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International Private Medical Insurance Magazine (iPMIM) is the ultimate Health and Medical Insurance Digital Media serving expatriate, corporate, health and travel insurance markets. Due to the nomadic nature of the international healthcare industry iPMI Magazine is an internet based news service, for worldwide healthcare professionals, who need to understand the impacts of healthcare and insurance policy, regulatory, and legislative developments. Combined with in depth health insurance industry analysis, best-in-class health insurance industry data, and exclusive, C-Suite Executive health insurance interviews and round tables, iPMI Magazine bridges an information gap between healthcare payor, provider and patient. Written by the health and medical insurance industry, for the health and medical insurance industry, iPMIM is supported and designed by leading international medical insurance companies and service providers.

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iPMI Magazine Speaks With Eithan Wolf, CEO, PassportCard Germany

In this exclusive iPMI Magazine interview, Christopher Knight, CEO, iPMI Magazine, met with Eithan Wolf, CEO, PassportCard Germany. PassportCard is part of the Davidshield Group, a leading provider of international health and travel insurance since 1999.

Please introduce yourself and background in the iPMI market:

Eithan Wolf, CEO of PassportCard Europe, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. I arrived in Hamburg 4.5 years ago to facilitate the launch and foundation of the German entity. Together with the HQ teams we have built all structures of service processes, product design tailored to the EU market, go-to-market strategies differentiating in B2B and B2C, both on a direct manner and via intermediaries. We also developed the full marketing propositions to brokers and direct channels as an omni-channel structure and developed a successful actuary models tailored to our propositions.

Prior to the operations in Germany, I was working in HQ alongside the local CEO for a year, coming to the insurance industry from the Banking and Innovation field. I was working as the executive advisor to the Deputy CEO of Israel’s largest bank launching the digital and innovation division, responsible also for all payment developments and fintech market industry in what is known to be a “start-up-nation.”

Despite that, my background is in corporate law. I was working for 5 years alongside the professor who wrote the corporate law in Israel and was invited to amend the Israeli corporate law in parliament with regards to corporate governance. Those led me to the publishing of the book Corporates” 8 years ago, focusing on directors’ liability. I am currently writing my second book in English, focusing on EQ in management.

You are the CEO of PassportCard Germany. Can you highlight the core value of your company’s platform and offerings?

PassportCard offers its covered members medical support in their expatriation, just as if they would have been getting at home – with ease and trust. The members can pay any provider of choice, as private clients, directly from the insurance account. Members receive 24/7 service in English, German or other languages, from a care centre located in Hamburg, which is not outsourced. The answering SLA is 10-20 seconds!

Geographically speaking, where is PassportCard Germany conducting business?

Our main office is Hamburg city-centre, and we have a satellite office in Berlin.

When we consider the iPMI market, from group to individual, from HNW to students, which market are you serving?

We are servicing all clients who care about their health and do not want to risk it for a small margin of a cap of coffee a month versus another provider’s offer. Our solutions are varied from student’s offerings to HNW offers, all from individuals to group business. The spectrum of offering is large and accordingly prices vary. We never claim to be cheapest, but we do believe to provide with the best service.

With the rise of national awareness do French companies prefer French insurers, Chinese companies prefer Chinese insurers, German companies prefer German insurers?

The world is becoming increasingly international especially when mobility is in discussion. Companies struggle with similar challenges worldwide and while the market may differ, we believe that having our centre in Germany, as one of the stricter countries for business propositions, we gain the stamp of quality assurance that other countries trust us with. We also provide our service in multiple languages.

January 2023, and PassportCard Germany announced their ASO solution with one of the largest airlines in the world, and definitely in the EU. Can you walk us through the advantages of this program?

We were happy to have a joint publication of this together with our partners on that solution. ASO is a great solution for larger clients and a superb cost containment offering that we are happy to provide. We cannot share more info on our trusted accounts.

Which challenges, risks and opportunities exist in the current iPMI market?

Service becomes something to talk about. Until now, discussions were always around tailored benefits and premiums in a manner that pushed the providers down and didn’t offer anything fresh for the clients. We do believe that our offering is enabling a huge talent retention solution for our clients, as well as a door opener pitch to brokers who collaborate with us.

Which factors are accelerating the adoption of iPMI?

Work from home became a catalysator to iPMI. Companies which want to enable that may consider providing this solution and to cover health costs of their relocating employees.

When we consider the competition in the iPMI market, what sets PassportCard Germany apart?

