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CEGA Reaps Rewards Of Fraud Training

Claims management and assistance provider CEGA, a Charles Taylor company, announces that two further members of its Special Investigations Unit have gained Level 3 Professional Investigator accreditations; strengthening its claims validation capabilities in the multi-sector insurance market.

Callum Bates and Martin Weekes are the latest staff to gain the accreditation at CEGA Special Investigations, which counts household, personal accident, travel and private health insurers among its clients and is available as a stand-alone claims validation service.

Committed to optimising fraud awareness amongst its entire travel claims and assistance operation, CEGA also encourages its wider customer-facing staff to gain the Professional Investigator accreditation, and runs company-wide fraud training that covers fraud trends, front-end questioning techniques and more.

CEGA's Head of Technical Claims Simon Cook, comments "Putting training and professional accreditations high on our company-wide developmental agenda means that our specialist fraud and front-end claims staff alike are fully able to support our insurer clients in the fight against fraud.

"The result is that we make significant contributions to the ABI's annual travel insurance fraud savings, protect insurers' bottom lines and treat all customers fairly."

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About CEGA Group

CEGA, part of the Charles Taylor Group, is a world-class provider of global medical assistance, repatriation, travel risk management and claims services. We manage over 45,000 cases per year and have more than 40 years' experience of supporting a blue-chip client base that includes many leading banks, insurance companies, charities, NGOs and other global brands.

CEGA Special Investigations was established in 2008 and is available as a stand-alone service, serving both CEGA's clients and external organisations. Its capabilities cover all areas of insurance fraud investigation, including household, personal accident, travel and private health claims. Desktop investigations, cognitive interviews and overseas inquiries on the ground (thanks to a network of global investigators) are among the many techniques employed by CEGA, both to detect fraud and to establish liability.

The unit makes a substantial contribution to the UK's insurance fraud savings and works closely with Charles Taylor General Adjusting Services.



CEGA Creates New Role To Meet Rising Demand For Private Repatriation

CEGA has appointed a new business development manager to meet the rising demand for private medical repatriations from travellers.

Nick Simon, who takes on the new role, will focus on the needs of ill or injured clients who require repatriation to their home country (wherever that may be) or a country that offers suitable medical care, but have no insurance, or find their policies do not cover them.  He brings significant experience of the travel sector to the job.

CEGA reports that the growing global demand for repatriations calls for a range of flexible solutions: from road, rail and sea journeys and scheduled flights with medical escorts, to intensive care bed-to-bed air ambulance transfers with full medical and security management, complex travel arrangements and hospital admission. It cites heart problems, long-term illness and complex fractures among the most common conditions to necessitate repatriation.

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Nick Simon comments, "Individuals in need overseas are not always aware that they can access repatriation services directly, without insurance, nor that a repatriation involves very much more than a journey. My advice is to always seek the services of an experienced provider who has the best interests of the patient at heart.           

"A reputable supplier will fully assess a patient's needs, select and deploy the right transport and medical care to meet those needs and support them (and their families) from one hospital bed to another. Where needed, they will also provide integrated security assistance."

Muir Roberston, CEGA's managing director, concludes: "We draw on over forty years' experience, on in-house doctors, nurses and multilingual assistance staff and on a global network of hospitals, transport and security partners to provide the best patient care at the best cost.

"Testament to this is the fact that we were the first company in Europe to gain the Commercial Aviation Medical Escort Accreditation from EURAMI*: recognising our global expertise in end-to-end patient transfers."

 *European Aeromedical Institute


CEGA Accredited For Services Carried Out On Behalf Of Insurers

CEGA has been awarded a prestigious industry accolade for the worldwide patient transfer services it carries out on behalf of travel, personal accident and health insurers.

The global assistance, claims and risk management provider has become the first company in Europe to gain the Commercial Aviation Medical Escort Accreditation from EURAMI* as a standalone accolade.

"The very positive thing about CEGA is that it is a complete patient management provider, from first call, to case handling abroad, to bringing the patient back home," said the EURAMI report. It went on to say: "CEGA has a huge operations department that handles all medical cases, supports ongoing repatriations and tracks all flights. But it also has a safety department that works on daily threats all over the world: natural disasters, attacks, accidents and so on that may influence insured members or their own operations."

The provider underwent a full day's inspection and rigorous testing of its global patient transfer capabilities to achieve the accreditation: subjecting (amongst other areas) its business processes, operations personnel and safety, quality and medical management to close scrutiny. According to EURAMI, its quality management and safety regulations surpass those required by the accolade.

"This accreditation recognises CEGA's global expertise in end-to-end patient transfers, gained over its 40 years of service," concludes CEGA's Chief Medical Officer, Dr Tim Hammond. "It further reassures our clients that, day in, day out, we put patients in the most capable of hands - wherever they are in the world."

*The European Air Medical Institute. EURAMI's mission is to promote high quality aeromedical transfers throughout Europe and the world.

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