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ACE Life Launches Three New Flexible Insurance Products

ACE Life, the global life insurance division of ACE Group, today announced the launch of three new products - ACE Accident Guard Plan, ACE Golden Touch Saver Plan II and ACE Golden Touch ULife Plan II in Hong Kong. The three new products reflect ACE Life's focus on providing customers with more flexible insurance solutions to help build a secure and successful future.

ACE Accident Guard Plan is a comprehensive personal accident insurance plan with triple indemnity, which is rare in the market, for flight accidents. Plane crashes are making the news more frequently and this plan offers customers peace of mind with a one-stop solution, with a fixed premium payment period as short as 10 years for accident protection for themselves and their loved ones. Customers can enjoy comprehensive protection against total and permanent disability as well as accidental death and accidental dismemberment including also major burns and insanity.

In addition, ACE Life has also revamped its universal life plans, namely the ACE Golden Touch Saver Plan II and ACE Golden Touch ULife Plan II, to offer flexible solutions for life protection and wealth accumulation. Customers can receive a super bonus of up to 6% of one year's basic premium upon any successful application for a designated ACE Golden Touch Saver Plan II from now until 30 June, 2015.

The ACE Accident Guard Plan and ACE Golden Touch Saver Plan II, together with the ACE Golden Touch ULife Plan II, offer comprehensive benefits, with the following features:

ACE Accident Guard Plan Product Highlights:

  • Payment period as short as 10 years covering lifetime protection for accidental death up to the age of 100, and accidental dismemberment, total and permanent disability up to the age of 75
  • Triple Indemnity will be offered in the event of death or dismemberment due to accidents whilst travelling as a fare-paying passenger on any scheduled commercial airline
  • Cash benefit will be paid upon non-accidental death, surrender or maturity starting from the end of the 3rd year policy
  • Worldwide emergency assistance services cover provision of medical evacuation and repatriation when travelling outside one's country of residence

ACE Golden Touch Saver Plan II Product Highlights:

  • Customers could receive crediting interest compounded daily and special Interest which will be credited every 5 years starting from the 10th policy anniversary and on policy maturity
  • Flexible premium payment options of 5/10/20 years for selection, with an extra bonus offered every 5 years upon the 10th policy anniversary onwards
  • A minimum interest rate of 3% per annum will apply with regard to the account value payable upon policy surrender, maturity or insured's death when the policy has run for 12 years or more
  • Flexibility to exercise annuity option to receive a fixed monthly income up to the age 105 or death, whichever is earlier

ACE Golden Touch ULife Plan II Product Highlights:

  • Customers could receive crediting interest compounded daily and special Interest every 5 years starting from the 15th policy anniversary and on policy maturity
  • Customers can enjoy an extra bonus of 3%/4%/5% at the 10th/15th/20th policy anniversary and every 5 years thereafter
  • A minimum interest rate of 3% annually will apply with regard to the account value payable upon policy surrender, maturity or insured's when the policy has run for 12 years or more
  • Flexibility to make optional unscheduled contributions on top of regular payments of the basic premium of protection-oriented option

Ms. Diana Kwan, Chief Partnership & Marketing Officer of ACE Life in Hong Kong, said, "Changes or mishaps can happen when you least expect them. As a result, we are committed to developing and enhancing our products so that they provide customers with the most comprehensive protection to cope with loss of life or money resulting from accidents. With a fixed premium period as short as 10 years, we offer accident plans for up to the age of 100 to protect customers throughout their lives. Our two universal life plans are designed to help customers fulfill their protection needs and grow their accumulated wealth at attractive returns with greater flexibility to meet their changing needs at different life stages."





Critical Considerations When Designing International Private Medical Health Insurance Plans

Introducing a business into new emerging markets is the response from worldwide business owners to the pre-eminent mega trend that is globalisation. Establishing a global footprint may be of pivotal importance to a wide range of industry, and according to PWC, cross-border assignments are showing no signs of a slowdown. In fact, 59% of CEOs plan to send more staff on international assignments with predictions that global corporate travel and international assignments will increase 50% by 2020.

