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Swiss Re Opens Modern Office Building On Zurich's Mythenquai: Swiss Re Next

Swiss Re Opens Modern Office Building On Zurich's Mythenquai: Swiss Re Next

After ten years of planning and construction, Swiss Re is opening one of the most modern office buildings in Switzerland at its head office on Mythenquai in Zurich: Swiss Re Next. With the new building, realised by Diener & Diener Architects, Swiss Re underlines its commitment to Zurich, where the company was founded more than 150 years ago. The new offices set a milestone on the path towards Campus Mythenquai, where employees based in Switzerland will eventually be brought together. Swiss Re Next employs a new and agile workplace concept that fosters collaboration, dialogue and flexibility.

Swiss Re Next is fully in line with Swiss Re’s tradition of satisfying the highest requirements in terms of functionality, architecture, urban planning and sustainability.

In today’s highly dynamic and competitive market environment, Swiss Re is committed to fostering the potential of its employees. Thomas Wellauer, Swiss Re’s Group Chief Operating Officer: “Attractive workplaces in a central location, combined with an inspiring and motivating corporate culture help us to continue attracting the best talents, which Swiss Re needs in order to compete in the global marketplace. With the new layout and workplace concept at Swiss Re Next, Swiss Re is creating a future-proof workplace and at the same time increasing productivity.”

Swiss Re offers various options for flexible working that enable employees to shape their working day independently and choose the most suitable place to work. Open space office floors supported by state-of-the-art technology are key features of the new workplace concept. Swiss Re has already successfully implemented this concept worldwide in its offices in Sydney, Hong Kong, Munich, Bratislava and London.

A cost-efficient and effective work environment
Swiss Re Next sets a milestone in the ongoing development of Campus Mythenquai, where Swiss Re will eventually bring together employees based in Switzerland. This central location supports various objectives of the company: The new workplace concept no longer has assigned work stations and significantly improves the use of available office space. Energy consumption per workplace has been cut by 80% compared to the previous building. Lake water is used to heat and cool the building with heat pumps. The short distances at Campus Mythenquai furthermore generate synergies.

Zurich offers attractive local conditions for reinsurers, and Swiss Re will continue to generate significant value from Zurich and Switzerland. With its central location on Mythenquai, Swiss Re Next represents a key feature of the cityscape of Zurich. Swiss Re lives up to this responsibility with a future-proof building realised by Diener & Diener Architects.

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