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QHM (Quality Health Management) Partners With MORE Health To Offer Global Access To Medical Second Opinions

A collaboration between QHM - Quality Health Management, a global medical cost containment leader, and MORE Health, an expert medical second opinion and collaborative diagnosis service, now offers an advanced second medical opinion (SMO) solution for client companies of QHM.

Today, clients of QHM will have easy access to a world-leading second opinion service when making decisions regarding serious life-changing illnesses. Upon client activation, QHM virtually connects the patient's attending doctor with a MORE Health Physician Specialist to jointly develop a comprehensive collaborative diagnosis together with the optimum treatment plan via MORE Health’s outstanding panel of subject matter physician experts in leading centers of excellence around the globe.

"Through this expert collaboration, QHM is pleased to expand its offering with an innovative next-generation second opinion medical opinion solution for its many clients globally," said Sven Thorslund, Quality Health Management’s Sales Director.

"As a care-conscious innovator, MORE Health offers a technology-driven collaborative approach to diagnosis and delivers the most effective treatment plan possible," adds MORE Health's Vice President Strategic Partnerships, Pam Frank. "Patients value understanding their options, payors appreciate more clarity, and medical experts at centers of excellence favor our leading-edge imaging and technologies. Our global mindset and culture of caring align very well with QHM to bring cross-border health management to new levels."

"The MORE Health service ensures that patients have the correct diagnosis, minimizing any chance of error, and allows them to understand the best possible treatment options before making a decision on the best path forward. This service provides much needed peace of mind for patients and the inclusion of these benefits represents significant added value, savings, and differentiation for health plans, reinsurers and other stakeholders, Thorslund further commented.

Watch a quick QHM video highlighting the many advantages of second medical opinions.

About QHM International

Headquartered in Miami, FL, QHM - Quality Health Management (QHM) is a medical cost containment company offering specialized services to global healthcare insurers, reinsurers, and governments. QHM has been guiding the global needs of clients, payers and patients with PPO, administrative, and specialty services since 2000. With exceptional experience and expertise in managing the access, quality, and costs of global healthcare, QHM helps protect clients’ bottom line and customer experience through effective and flexible boutiques style solutions for savings and service. For more information, please visit

About MORE Health

MORE Health, a global digital health company, provides peace of mind and confidence to patients when they need it most—when facing a serious life-changing illness. Delivering second medical opinions virtually, MORE Health delivers a diagnosis and recommended treatment plan from the world’s best medical minds. Offering all the benefits of a second opinion, the service ensures that the attending doctor and the expert physician specialist are aligned through their proprietary, GDPRHIPPA-compliant Physician Collaboration Platform™. Since 2013, MORE Health has helped patients on six continents and continues its mission to provide clients and their members access to the best medical minds in the world—when they need it most. To learn more, visit


Healix International Announces Management Changes

Healix International has announced the appointment of Mike Webb as Chairman of Healix International. Taking over Mike Webb’s role is Charlie Butcher, currently Commercial Director of the business, who has been promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer.

By becoming Chairman, Mike Webb, who has been Healix International’s CEO for four years, will continue to be actively involved in the company’s ongoing activity. Under his leadership, Healix International has significantly improved its financial performance as well as growing its range of products and services and has seen a very strong commercial performance despite the challenges of Covid, with the Company consistently driving innovation and fostering a customer centric culture.

Charlie Butcher becomes CEO of Healix International from June 2021. Charlie joined the Company in 2006 as Finance Director and was promoted to Commercial Director in 2019. Over the last two years he has achieved considerable sales success in Europe, the USA and Asia Pacific. 

“I am very much looking forward to this exciting new role, building on my extensive experience of the Healix International business over the last 15 years”, said Charlie Butcher.  “More than ever, companies are looking for the safest and most effective ways to get their employees working abroad again. It falls under a company’s duty of care to ensure the personnel they send abroad receive the best possible support measures to enable this to happen.

“Local security and medical facilities can vary dramatically across borders, and employers need to know their workforce has a support network in place. That is where Healix International comes in. Healix medical and security teams work closely together to deliver an integrated risk management and assistance operation, helping to fulfil employers’ duty of care responsibilities.

“I look forward to continuing to oversee the onward commercial success of Healix and working closely with Mike Webb and the Executive Board and feel very confident that we have the right team in place to achieve on-going success.”

Mike Webb added: “I am very proud of the part I have played as a member of the team that has enabled Healix International to deliver profitable growth and be seen as one of the most successful medical and security risk management companies. Healix is a great business that has a proven track record for delivering high quality services to many blue chip companies and government organisations.  I look forward to working with Charlie and the rest of the Executive Board in my new role as Chairman, building on great foundations.”