In the most recent exclusive iPMI Magazine Medical Insurance Round Table, we spoke with leading C-Level Executives at ALC Health, Cigna Global Individual Private Medical Insurance, GeoBlue and Globality Health, about the importance of individual iPMI and how to best approach plan design.


PNB MetLife Forays Into Health Insurance Segment

  • Launches its first benefit based health product – MetLife Major Illness Premium Back Cover;
  • Covers 35 illnesses with a return of premium option;
  • Insurance if one falls ill and assured returns if one stays healthy – Scores over other basic health products in the market as in case of non-occurrence of any critical illness, all the premiums paid back to the policy holder;
  • The only insurance plan in the market that pays customer for staying healthy;
  • Low premium starting Rs 5,958 with a cover of Rs 5 lakhs;
  • Rebates available for high sum assured from Rs 10 – 50 lakhs;
  • Tax benefits are available under applicable tax laws.

The World health Organization (WHO) has identified India as a nation that will have most of the lifestyle disorders in the near future. The population for such diseases is getting younger by the day and more than hospitalization cost, the ancillary expenses linked to the recovery period cripple household finances. Recognizing this pertinent issue, PNB MetLife India Insurance Co. Ltd, today, announced its foray into health segment with the launch of ‘MetLife Major Illness Premium Back Cover’(MMIPBC). As the name suggests, the plan returns all the premiums paid incase there is no claim from the policyholder during the policy term and upon survival. The plan also provides the policyholder with a lump sum amount on diagnoses of any critical illness covered by the policy thereby ensuring that the family has adequate funds to meet the unplanned medical expenses and get the best possible treatment.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Tarun Chugh, MD & CEO, PNB MetLife said, “MetLife Major Illness Premium Back Cover is the only product in the market which returns all the premiums paid at the end of the policy term incase of no claim and provides cover against 35 critical illnesses. As this is a benefit based plan, the claim process is simpler without the involvement of a third party administrator like in the case of indemnity based health plans. A product like MMIPBCtypically helps a family cover unplanned medical expenses over and above the hospitalization cost. As per market data, only 14% of expenses incurred due to major illnesses is due to hospitalization which is covered by the conventional mediclaim and health plans which means the rest of the 86% of cost is borne by the customers themselves. This is one of the reasons apart from inadequate health care planning that drives people to poverty”

Features of MetLife Major Illness Premium Back Cover

  • A non-linked, non-participating health insurance plan
  • Coverage against 35 critical illnesses
  • Return of premium on maturity, in case of survival and no claim made during the policy term.
  • Guaranteed# lumpsum payout in case any of the 35 critical illnesses diagnosed.
  • Tax benefits as per prevailing tax laws
  • Term of 10 years with an entry age of 18-55 years
  • Rebates available for high sum assured from Rs 10 – 50 lakhs

*for reinstatement cases too

For more information, visit

# Terms and conditions apply
Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation
For more details on terms and conditions, pls refer sales brochure



Three North Texas Medical Groups Start Cigna Collaborative Care Programs to Improve Health and Lower Costs in Metroplex

Cigna (NYSE: CI) has launched collaborative care initiatives with three North Texas medical groups. The new arrangements with Catalyst Health Network, Dallas Methodist Physicians Network (DMPN) and Genesis Accountable Physician Network (GAPN) aim to improve patient access to health care, enhance care coordination, and achieve the goal of improved health,affordability and patient experience. With the launch of these three programs, which became effective April 1, Cigna now has nine collaborative care initiatives in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Cigna Collaborative Care is the company’s approach to accomplishing the same population health goals as accountable care organizations, or ACOs. These three new programs will benefit more than 22,000 individuals covered by a Cigna health plan who receive care from more than 260 primary care doctors at the three groups.

