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MDabroad Launches New Network In Brazil Featured

MDabroad Launches New Network In Brazil

MDabroad announces the launch of its newly developed network in Brazil. In addition, the company will be providing local case management functions.

Typically, the Brazilian market has been a point of concern for insurers, where local presence and case management and assistance firms have had relatively limited access. Compounding the issue, is the challenge of effectuating payment to providers in an efficient manner, without significant delay and currency implications. The availability of a new network option in Brazil is an important development for major expatriate insurers, diplomatic missions, executives and multinational corporations managing health risk for their members.

MDabroad Group president, Scott Rosen, commented, “As a foreign company, it is a great accomplishment that 70 of the major Brazil’s hospitals and groups, focused on Quality, Patient Safety and Patient Satisfaction, are now a part of our International Providers Network working with us on a credit basis.” 

Brazil is known for its centers of excellence. There are about 70 Joint Commission International Accredited (JCI) Hospitals and Accredited Canada International (ACI) in the country. In addition, there is a national accreditation called ONA (Organization National de Accreditation), which certifies hospital on a tier basis, ranging from one to three levels. The standard is based on JCI and ensures quality delivery of care. MDabroad generally only contracts with accredited institutions, which is important due to the range of quality that is available.

In addition to access and direct pay, MDabroad provides extensive case management and audit services in Brazil through an exclusive relationship with a strong local partner. Dr. Olinto Lima, International Medical Liaison Officer and Medical Director for Brazil at MDabroad said, “With nearly 60% of hospital’s invoices in Brazil containing errors and this vital function sets us apart from other networks”.

For additional information, you may contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill in our contact form here. MDabroad will be glad to provide all relevant information concerning the best hospitals and best doctors that are participating in its “MDaboad International Network Providers Participation” and “MDabroad International Patient Referrals Program”.

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