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Roy Medical Assistance Expands TPA Service Coverage To The Philippines

Roy Medical Assistance is excited to announce they are now offering international medical assistance and TPA services in the Philippines.

Building on an already established medical assistance service coverage area in Asia and the Middle East, Roy Medical Assistance is the go-to partner for medical assistance, cost containment, international TPA and case monitoring in the region.

Roy Medical Assistance CEO Sumit Gaurav explains, “This is a natural progression for our third-party administration services expansion, as we already have an excellent footprint across Asia and the Middle East. This is another piece in the jigsaw puzzle for Roy Medical Assistance.”

Serving the emergency medical and travel healthcare requirements of tourists, expatriates and corporations Roy Medical Assistance is perfectly positioned, to provide insurance and assistance companies, tailor made medical assistance solutions.

Managed from their multi-lingual 24/7 call centre, Roy Medical Assistance provides a professional team of assistance experts, who can react in a timely and efficient manner to manage every claim and request, down to the last detail.


RMA was established in 2016 and its an International TPA and Medical Assistance Company in Asia and has been providing bespoke niche solutions. Our coverage areas include India, Nepal, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Maldives, Turkey, UAE, Srilanka, Philippines and Myanmar for Travel Insurance, Health Insurance, motor Insurance and Home Insurance firms since years.

Roy Medical Assistance is delivering the best of the best via its Global Alarm center based in New Delhi, India along with a large network of partners at a Global scale by its staff of 50 multilingual assistance, claims handling and medical specialists.


Address: Suite- 525, 5th floor, JMD Regent Square, MG Road, Gurugram, Haryana -122001 (New Delhi NCR) India.

Phone: +91 98 7187 7260

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Generali Global Assistance Appoints Chief Marketing Officer

Generali Global Assistance (“GGA”) today announced that it has appointed Vladimir Poletaev as their Chief Marketing Officer. In this role, Vladimir will be responsible for supporting and executing marketing, branding, communications, and PR initiatives across North America.

As the newly established CMO, Mr. Poletaev will be managing a team of talented marketing professionals from all North American entities under the Generali Global Assistance umbrella, including GGA Travel Insurance & Assistance, Generali U.S. Branch, GGA Identity & Cyber Protection Services, GMMI, Trip Mate, and CareLinx Inc., among other products and services. He will also be responsible for collaborating with GGA’s parent company, Europ Assistance Group, in addition to driving strategy and synergies while championing the North American business within the larger Generali Group. Mr. Poletaev will focus on promoting the GGA brand and its values to facilitate the ambition of Generali Group as a lifetime partner to clients and their customers, combining simplicity and innovation with empathy and care.

Chris Carnicelli, CEO of Generali Global Assistance, commented on the news, “We’re excited to announce Vladimir’s appointment as Chief Marketing Officer as he will be instrumental in establishing a unified marketing and communications program across North America. Vladimir’s background gives him a deep understanding of our integrated solutions, all of which add genuine value to people’s lives, health, home, mobility, and work. His leadership and focus on our core values will further our ability to be dynamic and empathic. By taking the time to know our customers, we offer valuable advice with a long-term perspective and multi-stakeholder approach. We understand the importance of building lifetime relationships instead of simply focusing on selling policies.”

Mr. Poletaev brings a wealth of leadership experience and in-depth knowledge of Generali Global Assistance’s various product lines. In his more than fourteen years with the company, Vladimir previously worked with its Travel, Health, Home & Family, and Concierge services divisions. Prior to this CMO role, Mr. Poletaev managed the Global Identity & Cyber Protection division’s Business Development Team as Chief Commercial Officer and facilitated sales and account management support of GGA’s Care Services division.

“I’m looking forward to leveraging my extensive experience across Generali Global Assistance’s product verticals and the larger group to establish a unified North American marketing program. I plan to use all of the excellent personnel and resources from each of the various divisions and entities so we can continue putting our customers at the heart of everything we do,” added Vladimir Poletaev, Chief Marketing Officer of Generali Global Assistance.


How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During The Global Pandemic

As the world continues to cope with the unprecedented impacts of the COVID 19, an increasing number of people will be directed to isolate themselves at home or practice social distancing.

These actions can cause negative psychological effects including anxiety, post-traumatic stress symptoms, confusion and anger. Dr. Adrian Hyzler, Chief Medical Officer at Healix International has put together some advice on how to tend to your mental wellness while navigating the new reality we have all found ourselves in.