We have managed to completely turn around the insurance process. Instead of what I call “paying and praying” for the money to be refunded, followed by endless questions and clarification requests be the providers, our clients have the money at the tip of their fingers before the insurance event even took place. They also benefit from the freedom of choice when it comes to choosing a medical provider.

Last but not least: if you could live anywhere, at land or at sea, where would it be?

I have a huge passion for London recently.


HCI Group Launches New Modular iPMI Plan, NIMBL Health

HealthCare International Group (HCI Group) is set to revolutionise the International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) market with the launch of NIMBL Health, a fully modular and flexible health care plan designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of people living overseas whether individuals, families, or a group of employees.

NIMBL Health is now available in Africa and Asia and will be available worldwide later in 2023.

NIMBL Health allows your clients to choose the benefits and levels of cover that best suit their personal needs. All plans come with a set of core benefits with a choice of caps and deductibles to suit the client’s budget. NIMBL Health also allows the client to choose additional modules that come with benefit and deductible options to meet the whole spectrum of requirements. Maternity cover is also available for group schemes.

NIMBL Health provides a number of options for areas of cover so that a client can subscribe to exactly the coverage they need.

The quoting platform is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple interface that allows you to easily customise each policy to suit your clients’ needs and budgets.

The NIMBL Health core benefits include inpatient treatment, cancer cover, and emergency dental cover. Customers can choose to cap their core benefits at $250k, $1m, $2m, or $3m with five levels of deductibles from nil through to $10k.

Customers can also choose to add optional modules to their policy; outpatient cover, routine dental cover, and assistance and evacuation with three levels of cover and four levels of deductible. Maternity cover is available for group schemes.

Ian Wood, CEO of HCI Group, said, "Our customers have requested flexibility for their international private medical insurance and with over half a million possible options, NIMBL Health delivers this. By choosing the modular approach of NIMBL Health, we can offer a truly tailored policy suitable for all budgets and circumstances."

NIMBL Health is a game-changer in the health insurance industry, offering customers the freedom and flexibility to choose the coverage they need at a price they can afford. With its innovative modular approach, NIMBL Health is poised to transform the way customers access and manage their international healthcare.

HealthCare International is a leading provider of private medical insurance solutions to people living away from their home country including expats, digital nomads and the internationally mobile. We have been providing reassurance of private medical care to our clients for over 20 years with a footprint in over 120 counties.

In the summer of 2022 we acquired the Integra Global brand and now provide international private medical insurance to professional yacht crew across the globe through our MarineSure Health products. 

APRIL International Maintains Top IPMI Service Rating For 2nd Consecutive Year

APRIL International, the international private medical insurance (IPMI) solution provider, is delighted to receive a 5-star service rating for the second year running in Health and Protection’s 2023 IPMI Report. 

The company offers international health insurance plans to individuals, families, students and businesses of all sizes, and received an overall score of 88.5 out of 100 in the report. The rating is based on feedback from over 200 advisers, intermediaries, and brokers.

Joe Thomas, Managing Director of APRIL International UK, said, “For us, as well as receiving the stand-out five-star service rating for the second year in a row, the key takeaway from this report is the fact that we are one of a very small number of providers to record a substantial growth in customer numbers and to show strong continued growth. The research also shows that brokers are optimistic about the sector, with almost two-thirds of intermediaries interviewed saying they had seen increases in business over the last 12 months, with many expecting this pattern to continue.

“Delivering a high-quality service is all about listening to and responding to your customers, so great credit should go to our teams, who have gone from strength to strength in terms of their service offering to both brokers and direct clients. As we forecast last year, international private medical insurance appears to have become firmly established as a “must have” for employers, students and families living and working abroad. This rating leaves us very well positioned to build on our success over the next 12 months.”

APRIL International scored highly across all categories in the research. The business is particularly pleased with its high ratings performance in the areas of quote and application support, speed of response and staff expertise, and problem solving. These are all critical to the success of the broker/client relationship and to ensuring repeat business levels and renewals remain strong.

Joe Thomas continues, “We have continued to invest heavily this year to make sure our partners feel fully supported in their client relationship and that their investment has proved to be well judged.”

“In the future, compliance and ever-changing global regulations stand out as the major challenges faced by brokers. We have wholly owned subsidiaries or full-service offices in many of the major global population centres including London, Paris, Cologne, Dubai (UAE), Mexico City, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Jakarta, and Ho Chi Minh City. These act as our foundation for compliance, enabling us to sell and support policies with local knowledge and expertise. This network supplies up-to-date compliance information to the wider Group, which we are then able to cascade down to brokers. Information is constantly updated to ensure worldwide compliance.”