“We would like to thank Mike for his strong leadership and contribution to the success of Healix International” said Peter Mason, Founder.  “As for Charlie, he brings talent, commitment, vision and years of solid experience to the job. I wish them both much success in their respective future roles and challenges.”


Remote Medical International Partners With New Frontier Group For US Cost Containment And Telemedicine

As part of a continuing effort to save lives and improve workers' health in diverse job sites, Remote Medical International (RMI) has partnered with New Frontier Group to support its operations in and around the US.

RMI COO, Paul Budak, explains, "we have clients with significant operations in the US, both on-shore and off-shore, and when their staff fall ill or get injured, we want a partner that can help us access the most appropriate medical services and to manage the treatment and costs on behalf of our clients."

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Another critical factor in RMI's decision to partner with New Frontier Group was its ability to provide 24/7 remote access to physicians and specialists, including mental health advice via their telemedicine solution NFGtelecare.

This cooperative agreement will enhance RMI's capability to provide high-quality workplace health and safety services and allow clients to access New Frontier Group's award-winning services for their industrial and remote projects in the US.

Gitte Bach, New Frontier Group President & CEO, adds, "We are extremely proud to welcome RMI as a new client and look forward to working closely with them with regards to their medical needs here in the US."

For more information about New Frontier Group, please visit

For more information about Remote Medical International, please visit




ROUND TABLE: International Medical Cost Containment Strategies 2021

In a Closed Door Exclusive Round Table Business Forum, iPMI Magazine will speak with C-Suite Industry Leaders from the International Medical Cost Containment Market about International Medical Cost Containment Strategies For Global Medical Payors And Providers.

Although international risks have changed, the cost of healthcare around the world remains a key concern for the international private medical insurance market.

This exclusive round table will define the complex nature of international medical cost containment and how medical payors and providers may leverage cost containment strategies to improve the access and standard of care, whilst reducing the bottom line to the payor.

Talking Points

  • Real-time cost containment and medical case management;
  • Managing the costs in the advancements of new medical procedures and pharmaceuticals;
  • Discrepancies in pricing across global hospital networks;
  • iPMI Plan design to manage costs before emergency;
  • The use of technology to improve healthcare access and reduce the bottom line;
  • The financial pressures of COVID-19;
  • Combating international medical insurance fraud;
  • Provider network management and negotiations;
  • The challenges of cross-border regulatory and legal developments;
  • The future of medical cost containment and medical case management.

iPMI Magazine Cost Containment Network

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To apply for a seat at the table, please write to Christopher Knight, CEO, iPMIM: ceo[at]

About iPMI Magazine Round Tables

Leaders learn from leaders, and by invite only, iPMI Magazine Executive Round Table Business Forums feature leading C-Suite Executives from the world of iPMI. Limited in numbers and distributed to over 40,000 readers in 120+ countries, iPMI Magazine round tables are an educational, executive, and exclusive event.



Liberia Travel Advice and Warnings: Muggings in the Sinkor Beach Area of Monrovia

The small British Embassy and Honorary Consul in Monrovia can only offer limited consular assistance. There is a low threat from terrorism. Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.

The FCO advise against all but essential travel to Grand Gedeh and River Gee counties where there have been reports of armed groups living near the border with Côte d’Ivoire. The ability of the national authorities and the UN to provide emergency help outside Monrovia is limited. Check the security situation before travelling to any part of the country.

Violent incidents, particularly in rural areas, are possible as a result of land disputes, illegal mining and occupation of rubber plantations.

Illegal rubber tappers have been responsible for a number of attacks on security forces in the Firestone rubber plantation. Avoid travelling away from the major routes within the plantation.

Organised groups of former combatants may be present in areas of the country where there is limited government and UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) presence, including Sinoe rubber plantation and Sapo National Park. The Samuel K Doe Stadium in Monrovia can become overcrowded during major football matches or events.

There is a high level of crime in Monrovia, including armed robbery. The Liberian National Police has very limited capability to prevent or detect crime, or to provide emergency response in any part of the country. Levels of crime are much higher after dark. Don’t walk anywhere in the city at night.

Take care when walking alone and only do so during daylight hours in areas frequented by foreigners. Most crime is opportunistic theft, but there are organised criminal gangs. Thieves are often armed with knives or machetes, but occasionally also carry firearms. While Liberians are the main victims of crime, the relative wealth of international visitors makes them an attractive target for criminals. Avoid carrying valuables in public and be vigilant at all times, especially at night.

Mobile phones and laptops are common targets of theft. Foreigners have been mugged in the Mamba Point and Sinkor areas of Monrovia (including Sinkor beach in broad daylight), where most international visitors stay. Be wary if you are approached by strangers. Criminals also operate in nightclubs and beaches.

