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Mitigating The Risks of Injuries, Lawsuits And Theft When Employing Domestic Staff

Financially successful families often employ domestic staff to make their busy lives easier to manage, but they can inadvertently achieve the opposite if they do not follow proper employment methods. To help these families avoid mistakes and potential loss when employing domestic staff, ACE Private Risk Services, the high net worth personal insurance business of ACE Group, today released a white paper titled, “Managing the Risks of Employing Domestic Staff.”

“As a specialty personal insurer, ACE has deep expertise in mitigating risks for individuals and families with substantial assets. We’ve seen that while these families have been very successful managing employees in their professional lives, they often do not bring the same due diligence to their personal lives,” said Jim Williamson, Division President of ACE Private Risk Services. “As a result, they run the risk of fines and liabilities related to federal and state labor law, identity and property theft, and even personal physical harm. We developed recommendations to help families better understand the risks they face and to encourage them to work with their team of advisors to ensure a smooth and safe running household.”

To underscore the importance of proper hiring and management practices, the paper notes that an international firm specializing in security for organizations and private individual’s reports finding a cause for concern in the backgrounds of one out of every three applicants for domestic positions it has investigated.

Recommendations in the ACE white paper include:

  • Build the right team: Families should consider consulting with an insurance agent, attorney, accountant, and background screening firm before making a hire. Specialized household risk management firms also can take on a variety of responsibilities for operating large households or providing human resources solutions for families and family offices.
  • Plan in advance: For long-term employees, a proper hiring process can take four months or more.
  • Have backgrounds professionally checked: Personal recommendations and cursory checks by employment agencies can only go so far. Families should thoroughly check the backgrounds of job finalists, including criminal records both in the U.S. and potentially abroad. Follow-up checks should also be conducted every three to five years.
  • Document expectations: A signed employment agreement should detail job duties and requirements, compensation, tax treatment, performance evaluations, the termination process, confidentiality expectations, and any other important aspects of the job.
  • Get the proper insurance: Families should carry workers compensation insurance in case their household employee suffers a job-related injury or illness. Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) is necessary to protect against claims of discrimination or another wrongful employment act. Homeowners, valuable collections, auto, and umbrella liability insurance policies also provide important protections. If the employee’s duties will involve driving his or her own car, the family should make sure the employee carries adequate auto and umbrella liability coverage, as well.

“Even when the best hiring and management practices are used, unfortunate incidents can still occur,” added Mr. Williamson. “It is vital for families to work with both an insurance agent and carrier that specialize in serving high net worth clients to ensure they are properly advised and protected.”


Dr. Siddick Maudarbocus, CEO, Medic Assistance International, Joins iPMI Magazine Executive Assistance Round Table

From this first hand experience of tropical and emergency medical services in the heart of Africa, he established the first medical assistance company based in Mauritius and which looks after all the medical aspects of the tourist industry in Mauritius. With over half a million tourists visiting Mauritius annually MAI has a team of doctors and specialists who look after the A-Z health problems of visitors and deliver daily hotel consultations, clinic inpatient management and medical repatriation to various countries.

MAI i is affiliated with various international assistance companies and currently represent over 60 major overseas assistance companies. In 1991 Dr Maudarbocus travelled to Saudi Arabia and was the co- founder and medical director of the SOS HAJ Assistance project which was set up to deliver medical evacuation services to sick pilgrims who were stuck in Saudi Hospitals after the Haj season was over.

For the next 3 years Dr Maudarbocus spent each Haj season in Saudi Arabia as the medical director of this program and this program received official backing from several Muslim countries across the world for its positive contribution to the field of medicine and humanitarian assistance. Settling back in his native island of Mauritius in the late 80’s Dr Maudarbocus developed a successful practice blending eastern and western approach to healing his patients. In fact he was promoting at the time the type of medicine which today is being recognized as Integrative Medicine- “medicine without barriers”, evidence- based medicine combining the best of eastern and western medical knowledge and practice.

Several teaching hospitals worldwide have now developed departments of Integrative medicine which manage disorders of the mind-body which have not responded well to the conventional medical approach. Over the years Dr Maudarbocus reputation (specially in the field of pain management, stress linked disorders and sexual problems) spread beyond the shores of Mauritius and visitors from all over the world started visiting him to seek a cure to their illnesses.

For several years he made regular trips each year to Saudi Arabia to visit his patients and counts among his patients many members of the Royal family and high Society.

In 1991 the World Health Organisation In Geneva invited 40 of the world's experts in the field of ear acupuncture in Lyons for a working committee to formalize a new system of nomenclature of ear acupuncture points. Dr Maudarbocus had the privilege of being selected in that distinguished group among 40 of the world's top experts/researchers/practitioners from several countries including China, Korea, Japan , Europe, Australia and USA.