APRIL is continuing to invest in its global strategy of digitisation, smoothing and simplifying the customer journey and to roll out new initiatives and improvements with services such as telehealth, giving clients unlimited access to phone-based GP consultations.

Allianz Partners Continues Growth Trajectory Driven By Travel Rebound

Allianz Partners has announced its full year 2022 results with 8.2 billion euros in total revenue and an operating profit of 260 million euros.

Allianz Partners’ strong results in 2022 were mainly driven by the significant rebound of the Travel business due to the lifting of COVID-related travel restrictions. Revenue growth supported significant new investment in Allianz Partners’ digital platforms and health business through 2022.

Overall, all business areas showed growth compared to 2021:

  • Travel demonstrated the biggest growth thanks to the travel recovery in the US and pent up travel demand across the world as border restrictions lifted.
  • The strong growth in Mobility was mainly driven by the UK and Chinese markets.
  • The traditional International Private Medical Insurance (iPMI) segment boosted the results of the Health business with further investments through the partnership with Aetna International.

A deeper look into the performance of the different business areas:

The Travel insurance business grew substantially by 80% compared to 2021, with 3.053 billion euros in revenues in 2022.

  • Growth was driven by the exceptional travel recovery and increasing demand for travel protection as most countries opened borders and lifted travel restrictions. The growth was led by North America and particularly the US across all channels, thanks to the airlines and event ticketing segments.
  • Increased global demand powered strong results across all markets and regions among both existing and new clients, including e-commerce players, banking, or airlines.

The Assistance and Mobility business reported 2.610 billion euros in revenues (+5.0% vs. 2021)

  • The roadside assistance business saw a small decline in revenue due to the loss of a large client, which was mainly offset by organic growth and new business.
  • Challenging market conditions and adverse weather events specifically impacted the portfolio of the Home line of business in Spain and France vs. 2021 results. However, this was offset by growth in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Australia. The Easy Living business saw good growth rates in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.
  • The Mobility business delivered excellent performance, despite the challenging market context, with strong growth in the UK, France, China and Hong Kong, as well as the corporate motor business (fleet / new mobility).

The Health business grew by +25.7%, with revenues of 2.384 billion euros last year.

  • The traditional International Private Medical Insurance (iPMI) business segment contributed to this stellar performance, with strong growth and retention in the expat business.
  • Other revenue came from the partnership with Aetna International and strong growth in the international student business as borders reopened in Australia.

Allianz Partners’ direct channels achieved 334 million euros in revenue, with +78% of annual growth.

  • Targeted marketing campaigns focused on the post-Covid travel recovery were a key factor in driving performance, with the biggest growth in the US, Australia, Germany and Brazil.

All regions showed growth in 2022 compared to 2021 across all business segments. North Americas had the biggest increase, driven by strong travel demand in the US. The growth in APAC was driven by the border openings in Australia and New Zealand. The performance in Western Europe and Latin American was driven by the UK and post-COVID recovery, and the performance in North Central and Eastern Europe was driven by Germany and overall post-COVID recovery as well.

Tomas Kunzmann, CEO of Allianz Partners, commented, “This record performance demonstrates the success and validation of our global approach as we continue on our path to be the No. 1 insurance and assistance partner in the new digital world. This has only been possible through the commitment of the entire Allianz Partners team, which enables the business to deliver on its global promise of accompanying customers in their daily lives with solutions that offer true peace of mind, just a click away.

Looking ahead to the future, I anticipate continued growth and excellent performance across our business areas thanks to the ongoing trust of our partners and customers. By continuing to pursue our business transformation and the launch of ecosystem platforms offering digital services beyond traditional insurance, we will ensure our leadership position throughout 2023 and beyond.”

Commenting on the UK results, Marcus Latchford, Chief Sales and Distribution Officer, Allianz Partners UK and Ireland, adds, “These results reflect the strides the UK business has taken to strengthen its position in the Travel insurance sector, alongside another year of excellent performance across the Mobility and Assistance markets. Strong revenue growth has been underpinned by the expansion of new partnerships in the corporate and broking channels, and looking ahead the business remains well placed to leverage the local and global capabilities that exist within Allianz Partners to lead the way in our core markets.”

