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New Frontier Group Signs New Agreement With International Assistance Group (IAG) For US Cost Containment Featured

In The iPMI Picture: Louise Heywood, General Manager, IAG and Rob Upton, Director of Business Development, New Frontier Group. In The iPMI Picture: Louise Heywood, General Manager, IAG and Rob Upton, Director of Business Development, New Frontier Group.

New Frontier Group, the award winning US medical cost containment company has signed a new Preferred Provider Services Agreement to deliver medical cost containment and assistance support to IAG Partners who have travel and health insurance customers who require medical treatment in the United States.

Under the terms of the agreement, New Frontier Group will employ its 24/7 team and state of the art IT platform to help IAG Partner companies access the most appropriate and cost-effective treatment at hospitals and clinics across the US.

“The global travel insurance market is extremely competitive, and it is essential that insurers and assistance providers look for every advantage they can find in terms of enhanced services and cost control,” said Randall L. Condie, Chief Operating Officer with New Frontier Group. “Our job is to reduce our clients’ costs in the US, and we are confident that our IAG Partner clients will see significant savings.”

Louise Heywood, General Manager, IAG sees the recommendation of key service providers as one of the primary functions of the organisation. “By accessing and pooling the resources and expertise that we have within our network, our advisory team made up of key IAG partners are able to identify the best performing providers for the services our members need.”

About New Frontier Group

New Frontier Group is a multiple award-winning US medical claims management and cost containment company which supports some of the largest insurance and assistance groups in the global health and travel industry.

With access to the very best US networks along with outstanding in-house claims arbitration, New Frontier Group helps its clients to achieve market leading savings on their medical bills, resulting in improved loss ratios and increased bottom line profitability.

About International Assistance Group

International Assistance Group is the world’s largest alliance of independent assistance companies and accredited providers. IAG Partners specialise in worldwide roadside, medical, travel, corporate and home assistance for business and leisure travellers, expatriate workers and corporate clients. IAG Partners & Accredited Service Providers currently support over 118 million end users worldwide.

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