in 1983 with a 150-bed hospital, the Group now operates 9,200 beds across 64 hospitals and has the distinction of receiving the country’s first Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation in 2005 and this year the company has been accredited as Preferred Provider Hospital for International Assistance Group (IAG).

The Group’s legacy of ‘touching lives’ stems from the four pillars of their philosophy – excellence, expertise, empathy and innovation. It has touched the lives of over 45 million patients from 121 countries. This focus on quality has become one of the group’s strongest credentials. It is the one of the building blocks in the trust of Apollo brand.

“We are honored to count with five Apollo Hospitals (in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and New Delhi), which are now accredited as the IAG Preferred Providers in India. Over the past years we have seen an increase in tourism in India; in consequence our clients need medical services that adhere to the highest international standards. Apollo Hospitals has proven to be the healthcare system in India that our Partners can rely on,” mentioned Cécile Hermetz, General Manager, International Assistance Group.

Apollo has set up an International Patient Services Division to ensure that the experience of overseas patients is safe, comfortable and hassle-free. Apollo’s International Patient Services offer a host of additional services such as: airport pick-up & transportation, accommodation, direct admission arrangements, scheduling of appointments, language assistance, liaison services with insurance companies and travel related assistance.

The Group has dedicated Centers of Excellence for several key specialties. They are unique and state of the art facilities spread across several of the Apollo hospital location and each Centre of Excellence stands out as a citadel of quality.

Apollo considers as their prime responsibility to provide high quality clinical care to all patients, putting the patient at the core of their operations. The Group has developed robust quality standards, used expert diagnoses and treatment plans and enhanced infection and safety protocols to render patients the most appropriate treatment. Centers of Excellence include: Heart Institutes, Cancer Institutes, Spine Surgery, Institute of Neurosciences, Critical Care, Institute of Robotic Surgery, Institute of Orthopedics, Institutes of Transplant, Nephrology & Urology, Institutes of Gastroenterology, Institutes of Robotic Surgery, Preventive Medicine, and Institute of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Technology driven

At Apollo, healthcare systems leverage technology to build integrated healthcare delivery models, which facilitate seamless electronic medical records, hospital Information systems and telemedicine-based health outreach initiatives, for enhanced access to medical care.

Another critical manifestation of widespread technology has been the amazing advancement in medical equipment and Apollo has repeatedly pioneered the introduction of such innovations in India – Robotics, Cyberknife, Novalis TX, 320 Slice CT Scanner, TrueBeam, PET Suite, Proton Beam.

International Assistance Group is proud and pleased that its network of Partners is able to rely on the excellence of Apollo Hospitals, a pioneer of modern day emergency care in India.

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