In places where it’s been introduced, Cigna Collaborative Care is helping to improve the health of Cigna customers while effectively managing medical costs. The programs are helping to close gaps in care, such as missed health screenings or prescription refills, reinforcing the appropriate use of hospital emergency rooms, increasing the number of preventive health visits and improving follow-up care for people transitioning from the hospital to home.

“We’re looking forward to this collaboration with Cigna, which is an excellent opportunity for our independent physicians to continue bringing real value to our communities by delivering superior quality of care while holding the line on cost,” said Dr. Christopher Crow, president of Catalyst Health Network.

“Improving the lives of our patients through quality care is at the heart of our mission, which is why this collaboration with Cigna is a great fit for us,” said Michael S. Marshall, M.D., chair of the DMPN board of directors. “Care coordinators will play a pivotal role because better coordinated care is fundamental to better health and lower costs.”

“We believe that health care relies on solid relationships, and this new collaboration builds relationships between our independent physician members, patients, and Cigna,” said Dr. Jim Walton, president and CEO of Genesis Physicians Group. “Care coordination, which is central to this collaboration, supports our members as they help patients manage chronic conditions and live healthier lives.”

“Through these types of collaboration we have the opportunity to help transform the health care delivery system,” said Dr. Frederick Watson, Cigna’s senior medical director for North Texas. “When we reward doctors for results and focus on prevention, wellness, health improvement and care coordination, we can create a system that works for everyone who uses, pays for or delivers health care.”

Under the program, the medical groups will monitor and coordinate all aspects of an individual’s medical care. Patients will continue to go to their current physicians and automatically receive the benefits of the program. Individuals who are enrolled in a Cigna health plan and later choose to seek care from these medical groups will also have access to the benefits of the program. There are no changes in any plan requirements regarding referrals to specialists. Patients most likely to see the immediate benefits of the program are those who need help managing chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Critical to the program’s benefits are the registered nurse clinical care coordinators, employed by the medical groups, who will help patients with chronic conditions or other health challenges navigate the health care system. The care coordinators are aligned with a team of Cigna case managers to ensure a high degree of collaboration between the medical groups and Cigna, which will ultimately provide a better experience for the individual.

The care coordinators will enhance care by using patient-specific data from Cigna to help identify individuals being discharged from the hospital who might be at risk for readmission, as well as individuals who may be overdue for important health screenings or who may have skipped a prescription refill. The care coordinators are part of the physician-led care teams that will help people get the follow-up care or screenings they need, identify potential complications related to medications and help prevent chronic conditions from worsening.

Care coordinators can also help individuals schedule appointments, provide health education and refer people to Cigna's clinical support programs, such as disease management programs for diabetes, heart disease and other conditions; and lifestyle management programs, such as programs for tobacco cessation, weight management and stress management.

Cigna will compensate the medical groups for the medical and care coordination services they provide. Additionally, the physician groups may be rewarded through a “pay for value” structure if they meet targets for improving quality and lowering medical costs.

Cigna has been at the forefront of the accountable care organization movement since 2008 and now has 122 Cigna Collaborative Care arrangements with large physician groups that span 29 states, reach more than 1.3 million commercial customers and encompass more than 50,000 doctors, including more than 24,000 primary care physicians and more than 27,000 specialists.


Tufts Health Plan Launches Lifespan Premier Choice, Bringing Quality and More Affordable Care to Rhode Island

Building on their shared commitment to providing access to high-quality, more affordable health care, Lifespan, Rhode Island’s largest and most comprehensive health system, has collaborated with the number one-ranked health insurance plan in the country*.

Tufts Health Plan, to introduce Lifespan Premier Choice, a first-of-its-kind tiered network health plan.

In a tiered network plan, hospitals and affiliated physicians are grouped into different levels or “tiers,” and members pay different amounts for copayments, coinsurance, and/or deductibles based on the tier designation of their health care provider. With Lifespan Premier Choice, all providers in the Lifespan health system have been designated Tier One, the lowest priced tier, due to their high quality and cost efficiency.