Medic Assistance International (MAI), Mauritius, is a 24/7, 365 day medical, health, travel and technical assistance service organization based on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

Cross border healthcare, SOS Assistance, Medical evacuation, worldwide repatriation, air ambulance,travel assistance,tourist assistance, medevac, medical, technical and travel assistance for tourists, business travelers, expats and medical tourists in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Seychelles, Madagascar and Comores. Medic Assistance International (MAI) delivers travel, health and medical assistance services on an international scale including medical evacuation (Medevac) from anywhere in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Seychelles, Madagascar and Comoros.


International SOS And Control Risks Advise Clients In Thailand

Medical and travel security experts working for International SOS and Control Risks are working to support clients in Thailand, as public protests continue in Bangkok.

Teams are able to provide advice and reassurance to over 2,500 travellers in Bangkok who are working for organisations with operations in Thailand.

Alex McSporran, Regional Security Manager, said: “Our clients are starting to come to us with requests for information. We work with them on an ongoing basis to plan and prepare for events such as public protests and any impact these may have on business continuity. We are liaising directly with our contacts and providers on the ground as these demonstrations continue. We will provide regular updates to our members who can contact us at any time if they have any concerns.”

The International SOS and Control Risks alliance brings together the extensive global network and expertise of both companies.


AXA Assistance And iJet International Enhance Partnership With Integrated Security And Medical Response Solution

AXA Assistance and iJET International, Inc. (iJET), global leaders in operational risk management solutions, medical assistance and emergency response, have announced an enhanced partnership agreement that will see combined security and medical response teams operating from service centres in the UK and other key regions across the globe.

The agreement will see iJET security and operational risk experts based within AXA Assistance UK headquarters in Redhill, Surrey providing a comprehensive, integrated security and medical response solution. The UK centre is one of three initial centres where AXA Assistance and iJET will be co-located. Basing an iJET team within the UK operation is aimed at further enhancing the partnership solution and building on the growing interest from UK businesses for a fully-integrated and seamless operational risk management solution. The AXA Assistance and iJET partnership, originally established in 2011, leverages AXA Assistance’s global medical assistance expertise and iJET’s intelligence, technology and security risk management capabilities to support global enterprises. Customers benefit from a single point of contact and integrated call centres, telephony and case management available 24/7.

“Business travel risk management is an important issue for organisations all over the world,” comments Tim Edwards, Business Development Manager, AXA Assistance UK. “Combining our expertise directly on-site in the UK and other key centres around the globe will allow us to work even more closely together to provide clients with a comprehensive global solution to assist their employees and ensure minimum disruption to their business operations.”

Will Faas, Major Accounts Director UK & Europe, iJET, comments: “Establishing a key operations team at the AXA Assistance UK service hub proves our commitment to offering top-level service to our combined clients and provides us with a base from which to demonstrate to key UK businesses the superior nature of our integrated offering. Now more than ever it is essential for organisations to protect their employees abroad, and we are very excited about expanding further in the UK, and indeed global, market.”


Broward Health International Joins The International Assistance Group

International Assistance Group (IAG) accredited its first healthcare system as Preferred Provider in the United States: Broward Health International.

The network continues its expansion in order to strengthen relationships between assistance companies, specialized providers, healthcare institutions, roadside services, and other players within the assistance industry. International Assistance Group counts with 66 Partners around the world, which are divided into three categories, Core Partners, Assistance Partners and Preferred Providers, which allows the group to cover the complete value chain of the assistance activity.

A new Preferred Provider has joined the group, Broward Health International, one of the largest and well known healthcare systems in the United States, located in Florida, with more than 75 years of experience. Broward Health International provides care and treatment each year to more than 2,500 international patient visits/admissions, many who arrive from across the world. Broward Health served over 238,000 patients last year. Entering into a foreign country can be overwhelming, especially when medical attention is needed.

However, this institution understands the needs of patients who require medical assistance abroad and offers a concierge approach to put patients’ worries at ease. A whole range of services is included in Broward Health’s portfolio from physician referral, medical documentation for Visa, coordination of physician and hospital visits, air ambulance coordination, assistance to traveling family members to travel planning, hotel accommodations, translation services, financial arrangements and more.

“Broward Health is honored to become a Preferred Provider of International Assistance Group. Broward Health is committed to providing excellent quality care for the International assistance companies and their patients. We believe the IAG relationship strengthens Broward Health’s position in the International Market Place”, declared Abbe Bendell, Senior Vice President & COO of Broward Health International.

30 Healthcare Facilities More than 1,700 of South Florida’s leading physicians collaborate with Broward Health’s team of 8,000 nurses and allied health care professionals to provide outstanding care to every patient within more than 30 healthcare facilities that are part of the institution. The Heart Center of Excellence at Broward Health Medical Center, one of the nations’ top centers for cardiovascular treatment, gives patients access to a medical team of experts and the most advanced technology needed to fight heart diseases and its related conditions.