Allianz Partners Enhances Health Business With New Appointments

Allianz Partners has announced details of two senior appointments to its Health line of business.

Paul McGuire has joined Allianz Partners as Medical Underwriting Lead for Individual and Small Group Business, after more than 12 years of global underwriting experience with Cigna Healthcare.  Paul’s career is rooted in the intersection between medical and insurance, coming from a pharmacy background and having worked with the NHS for three years.

Paul’s role leverages his extensive knowledge in data and analytics, as Allianz Partners looks to continually simplify and innovate within its underwriting practices.

Additionally, Jodi Thomas has been promoted to Head of Individual, Student and Small Group Business. Having joined Allianz Partners Australia in 2018 as General Manager, Strategy for International Health, Jodi’s role expanded in 2019 to include Travel and Assistance. In 2020, she relocated to the Allianz Partners Global Office in Paris to focus on growing the student segment around the world.

Prior to joining Allianz Partners, Jodi launched health insurance, personal accident, and travel insurance for Auto and General and was responsible for the double-digit growth of travel insurance, roadside assistance, and domestic health insurance across B2B and B2C channels. 

David Myers, Chief Sales Officer, Health at Allianz Partners commented, “I am delighted to welcome Paul McGuire and Jodi Thomas to the team. Allianz Partners’ is committed to expanding and innovating its business to meet the growing needs of B2B and B2C customers. We continue to invest in not only new innovations, but in the right people to bring these products to life.”

He added, “The world has changed post pandemic, but individual and small group business remain a priority for us. We are continuing to enhance our offerings in order to meet the growing demands and needs of emerging segments such as digital nomads and gig workers.”


Healix Launches Innovative Travel Safe Tool To Identify Personalised Business Travel Risk

Healix, the global provider of travel risk management and international medical, security and travel assistance services, today launches its unique online tool, Healix Travel Safe, to support employers in protecting employees who are travelling for work.

Following the huge success of its innovative COVID Travel Safe product launched in June 2020, the organization has developed this further to offer automated assessments of the medical, logistical and security risks posed to staff who travel on behalf of the company for work.

The new and improved Healix Travel Safe tool provides a comprehensive assessment based on analysis of the employee’s unique profile, relevant medical history and proposed itinerary to identify those who may be at increased risk of encountering various dangers and their likely impact.

By simply completing a confidential, user-friendly online questionnaire, employees will receive an instantly available assessment which they can download, along with advice and guidance on steps they can take to mitigate any risks that they will face if they proceed with the trip. A dedicated portal also enables employers to access a report detailing assessment outcomes for all employees using a traffic light system.

With work-related travel set to recover to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2024, employers need the right tools to holistically assess and manage the wide-ranging risks impacting business travel including rising geopolitical tensions and natural disasters as well as unique risks facing individual employees.

The new tool comes as businesses work to ensure compliance with the new ISO 31030 standard, while reassuring employees that their safety and wellbeing throughout the trip is a top priority. As such, Healix’s Travel Safe ensures that all aspects are properly assessed for risks and security, and safety measures are taken, in line with a global best practice standard.

Charlie Butcher, CEO at Healix International, comments, "Travelling for work can be an apprehensive venture in the context of the current climate of geopolitical volatility, recent natural disasters and other risk factors. By aligning with the latest ISO standard businesses can ensure the safety of their people, but to do so requires a thorough assessment of both the health of the traveller and their end destination. It is only with a clear understanding of which employees are more vulnerable and what threats certain locations can pose that a clear plan can be built to ensure the safety of their workforce.

“After the success of the COVID Travel Safe tool in addressing Covid-related risks, we have built out the original product to create Healix Travel Safe. This will provide employers the ability to plan and mitigate risk, in line with the global standard, but also gives travelling employees peace of mind and the knowledge that their employer is doing all they can to protect the safety of their workforce.”

Global Excel Management Announces Strategic Partnership with WeeCompany

Global Excel Management Inc. (Global Excel), a leading supplier of global healthcare risk management solutions, is pleased to announce that it has acquired a significant position in WeeSystems SAPI de CV (WeeCompany), a LatAm based InsurTech that connects the various players in healthcare ecosystems through their automated digital platforms.

Concurrently, Global Excel and WeeCompany also announce the creation of Servicios de administración en salud Wee, SAPI de CV (WeeMedic), a TPA (third party administrator) located in Mexico City.  Global Excel will have majority ownership in WeeMedic, which will focus on the Mexican domestic healthcare market and will provide a wide range of highly automated digital healthcare management solutions for local payers.