“Through Lifespan Premier Choice, consumers will gain access to an expansive network of top-quality providers and hospitals and coverage from Tufts Health Plan, all at a great value,” said Timothy J. Babineau, M.D., Lifespan president and chief executive officer. “We are excited about our unique relationship with

Tufts Health Plan because it reinforces Lifespan’s efforts to provide high-quality, cost-effective health care and it exemplifies the need for innovative collaborations that can enhance the efficiency of our health care system.”

Based on the plan’s design, Lifespan Premier Choice offers premium savings up to 10 to 15 percent to comparable plans in the market, ensuring value for employers and members. The product features the Lifespan health system network along with thousands of primary care and specialty physicians who collaborate closely with the Lifespan health system. These include physicians affiliated with Rhode Island Hospital and its pediatric division Hasbro Children’s Hospital, The Miriam Hospital, Bradley Hospital, the nation’s first psychiatric hospital for children, Newport Hospital, and Gateway Healthcare, the state’s largest provider of community mental health care. Lifespan includes a robust network of more than 1,800 physicians across the state. Lifespan Premier Choice members can also access the full Tufts Health Plan network of over 25,000 providers in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts, allowing for coverage across state lines.

“This is truly a new and unique plan design for Rhode Island that helps employers control their health care costs while giving their employees and their families the choice to see any doctor or hospital from the entire Tufts Health Plan network,” said James Roosevelt Jr., CEO of Tufts Health Plan. “We are pleased to work with Lifespan to develop this innovative plan.”

Lifespan Premier Choice was approved by the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner and will be offered to employers across Rhode Island beginning July 1, 2015.

* The National Committee for Quality Assurance’s Private Health Insurance and Medicaid Health Insurance Plan Rankings, 2014-2015.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Reports 2014 Results

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and its family of companies (Blue Cross) today announced audited financial results for 2014. Blue Cross closed out the year with net income of $61.5 million, reflecting positive investment portfolio performance that offset slight operational losses. The organization reported a net operating loss of $8.2 million on full-year revenues of $10.1 billion, for a negative operating margin of one-tenth of one percent (0.1%).

Blue Cross reported more than $9.1 billion paid in medical claims for the year, representing 90 cents of every premium dollar collected going directly to cover health care costs. Additionally, Blue Cross paid more than $205 million in taxes, assessments and surcharges for the year. Overall year-end 2014 enrollment of 2.6 million members represents a slight decrease from year-end 2013.

“Our operating performance for 2014 was favorable to projections, amounting to a near break-even year for the organization,” said Michael Guyette, president and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. “We knew 2014 would be a challenging year, as the market continued to go through significant transition related to health reform. We continue to engage with multiple stakeholders in order to explore ways of bringing additional cost and coverage stability for both the short- and long-term.”

During 2014, Blue Cross celebrated several successes in communities across the state. Among them:

  •     Collaborated with Allina, Entira, Minnesota Community Health Network (MCHN), Northern Health Alliance and Sanford Health in support of innovations that promote advancements in health care affordability and quality.
  •     Opened the company’s first health insurance retail store, where Minnesotans can receive health plan information, service and claims support.
  •     Raised more than $1 million in employee donations through the annual Community Giving Campaign to benefit more than 700 nonprofits statewide.
  •      Supported efforts of Minnesota communities to enhance access to health coverage and improve health, including:

o    Southern Prairie Community Care, an Accountable Community for Health, focused on improving the health of residents of 12 southwestern Minnesota counties.
o    Access to coverage grants, helping low-income Minnesotans enroll in insurance.
o    Act on Alzheimer’s, helping foster dementia-friendly communities.
o    Increasing access to various dental care programs in Mankato, Bemidji, Duluth and Rochester.