As shown by a 99 percent patient satisfaction rating, the Surgical Eye Center exceeds national standards in outpatient customer service; this center performs more retinal procedures than any other hospital in Broward County. Other facilities are: Broward Health Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center and the Lillian S. Wells Women’s Center. The institution offers as well cancer care and trauma services.

Cécile Hermetz, General Manager of International Assistance Group expressed “IAG is proud to include Broward Health International as a Preferred Provider in the United States in view of its existing relationship with its Partners and capabilities towards foreign travelers”.

3 Hospitals Serve Broward Health International Patients Broward Health Medical Center Broward Health’s flagship hospital, in Fort Lauderdale is Broward County’s largest and most established hospital. As the flagship for the Broward Health system, it is home to virtually every medical specialty. Broward Health North Is a community hospital featuring advanced technology that provides high quality, comprehensive medical services in a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere. Broward Health Imperial Point Consistently recognized for its outstanding patient satisfaction ratings.

About Broward Health

Broward Health, providing service for more than 75 years, is a nationally recognized system offering world class healthcare services to their neighbors in South Florida. Broward Health includes Broward Health Medical Center, Broward Health North, Broward Health Imperial Point, Broward Health Coral Springs, Chris Evert Children’s Hospital, Broward Health Weston, Broward Health Community Health Services, Broward Health Physician Group and Broward Health Foundation. For more information, visit:

About International Assistance Group  

International Assistance Group is a limited incorporated company in Paris (France) regulated under the French law and owned by its Partners. This worldwide commercial alliance of independent companies spanning all the links in the assistance value chain was formed in 1992 by five European companies with the aim of helping each other offer quality assistance to cases. The group’s success has attracted accredited companies from every continent and it now boasts 66 partners and a turnover of over €678 million. More than 6,800 employees take care of 77 million end users. Last year, International Assistance Group® handled over 3.9 million cases and 30,000 repatriations.

To learn and read more about IAG visit their micro site on iPMI Magazine, click here.



MyAssist Offers Free Assistance to Typhoon Hiayan Victims in the Philippines

MyAssist™, the United States' leading provider of personal-assistance services and connection-generated data, announced today that it has opened its international MyAssist Disaster Relief Services free of charge for anyone affected by the Philippines Typhoon Hiayan.

Typhoon victims and their friends and families can call the international collect number 715-303-6338 and instantly get connected to MyAssist agents who will help coordinate emergency medical assistance, communicate with response groups, organize emergency travel arrangements and assist in helping with emergency needs. Super Typhoon Hiayan, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, killed at least 10,000 people in the central Philippine providence of Leyte.

About 70-80 percent of structures in its path were destroyed. An estimated 9.5 million people were affected and over 630,000 people were forced from their homes and served within and outside evacuation centers.

"We are committed to helping people in times of need," said John Noel, president and CEO of MyAssist. "Those who need coordination of emergency assistance for themselves or for loved ones can call upon us for assistance. We are here 24/7 to provide a live connection to assist with emergency medical assistance or to help with emergency needs."


Latest Egypt Travel Intelligence

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to the Governorate of North Sinai due to the significant increase in criminal activity and recent terrorist attacks on police and security forces that have resulted in deaths.

Travel and Medical Insurance

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.

In view of continued unrest and the evolving political situation in Egypt, the FCO advise against all but essential travel to the rest of Egypt except for resorts on the Red Sea in South Sinai and those resorts on the Egyptian mainland in Red Sea governorate (including Hurghada). In the governorate of South Sinai the FCO advise against all but essential travel, with the exception of (i) the Red Sea Resorts including those in the entire region of Sharm el Sheikh, Taba, Nuweiba and Dahab; (ii) the St Catherine’s Monastery World Heritage Site; (iii) road travel between the Red Sea resorts; (iv) road travel from the Red Sea resorts to St Catherine’s Monastery approaching from the east; and (v) transfers between the resorts and the airports of Taba and Sharm el Sheikh.

The FCO do not advise against the use of Cairo airport as a transit stop providing you do not leave the airport grounds. There have been access problems on some of the roads to Cairo airport, chiefly Saleh Salem Road. If you are already in a part of Egypt where the FCO advise against all but essential travel, you should consider whether you have a pressing need to remain.

If you decide to remain in Egypt, you should stay at or close to home or a place of safety (eg your hotel), keep a low profile and pay close attention to your personal safety, particularly in the larger cities.

You should avoid crowds. You should follow the regulations set by the local authorities and obey curfews. Make sure you keep valid photographic identification with you at all times.

Protests and demonstrations

In Cairo on 14 August Egyptian security forces ended sit-in protests at Nahda Square close to Cairo University in Giza and at Rabaa Al-Adaweya mosque in Nasr City.

