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ROUND TABLE: International Medical Cost Containment Strategies 2021

In a Closed Door Exclusive Round Table Business Forum, iPMI Magazine will speak with C-Suite Industry Leaders from the International Medical Cost Containment Market about International Medical Cost Containment Strategies For Global Medical Payors And Providers.

Although international risks have changed, the cost of healthcare around the world remains a key concern for the international private medical insurance market.

This exclusive round table will define the complex nature of international medical cost containment and how medical payors and providers may leverage cost containment strategies to improve the access and standard of care, whilst reducing the bottom line to the payor.

Talking Points

  • Real-time cost containment and medical case management;
  • Managing the costs in the advancements of new medical procedures and pharmaceuticals;
  • Discrepancies in pricing across global hospital networks;
  • iPMI Plan design to manage costs before emergency;
  • The use of technology to improve healthcare access and reduce the bottom line;
  • The financial pressures of COVID-19;
  • Combating international medical insurance fraud;
  • Provider network management and negotiations;
  • The challenges of cross-border regulatory and legal developments;
  • The future of medical cost containment and medical case management.

iPMI Magazine Cost Containment Network

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To apply for a seat at the table, please write to Christopher Knight, CEO, iPMIM: ceo[at]

About iPMI Magazine Round Tables

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Dimitris Koliniatis Owner, Athens Asistance, Joins iPMI Magazine Executive Assistance Round Table

Dr. Dimitris Koliniatis was born in Athens in 1959 and graduated from Athens University Medical School in 1983.

After two years as a general practitioner in a remote island, he specialized in Athens in general surgery, laparoscopy, emergencies and ICU. Since then he offered services as a general surgeon and as a medical officer in cruise boats and emergency depts. of private clinics. In 1993 he was a founding member of SOS Doctors (offering in-house extra- and pre-hospital care with continuous educational programs for the doctors) plus a founding member of Athens Assistance, offering full range of medical and travel assistance services. As a medical director in these structures he established the assistance medicine as a distinct entity in the usual medical practice in Greece. He created the Medevac aeromedical team and in 2001 he installed the first telemedicine station in Metropolitan hospital. Today he manages Athens Assistance and its aeromedical services. He is member of international organizations and has work presentations in international conferences.

Athens Assistance advises, organizes and provides care to meet the needs of an emergency situation offering medical, technical, legal and travel world-class assistance for individuals and corporate clients. Athens Assistance is the assistance business partner for call center, cost containment and case management products and services, in the field of health, travel, motor and home.

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