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78% Of Expats Across The Globe Opt For Virtual Health Care Services

In The iPMI Picture:  Richard di Benedetto, President, Aetna International. In The iPMI Picture: Richard di Benedetto, President, Aetna International.

Global health care provider Aetna International recently surveyed 2,000 expat employees across the globe, to find out which aspects of international relocation affect their health and well-being the most.

From work life and wages to settling children and the perceived threat of civil unrest, the International Workforce Well-Being Survey 2019 explores the positive and negative impact that living and working abroad can have.

Among the questions, expats were asked whether they are likely or unlikely to use virtual health services. The survey revealed that:

  • 78% of expats across the globe are likely to use vHealth services
  • 92% of expats in Singapore are more likely to use vHealth services than expats in other countries
  • 90% of expats in India and the UAE are more likely to use vHealth services than those living in other countries
  • Younger age groups (30-49) are more likely to use it than older generations (50+)
  • Those with children are more likely to use virtual health than those without

Richard di Benedetto, President of Aetna International, comments, “Virtual health plays a big role in driving down the cost of health care. People save a lot of time and money, because they don’t need to travel to access health care services. In some locations, you may need to travel quite a way to see your family doctor. But with virtual health care services, this isn’t the case.

“If you’re living in Singapore, for example, and you think you have a fever or a cough, virtual health services allows you to immediately contact a doctor who can then give you direct advice and even a diagnosis.

“Virtual health care services are very useful when you’re an expat and you’re not familiar with your new environment. Put simply, using virtual health care services is like having your own family doctor in your pocket.”

The full survey data set can be seen here:

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