Punter Southall Health & Protection Becomes Training Partner For Expat Academy

Punter Southall Health & Protection has become the training partner for international health insurance for Expat Academy.

Expat Academy is a global mobility network, where HR professionals come together to share their knowledge about expatriate assignments. Teresa Wighton, Head of International Healthcare Consulting at Punter Southall Health & Protection, says: “We’re hoping our extensive experience in international health benefits will be very useful to Expat Academy’s members, and we’re looking forward to better understanding some of the issues that in-house global mobility teams face.”

Wighton’s team will be actively involved in Expat Academy’s annual conference and will be presenting and helping to facilitate some of the sessions. Throughout the year it will also run ‘bite sized’ briefings where it will share topical information and encourage companies to share their experiences and challenges. The international team will also provide detailed content for Expat Academy’s website for its members to reference.

Expat Academy Director, James Holder, says, “We’re delighted to have Punter Southall Health & Protection as our training partner for international health benefits. Its experience and knowledge will bring real value at a time when our membership is growing rapidly, as are the number of events we run throughout the year.”

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