This resulted in at least 500 deaths. Violent clashes also occurred near Mostafa Mahmoud Square in Mohandiseen, Cairo. On 17 August there were further violent clashes in Ramses Square and at the Al Fatah Mosque between protesters and security forces. Demonstrations planned for the afternoon of Sunday 18th August, including outside the Constitutional Court in Maadi and Roxy Square in Heliopolis were cancelled by the organisers because of security concerns.

There have been demonstrations in other parts of Egypt, including Alexandria, Hurghada and Luxor, some of which have turned violent. Further demonstrations are likely and could take place in any part of the country. Army and security forces have been deployed in anticipation of further protests and rallies in the coming days. Train services across Egypt are suspended. A curfew was declared on 14 August between 7pm and 6am local time.

This is expected to continue for several weeks. The governorates affected by this are Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, South Sinai (except for Sharm el Sheikh, Taha and Dahab) North Sinai, Suez, Behera, Minya, Assiut, Souhag, Beni Suef, Ismailia, Qena and Fayoum. A national state of emergency has been declared for Egypt for a period of 1 month. You are strongly advised to avoid all demonstrations and large gatherings. If you become aware of any nearby protests, leave the area immediately. Don’t attempt to cross road blocks erected by the security forces or protesters. There is a serious risk of violence and sexual assault at demonstrations. NGOs report more than 100 rapes and sexual assaults against women in demonstrations since 30 June. Foreign and Egyptian women have been attacked. See Political and security situation

Red Sea Resort areas

Enhanced security measures are in place to protect the resort areas. There have been no violent protests in the South Sinai resorts during recent disturbances in Egypt In Hurghada on 14 August there were some violent clashes, in an area away from tourist resorts. One man was killed.

On 16 August there was a demonstration near the marina area. You are strongly advised to follow the advice of the local authorities and avoid all demonstrations and large gatherings. If you become aware of any nearby protests, leave the area immediately. Do not attempt to cross road blocks erected by the security forces or protestors.


There is a high threat from terrorism.

Although security is tight throughout the country, especially in resort areas, there remains a high risk of attacks which could be indiscriminate, including in public places frequented by foreigners.

Travel and Medical Insurance

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.


You Are Global

You Are Global Overseas Health Insurance


You Are Global is a leading international health, expat, life and travel insurance broker and intermediary, based in Brazil. You Are Global works with leading private medical insurance providers and companies like IMG, Cigna, HCC, Now Health International and Allianz Worldwide Care. You Are Global caters specifically for expatriates, travelers and tourists, working, living and visiting Brazil. You Are Global has specific expertise working with Spanish speaking cultures around the world whilst also proving international health, medical, travel, expat and life insurance plan to the out bound travel market in Brazil.


You Are Global

You Are Global Overseas Health Insurance

You Are Global is a leading international health, expat, life and travel insurance broker and intermediary, based in Brazil. You Are Global works with leading private medical insurance providers and companies like IMG, Cigna, HCC, Now Health International and Allianz Worldwide Care. You Are Global caters specifically for expatriates, travelers and tourists, working, living and visiting Brazil. You Are Global has specific expertise working with Spanish speaking cultures around the world whilst also proving international health, medical, travel, expat and life insurance plan to the out bound travel market in Brazil.

How can we help?

If you are an international citizen and need a medical coverage which knows no boundaries, you are in the right place. We understand the world has evolved and business and study programs are not limited to the place we live. And this also happens to international travel opportunities: nowadays, travel abroad is easy due to globalization. In the other hand, we know that having a comprehensive, continuous and worldwide medical coverage is mandatory to an international citizen. Therefore, from now on you can access all solutions ValenteRocha provides throughout “You are global – SeguroSaúdeemViagens” program.

You can have a global support, with online assistance, quoting and contracting your international medical coverage with adjustable options as you have never seen. Now you have access to the most comprehensive medical coverage plan available in the American Health Insurance Style. *You are Global – Seguro Saúde em Viagem”isValenteRochaproperty for international medical coverage plans.

Safe On-line Shopping

The whole process of your international medical coverage shopping can be on-line, throughout the internet. In this channel, you can have the quotation you need, revise the offered coverages, fulfill your personal data and send, directly to the enterprise, your international medical coverage request. We know that, due to the nature of our solutions, some personal information is confidential. Then, the entire information submitting process is confidential and all personal information is sent directly to underwriting department which is under a severe clause of confidentiality regarding our clients` information. All this provides you peace of mind. All the shopping system is secured by a safe site and digital certificate, which ensures the online shopping. In other words, we are ready for you to have what is the top of the best medical coverage available, aligned with an customer service and underwriting processes with are modern, safe and dynamic.

Company: You Are Global

Address: R.Lima Barreto, 442, Curitba, Brazil

Phone: +55 41 3527 2680

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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