Accommodation occupied by international workers has occasionally been targeted by burglars. Thefts have occurred in taxis. You should avoid local public transport. There is a high incidence of rape in Liberia and there have been cases of rapes and attempted rapes involving foreign women.

Take extra care when driving in heavy traffic or off the main roads. Consider your security arrangements carefully before your arrival in Liberia.

Make sure you are supported by a reliable organisation with a comprehensive and adequate security plan.

Stay only in reputable accommodation with adequate guarding and other security arrangements, and arrange for transport for the duration of your stay, including travel to and from the airport.

Roberts International Airport is around 30 miles from central Monrovia, much of the journey passing through rural areas.

Liberia Travel Advice and Warnings: Muggings in the Sinkor Beach Area of Monrovia




  • Published in GMMI

GMMI is a leading ISO 9001:2008 certified provider of cost containment and medical risk management solutions. At GMMI, we have been setting the industry standard for quality customer service, medical management, and competent claims administration since our inception in 1992. And we do it better than any other company. We are Passionate for People. Focused on Client Results. Driven by Legendary Service. Our Core Competency is Medical Cost Containment and Case Management.

Based in Florida, USA, GMMI, Inc. (Global Medical Management) is a leading ISO 9001:2008 certified provider of cost containment and medical risk management solutions. At GMMI, we have been setting the industry standard for quality customer service, medical management, and competent claims administration since our inception in 1992. Since our founding in 1992, we have been a pioneer in the delivery of managed care and cost containment services to the international health care payers and their members. GMMI’s client list includes many of the world’s leading insurance and assistance companies. In 2008 GMMI joined the Europ Assistance Group of companies. Our mission is to support the success of insurers, re-insurers, self-funded groups, and assistance companies via complete cost containment services for medical management, cost savings and 24 hour customer care in the U.S. and globally.

By virtue of our services and our provider contracts, GMMI’s Clients pay significantly less for their healthcare expenses in the USA. Clients may choose to contract GMMI for a single service component, such as claims repricing. Others may engage GMMI for their complete customer service and cost containment needs – from web-based and telephonic patient directing, to 24/7/365 Customer Service Call Center, Catastrophic Claims Management, Organ & Tissue Transplant Services Administration, to Claims Management, Medical Case Management, Claims Payment and beyond. GMMI can help our Client with a single service component, or serve as a Third Party Administrator (TPA), a one-stop-shop for all medical and case management services needs.

Company: GMMI, Inc.

Address: 1300 Concord Terrace, Suite 300 Sunrise, Florida 33323 USA

24 hr Customer Service Phone: +1-954-370-6404

Free of charge in the US: 1-800-682-6065

Fax: +1-954-370-8130


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Transworld Claims Solutions

Transworld Claims Solutions

Transworld Claims Solutions Inc (TCS) offers cost recovery solutions to businesses incurring losses across international borders. Our core activities include 'subrogation' and 'priority on risk' recovery, principally to the insurance and medical services sectors, and b2b contractual debt recovery services. Transworld Claims Solutions offers Claims Management and Cost Containment services. With an in depth experience in the travel and healthcare industry, and over 21 years in the insurance industry, Transworld Claims Solutions offers an exclusive global network with AVUS.

The AVUS group is the largest Non-Marine claims management/handling group in Europe with subsidiaries in 26 countries in Europe including North Africa. Each office has a dedicated in-house legal team that handles recovery/subrogation cases for travel, social & accident insurers and also for motor insurers. A natural part of their core service includes investigations and data gathering of all kinds for insurers and in particular when fraud is suspected.

They are also well positioned to provide expert legal opinions regarding any legal situation in a given country. AVUS works with European insurance groups such as Allianz, AVIVA, AXA, QBE, RSA and Zurich. In concert with Transworld Claims Solutions, who provide coverage in the Americas, the Caribbean, and the developed countries of the Asian Rim, this strategic partnership provides a unique global network of resource support to payers of claims, in a complex multi cultured environment. 

East Coast Offices:

Company: Transworld Claims Solutions Inc.

Address: 194 Main Street, Suite 207 Newport, VT 05855

Tel: + 1 802-880-9026

Fax: 802-880-9027


West Coast Offices:

Company: Transworld Claims Solutions Inc.

Address: One Sansome Street, Suite 3500 San Francisco, CA 94104

Tel: 802-880-9026

Fax: 802-880-9027

Canadian Offices:

Company: Transworld Claims Solutions Inc.

Address: 57 Talbot Street West, Suite A Blenheim ON N0P 1A0

Tel: 802-880-9026

Fax: 802-880-9027

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

United Kingdom Offices:

Company: Transworld Claims Solutions Inc.

Address: PO Box 538 Torquay United Kingdom TQ1 9GN

Tel: +44 1428 729922

Fax: +44 1428 725024



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