Audited results include the consolidated financial statements for businesses operating under Aware Integrated Inc. (AII), a non-profit corporation and parent organization. AII serves as the holding company for all affiliates and subsidiaries, including the following regulated businesses associated with Blue Cross:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota — A nonprofit health insurance company and independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Blue Plus — A nonprofit health maintenance organization (HMO) that offers health plans and contracted provider networks throughout Minnesota to individuals and local, state and national groups.

SelectAccount — A third-party administrator of medical spending accounts included in consumer-directed health plans throughout the country.

Blue Cross provides all information, reports and audited details as required by the State of Minnesota for both commercial and public program products. Detailed financial statements for the organization’s regulated businesses are filed with the Minnesota Department of Commerce. A consolidated earnings statement for 2014 results is available at

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, with headquarters in the St. Paul suburb of Eagan, was chartered in 1933 as Minnesota’s first health plan and continues to carry out its charter mission today as a health company: to promote a wider, more economical and timely availability of health services for the people of Minnesota. Blue Cross is a not-for-profit, taxable organization. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, headquartered in Chicago. Go to to learn more about Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota.


Affiliated Workers Association Launches a New Gap Insurance Plan

Affiliated Workers Association (AWA), through its exclusive third-party administrator, Homeland HealthCare, Inc., have announced the launch of two new Gap insurance plans called Gap Basic and Gap Plus, underwritten by A-rated carrier National Health Insurance Company. These new plans help protect individuals and their families from expenses that occur due to an accident.

Gap Basic pays cash benefits for covered accident expenses, while Gap Plus offers the same accident protection with an added critical illness benefit. Both Gap plans include a patient advocacy service that will help members find quality doctors, schedule appointments, provide cost comparisons, clarify health insurance benefits and negotiate bills.

“No matter which Gap plan a member selects, the plan will help provide peace of mind by paying cash benefits for covered medical expenses,” said Neil Peterson, AWA President. “With the high deductibles that many plans have today, these Gap plans are the perfect complement to major medical plans.”

Other plans also available through AWA include short-term medical, dental, vision and accident insurance through top-rated carriers with years of experience in the insurance industry.



Exact Sciences Announces Tufts Health Plan to Cover Cologuard®

Exact Sciences Corp. (NASDAQ:EXAS) today announced that Tufts Health Plan, with more than 1 million members across Massachusetts and Rhode Island, will cover Cologuard as a colon cancer screening test effective March 15, 2015.

Cologuard is the first and only FDA-approved, noninvasive stool-based DNA (sDNA) colorectal cancer screening test for average risk patients. The test will be available to members aged 50 and older who are enrolled in one of Tufts Health Plan’s Medicaid, Medicare Preferred HMO, Senior Care Options plan, or commercial HMO/POS plans.

Tufts Health Plan is ranked the #1 health plan in the country for its Commercial plans and its Medicaid plans*. Its Medicare Preferred HMO and Senior Care Options plans earned a 4.5 star rating (out of five) from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for 2015.

“We are excited to work with Tufts Health Plan, an organization that supports evidence-based approaches to health and wellness, to bring our patient-friendly colon cancer screening option to its members,” said Kevin Conroy, Chairman and CEO of Exact Sciences. “The steady momentum around reimbursement for Cologuard since launch underscores the strength of our clinical data and the demand for more noninvasive screening options in order to improve colon cancer screening rates across the country.”

Cologuard offers people 50 years and older who are at average risk for colorectal cancer an easy-to-use screening test that they can do in the privacy of their own home. Unlike many other screening options, Cologuard does not require medication, dietary restrictions or bowel preparation prior to taking the test. It is the first noninvasive screening test for colorectal cancer that analyzes both sDNA and blood biomarkers to detect cancer and precancer. Cologuard is available by prescription only.

* The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Private and Medicaid Health Insurance Plan Rankings 2014-2015.



