Male Expats Eye Career Development, While Females Seek Personal Enrichment

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New research from AXA – Global Healthcare has revealed that over half (51 per cent) of male expats feel that their time abroad has accelerated their career development, as opposed…

Global Trend For International Mobility Looks Set To Continue

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The global trend for international mobility looks set to continue as smaller and medium-sized multinationals drive growth and encourage greater movement of employees around the world. That is, according to…

Global Work Forces Still Vital For Big Business

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Despite the unstable economic climate, unexpected political change and the impact of technology on societies the world's biggest companies still view a flexible and globally-mobile workforce as key when it…

Expats Most Commonly Relocate For Better Career Opportunities

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New research by AXA’s global healthcare specialist provider of international medical insurance has revealed that, when asked to give their top reasons for moving abroad, almost a third (30 per…

The Challenges Expats And Their Families Face

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New research by AXA’s international health insurance specialist has found that expats and their children are finding it difficult to be away from close friends and family.* Two-fifths (40 per…

Three Quarters Of Expats Put Health At Risk When Moving Abroad

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New research by AXA’s international health specialists, provider of international medical insurance, has found that almost three quarters of expats waited until after relocating to purchase health insurance cover, with…

Vienna Tops Mercer’s 19th Quality Of Living Ranking

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Despite increased political and financial volatility in Europe, many of its cities offer the world’s highest quality of living and remain attractive destinations for expanding business operations and sending expatriates…

Middle East Experience A Stepping Stone To Career Success But Expatriate Professionals Fall Short In Language And Cross Cultural Training

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Over 70% of respondents said medical preparedness is important when preparing for expatriate assignments; Only a quarter (25%) of respondents in the region said they received language training prior to…

Punter Southall Health & Protection Becomes Training Partner For Expat Academy

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Punter Southall Health & Protection has become the training partner for international health insurance for Expat Academy. Expat Academy is a global mobility network, where HR professionals come together to…

Just 53% Of Expatriates Covered For Repatriation

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Just 53% of expatriates working outside of their home country have opted to include repatriation cover as part of a their accident, liability or international health insurance policies, revealed Grégoire…
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