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iPMI Magazine Speaks With Dr. Ameet Deshmukh M.D, Chief Medical Officer, New Frontier Group

In this interview, Nicole Bonfiglio, brand ambassador at New Frontier Group, sat down with Dr. Ameet Deshmukh M.D. to discuss his new role as Chief Medical Officer at New Frontier Group.

To start off, please tell me about your medical background and your career journey.

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and graduated high school at the top of my class. When I was in 11th grade, I was a part of a program in which I shadowed doctors at Washington University in St. Louis, resulting in my love for medicine. I attended medical school at University of Missouri-Kansas City where they have a six-year medical program, meaning I did both my undergraduate and my M.D. in six years rather than the usual eight years. It is very intense, and you only have one month off a year with no other breaks. From day one I was shadowing a doctor during their clinical rounds every week, which gave me a hands-on education. After graduating, I completed a three-year residency in emergency medicine at an inner-city trauma hospital, followed by training in hyperbaric medicine and wound care. I have been a practicing Emergency Medicine Physician for nearly twenty years.

You have just accepted a role as the new Chief Medical Officer for NFG: tell me about what you are hoping to accomplish and contribute to NFG and their clients. What are you most excited about in this new role?

I think I am here to bridge the gap between business and medicine in a way. I will be able to support people in different levels of the organization, like aiding in arranging medical transports, or talking to certain medical providers about patient information that other members of the team might not typically have access. For example, it might be difficult for a client service representative to reach a treating surgeon at a major hospital, but if I call, I should be able to bridge this gap. I also look forward to being a resource for our clients, conversing with their medical team, assisting in providing positive outcomes for their policyholders.

What am I most excited about? The team. That was the most unknown for me, but they are fabulous people, and they are brilliant. I do not think that I have ever met an executive or CEO that is as strong as Gitte Bach. She is so dynamic and can approach anyone. She can be tough, she can be yielding, but she knows this sector inside and out. She really wants to know all the details and who has the best ideas for a better solution. She is accountable to the insurers, her clients, the policyholders, and each member of the NFG staff. I have joined NFG to add a clinical spin to things, and it is very exciting. I love business and business development; I have always had a passion for it.

My mantra is “we put the clients first”, and with a business like NFG, we have lots of different clients, all with very high service expectations. Fulfilling everyone's expectations while providing the best outcomes will help provide quality care, everyone will be happy, and we will develop a good sustainable quality product that NFG can expand.



ROUND TABLE: International Medical Cost Containment Strategies 2021

In a Closed Door Exclusive Round Table Business Forum, iPMI Magazine will speak with C-Suite Industry Leaders from the International Medical Cost Containment Market about International Medical Cost Containment Strategies For Global Medical Payors And Providers.

Although international risks have changed, the cost of healthcare around the world remains a key concern for the international private medical insurance market.

This exclusive round table will define the complex nature of international medical cost containment and how medical payors and providers may leverage cost containment strategies to improve the access and standard of care, whilst reducing the bottom line to the payor.

Talking Points

  • Real-time cost containment and medical case management;
  • Managing the costs in the advancements of new medical procedures and pharmaceuticals;
  • Discrepancies in pricing across global hospital networks;
  • iPMI Plan design to manage costs before emergency;
  • The use of technology to improve healthcare access and reduce the bottom line;
  • The financial pressures of COVID-19;
  • Combating international medical insurance fraud;
  • Provider network management and negotiations;
  • The challenges of cross-border regulatory and legal developments;
  • The future of medical cost containment and medical case management.

iPMI Magazine Cost Containment Network

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To apply for a seat at the table, please write to Christopher Knight, CEO, iPMIM: ceo[at]

About iPMI Magazine Round Tables

Leaders learn from leaders, and by invite only, iPMI Magazine Executive Round Table Business Forums feature leading C-Suite Executives from the world of iPMI. Limited in numbers and distributed to over 40,000 readers in 120+ countries, iPMI Magazine round tables are an educational, executive, and exclusive event.



VIDEO: We Are New Frontier Group. Think. Reach. Be Global

2019 has been an amazing year for New Frontier Group. We are proud of what we have accomplished, and we are looking forward to an even greater 2020 together with you. We are grateful to our team and valuable partners for making it all possible.

As we enter the new year we are excited about the new opportunities, partnerships, and technologies we have been developing to increase our client’s portfolio savings at an all-time high. We are continuously preparing for the future in an ever-changing market with a focus on partnerships, service excellence, development, innovation, and leadership.

Our passion is to always bring our clients the best results and trailblazing innovation and to always drive business forward.

This is us. A company, A family. We have stayed true to our roots for over 25 years.

We are - New Frontier Group.

Think. Reach. Be Global.


New Frontier Group Signs New Agreement With International Assistance Group (IAG) For US Cost Containment

New Frontier Group, the award winning US medical cost containment company has signed a new Preferred Provider Services Agreement to deliver medical cost containment and assistance support to IAG Partners who have travel and health insurance customers who require medical treatment in the United States.

Under the terms of the agreement, New Frontier Group will employ its 24/7 team and state of the art IT platform to help IAG Partner companies access the most appropriate and cost-effective treatment at hospitals and clinics across the US.

“The global travel insurance market is extremely competitive, and it is essential that insurers and assistance providers look for every advantage they can find in terms of enhanced services and cost control,” said Randall L. Condie, Chief Operating Officer with New Frontier Group. “Our job is to reduce our clients’ costs in the US, and we are confident that our IAG Partner clients will see significant savings.”

Louise Heywood, General Manager, IAG sees the recommendation of key service providers as one of the primary functions of the organisation. “By accessing and pooling the resources and expertise that we have within our network, our advisory team made up of key IAG partners are able to identify the best performing providers for the services our members need.”

About New Frontier Group

New Frontier Group is a multiple award-winning US medical claims management and cost containment company which supports some of the largest insurance and assistance groups in the global health and travel industry.

With access to the very best US networks along with outstanding in-house claims arbitration, New Frontier Group helps its clients to achieve market leading savings on their medical bills, resulting in improved loss ratios and increased bottom line profitability.

About International Assistance Group

International Assistance Group is the world’s largest alliance of independent assistance companies and accredited providers. IAG Partners specialise in worldwide roadside, medical, travel, corporate and home assistance for business and leisure travellers, expatriate workers and corporate clients. IAG Partners & Accredited Service Providers currently support over 118 million end users worldwide.

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