Things you can start doing today to reduce anxiety

  • Maintain a routine: This is so important! Maintain a regular routine to mimic the structure that was previously provided by your work (or “normal”) life. This will go a long way in helping you to feel productive. Part of that routine should include showering and getting dressed; tempting though it may seem, don’t lounge around in your pyjamas all day!
  • Eat regular, healthy meals: Eating well will help maintain your physical and mental well-being. Whenever possible, make meals from fresh ingredients that you can buy locally.
  • Exercise: A fitness routine, whether it consists of a walk with the dog, skipping with a rope for 20 minutes in the garden or using any exercise equipment you might have at home, will serve as a distraction and help to boost your endorphins.
  • Stay entertained: Read books, write in a journal, listen to music; take the time to do things that you never had room for in your busy life.
  • Engage with others: Use video conferencing (FaceTime, Skype, Zoom) to stay connected with friends and family as well as work colleagues. In times like these, a phone call is better than a text!
  • Shut it down: Switch off social media for a few hours a day so that you are not constantly bombarded with terrible stories, haunting imagery and incessant memes that have you fatigued with the whole COVID-19 situation. This sounds extreme to some, but you might try deleting your social media app from your phone for the day! You’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel after a “digital detox.”
  • Know your sources: Select a small number of trustworthy media sources so that when you do search for news about COVID 19 you are not reading fake news, opinion pieces and viral threads that only increase your anxiety. Be careful what you share on social media; be aware that you could be contributing to others’ anxiety.
  • Break the 24/7 news cycle: Don’t check the news first thing in the morning! Set aside a short period each day to check news stories and let that be it.
  • Explore: While practicing social distancing (staying 6 feet apart at minimum) take note that society is still there! There are other people walking, jogging and riding bikes. You can maintain a safe distance from them while still offering a smile and a wave. There are many parks and areas that are open to the public so that people can exercise and get fresh air. 
  • Have some fun: Join online communities for an hour of Scrabble, Monopoly or other traditional games that can now be played online in order to get a sense of community.
  • Get enriched: Learn a new language or skill, maybe enrol in an online course.
  • Tackle your DIY List: Do those tasks you have been putting off forever, including household repairs and gardening.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help: If you do get anxious and need some professional help, access mental health professionals via helplines that are open 24 hours a day. Know that everyone will get anxious about this pandemic to some degree and it’s ok not to be ok!
  • Remember to breathe: It sounds pretty basic but take a deep breath whenever you start to feel overwhelmed. You may also want to try meditation apps as well as online yoga classes and wellbeing videos.
  • Be kind: This goes for yourself and those around you; check up on vulnerable neighbours and offer assistance as you’re able. Help with shopping for food and medications (drop things off at the door) or offer just conversation (maintaining social distancing of course).
  • Take space: If you are in a family, give each other breathing room!
  • Try and find some meaning:  Though it may seem impossible at times, try and learn from this experience. Focus on what matters the most to you and take some time to really bond with those you care about.

Healix International works with multi-national corporations, NGOs and governments around the world to provide medical, security and travel assistance and help fulfil duty of care obligations.


Collinson And Drum Cussac Join Forces In A Strategic Joint Venture To Deliver A Best-In-Class Global Travel Risk Management Solution

Collinson and Drum Cussac have partnered to launch a 24/7/365 integrated travel risk management solution that will help organisations fulfil their duty of care and beyond and enhance the wellbeing of employees travelling abroad.

Scott Sunderman, Global Head of Assistance at Collinson, praised the move as: “An exciting phase in Collinson’s development. We’re delighted to be combining our global traveller and medical assistance expertise with Drum Cussac to lead the charge in revolutionising business travel risk management.”
Craig Sweet, CEO at Drum Cussac, added: “As the international business travel market continues to grow, new markets not only present fresh opportunities but fresh challenges that need to be overcome to enable business success. Our partnership with Collinson is set to be a global business-enabler for years to come.”
Combining Drum Cussac’s state-of-the-art command centre technology platform with Collinson’s global medical network and assistance centres, organisations can benefit from an unrivalled breadth of security and medical assistance experience that safeguards both operations and people.
The joint venture will deliver a fully-integrated, end-to-end travel risk management solution with a single point of contact to support business travellers at any and every stage of their trip. 
From pre-travel support, real-time intelligence and people tracking through to crisis management, emergency evacuations and global medical assistance, the strategic partnership puts travellers at the heart of the proposition and will provide total peace of mind for any organisation looking to mitigate organisational risk and safeguard their travellers’ wellbeing - wherever they are.
Offering both scalability and flexibility, organisations can customise services to suit their individual travel needs, from complete travel risk management programmes to customised assistance solutions, crisis management planning or specific analysis and support for major events and remote site operations – all underpinned by 24/7, always-on medical and security Global Operations Centres (GOC).
The partnership promises to revolutionise travel risk management by delivering safer and more-informed business travel for mobile workforces, while also enabling organisations to further enhance the experience they deliver to their travellers with added benefits such as access to a global network of airport lounges providing extra comfort and security when needed. 
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