Reg Allatt, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Global Excel, said, “As we continue to expand the range of our services and our global footprint, we’ve always seen LatAm as a market with significant potential. Global Excel has provided services to clients from those regions for over twenty years. However, the majority of that business focused on insured members seeking medical treatment in the USA, business and leisure travellers coming out of that area, as well as foreign expats living and working there. Together with WeeCompany, we’ve identified a market segment looking for new solutions – local health insurers demanding innovative solutions for Mexican domestic healthcare claims. Solutions which will enhance the member experience and more effectively manage the financial risk.”

Jesús Hernández, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and founder of WeeCompany, further stated, “WeeCompany simplifies health experiences through our comprehensive solutions for HealthTech and InsurTech industries in LatAm. At WeeMedic, WeeCompany will contribute our software and systems expertise while Global Excel will bring its extensive experience managing healthcare risk. There is no question that with Global Excel’s support we will be able to deliver an innovative, best-in-class solution stack to potential domestic clients. We look forward to working together with the Global Excel team who, like WeeCompany, are focused on delivering exceptional value to their clients.”

As always, Global Excel will remain focused on providing the highest level of service to our clients and their members. We will continue to identify international synergistic opportunities that will strengthen the breadth and depth of our organization. These investments in WeeSystems and WeeMedic reflect our commitment to our LatAm expansion strategy.

About Global Excel Management Inc.

Global Excel ( is a full-service provider of global healthcare risk management solutions. It offers a complete range of risk mitigation, directional care, cost containment, claims management and medical assistance services to over 1,800 clients located in more than 90 countries around the world. With offices in nine countries, as a group, Global Excel manages approximately 380,000 inpatient, outpatient and non-medical cases per year and processes in excess of $1.95B USD in healthcare claims annually.

About WeeCompany

WeeCompany ( is the first HealthTech and InsurTech in LatAm with over 10 years of experience in implementing technological models in the healthcare sector. We communicate with the entire ecosystem, from service providers to patients, through digital platforms, transforming the traditional operation of the industry into new digital models.

For further information please contact John Spears at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Erick Salazar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Trawick International Unveils New Logo and Branding

Trawick International, an industry-leading international insurance company, announced today the launch of its new logo as part of a comprehensive rebranding effort that reflects the company's commitment to innovation, growth, and customer satisfaction.

The new logo features a modern, streamlined design and a bold, vibrant color scheme. Combined with the company's new brand line, "Anywhere Starts Here," the branding embodies the company's evolution from an international student insurance broker to a provider of international insurance products and services for today’s globally mobile world.

Daryl Trawick, President and CEO of Trawick International, commented, "The new branding represents an exciting chapter in the company's history. 2023 marks the 25th anniversary of Trawick International, and as we continue to expand our product offerings and services and grow our business, it's important that our brand evolves, as well. We believe our new logo and branding better reflect our commitment to delivering innovative, high-quality insurance solutions to our customers and partners."

Initial elements of Trawick International's brand evolution include:

New Logo: With its contemporary design, the new logo reflects the company's evolution and ushers in a new era for the brand. The icon, created using the stylized “W” in the wordmark, represents the movement within the globally mobile world that Trawick International supports with its products and services.

New Colors: The new colors speak to the brand's transformation while staying rooted in the trust and reliability that customers expect from the company. The deep, rich purple acts as an anchor, while the bright, vibrant pops of light purple accenting the stylized "W" in the wordmark and icon represent the modernization of the brand. Tints of green, representing freshness and growth, make up the secondary palette.

New Brand Line: Anywhere Starts Here.

The new branding will be implemented across company communication channels in phases. Phase one includes the company's website, social media channels, and customer emails. Future phases will include additional marketing materials, partner communications, and fulfillment documentation.

To experience the new branding, please visit


Roy Medical Assistance And WorldWide Medical Announce International TPA Agreement Covering 16 Countries

Roy Medical Assistance and WorldWide Medical have announced an international third-party administration (TPA) agreement in 16 countries.

Under the agreement, Roy Medical Assistance will provide International medical assistance services to WorldWide Medical including International TPA, Cost Containment, Claims Management and Emergency Assistance. 