Cigna TTK Health Insurance Launches Lifestyle Protection Product - Accident Care

Cigna TTK Health Insurance a joint venture between U.S. based global health service leader, Cigna Corporation (NYSE:CI), and Indian conglomerate TTK Group, today announced the launch of  its second, Lifestyle Protection product- Accident Care.

Accident Care is available to retail customers in three options- Basic, Enhanced and Comprehensive with a sum insured ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 10 crore.

Speaking on the launch, Sandeep Patel, CEO and Managing Director, Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Limited said “It is imperative to be prepared for adversity arising due to uncertainties in today’s evolving world. It is our aim to work together with our customers, to understand their unique needs and deliver on those needs.  Lifestyle protection products from Cigna TTK are designed to assure financial support through life’s ups and downs. It’s our endeavor to keep the products simple, convenient and comprehensive. Accident Care is uniquely designed to offer benefits and value for money, to our customers.”

Earlier, Cigna TTK also launched Critical Care, as a part of Lifestyle Protection product suite. This policy is available in two variants – Basic Plan and Enhanced Plan. 15 basic critical illnesses will be covered under basic plan and 30 under the enhanced plan. Cigna TTK – Critical Care offers a sum insurance ranging from 1 Lac to 25 crores. The minimum age to take this policy is 18 and the maximum age is 65 with a lifetime renewal facility. It is topped with a unique facility that allows our customers access to Cigna’s Global Network across 80 Countries and over 10,00,000 network hospitals at network rates to avail treatment for the diagnosed Critical Illness.

Talking about Critical Care, Mr. Patel said, “With growing sedentary lifestyles, changing environmental factors and high stress levels in the country, lifestyle diseases are becoming more and more prevalent.  Critical Care is designed to cater to the growing concerns of lifestyle diseases and the high medical costs associated with them. The product is also designed to complement indemnity medical products.”

“We intend to offer a comprehensive health insurance portfolio to all our customers. Both Accident Care and Critical Care are fixed benefit products which strengthens Cigna TTK’s suite of health insurance products offered in the market.” he added.

All Cigna TTK products offer immediate access to Cigna TTK’s online wellness program- ProActiv Living, to all policy holders, offering customers Health Risk Assessment, Targeted Risk Assessment and Lifestyle Management Programs to improve their lifestyle.

In addition, the policy holder is also entitled for tax benefit under section 80D as per Income Tax act.


The Most Comprehensive Cancer Cover In The Critical Illness Market

Friends Life has announced its latest round of critical illness enhancements which now means it offers the most comprehensive cancer cover on the market.

Among the enhancements Friends Life has:

  • simplified the main cancer definition
  • created a new ‘less advanced cancer’ additional payment definition covering 20 specific types of cancer
  • increased and standardised payment for all additional payments to 25% of benefit or £25,000 (whichever is lower)
  • created an option to add Global Treatment, in association with Best Doctors, for an additional £4 a month

Mark Anders, Director of Sales for Individual Protection at Friends Life, said, “The new enhancements we have made to our critical illness proposition mean our customers can be even more confident that their policy will support them financially across a very broad range of significant illnesses. After all, that is what we are here for - supporting customers when they or their children have health problems. I think we now have the strongest critical illness proposition on the market. When adding these cancer related enhancements to our unique benefits such as the Global Treatment option, child specific illnesses and fracture cover we are offering something very few other providers can compete with.”

Friends Life has also added a severe hearing loss additional payment to complement the main deafness definition.

Mark Anders added, “A severe loss of hearing can have a huge impact on someone’s life and so our new additional payment definition is designed to support customers whose hearing loss is severe, but not significant enough to claim on the main benefit. These enhancements make critical illness cover an even more attractive proposition to customers. Cancer is the most claimed for condition on critical illness policies so it’s really important that we cover people for as many different forms of it as possible. We’ve made the definitions easier to understand and now offer additional payments for 20 conditions where cancers are less advanced. It means we’ll be able to help our customers when they need it most.”

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