Roy Medical Assistance CEO Sumit Gaurav comments, "We are proud to have built an excellent international cooperation with WorldWide Medical. We believe in delivering best in class support and assistance to their clients in Asia and Middle East. We are able to offer a strong solution to their insurance clients. We look forward to working with Worldwide Medical teams. “

Worldwide Medical was established in 1999, with the vision of becoming the leaders in the areas of international health and life insurance in Latin America. Today, WorldWide Medical has a successful product portfolio and excellent financial strength ratings endorsed by global rating agencies. WorldWide Medical has a network of more than 10,000 hospitals around the world, in addition to strategic alliances with the largest reinsurers in the world. WorldWide Medical has offices in Panamá and the Dominican Republic, under the brand of Worldwide Seguros, and Guatemala, Paraguay and Bolivia through strategic partners.

For Fernando Joa, CEO of WorldWide Group, the alliance with Roy Medical Assistance means reinforcing the WorldWide's mission of guaranteeing access to the best global medical care for its policyholders. “Guaranteeing access to the most reputable health centers worldwide in the best times for care remain as the elements that distinguish us, so, through this alliance, we continue to reinforce excellence in service and empathy towards the insured client."

About Roy Medical Assistance

Roy Medical Assistance is a well-known International TPA in Asia and the Middle East and is connected in major countries including China, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri-Lanka, Maldives, UAE, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Hong Kong and Myanmar.

Founded in 2016 in India, on the idea that we deliver the quality and affordable healthcare, around the world in best possible way to the travellers, expatriates, diplomats, students, and employees of corporates. We know that we can provide the best quality and affordable patient care by providing real-time and round the clock medical services in our vast network of hospitals around the globe along with best Case and Claims management. For this our management team and our multi-lingual call centres are available to you 24/7/365.

Global Excel Announce Exciting Realignment of Organizational Structure

Global Excel is pleased to announce changes to its executive lineup and a realignment of our organizational structure to further strengthen the synergies among our business units and to boost business innovation.

Global Excel is keenly aware that the healthcare risk management market is rapidly changing, and we are constantly striving to innovate our portfolio of solutions to achieve our overarching goal of driving real value for our corporate clients while creating an enhanced experience for their members.

We would like to take this opportunity to share the news that David Rivelis, President Global Strategy, will be transitioning to head a new start-up company, Xodus Travel Services Inc. The primary focus of Xodus will be to transform the client and member experience, applying the extensive learnings we gained during the COVID crisis. After many years at the helm of ACM and CanAm, David joined the Global Excel Executive Team in 2018 successfully leading our global vision. Global Excel is pleased to announce a direct investment in Xodus and will look to integrate and leverage its solution stack with our key clients. More information about Xodus Travel Services will be provided to you in the next two months.

Concurrently we are pleased to announce Phil Hibbert has joined our Global Excel family as Chief Commercial Business Development Officer.

Phil joins Global Excel following an extensive career in executive leadership in the APAC region and in Canada. Phil brings diverse international experience managing small, medium, and large organisations. He excels at post-integration skills, brand development, brand repositioning, global matrix reporting, usage and retention, partnership development, and board responsibilities. An effective communicator and senior leader who excels at developing loyalty and increasing team engagement, Phil, most recently, was the CEO at Protecta Insurance, a New Zealand-owned and operated underwriting agency.

Over the coming months Phil and David will work closely together to coordinate the transition of our international accounts. Additionally, effective July 1, 2023, Phil will also oversee full P&L accountability for Canada. David will continue to provide support to Phil and the Canadian team until the end of 2023.

The depth of expertise within the Global Excel group of companies and the strong history of sustained and profitable growth is a tribute all our employees. Our industry is very competitive and Global Excel has a unique set of tools that set us apart from the competition. Phil is an entrepreneurial, disciplined, and compassionate leader who develops highly engaged, diverse teams using clear communication and an energetic leadership style. He looks forward to leveraging his experience in the insurance and assistance industries to build and further develop these capabilities, provide relevant solutions for our corporate clients and their members, and to continue to expand our global presence. Phil will be based in Toronto, Canada.

About Global Excel Management Inc.

Global Excel ( is a full-service provider of global healthcare risk management solutions. It offers a complete range of risk mitigation, directional care, cost containment, claims management and medical assistance services to over 1,800 clients located in more than 90 countries around the world. With offices in nine countries, as a group, Global Excel provides services to the Leisure & Business Travel, Expat/iPMI/Student/Long-term Retiree, Major Medical/Destination Health, and Domestic Health sectors. Annually, we process approximately $2B USD in medical and non-medical claims annually.

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