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Allianz Global Assistance UK Appoints Kate Walker To Lead Insurance And Assistance Product And Service Expansion

Allianz Global Assistance UK has announced the appointment of marketing specialist Kate Walker, to a new position leading Innovation Development, within the dedicated Strategic Marketing and Innovations Team.

Reporting to Regional Strategic Marketing and Innovations Director for Allianz Global Assistance across Northern Europe, Rene Vermeule, Kate is responsible for driving UK innovations across the business, predominantly focusing on the home, motor and health insurance and assistance arena.

CEO of Allianz Global Assistance UK Serge Corel commented, "New technology and changing customer needs, as well as the evolution of new business models, increases the need for rapid change and adaptation of products and services to ensure we are always able to provide the best solutions. A dedicated expert to manage innovations, from research and market monitoring to creating proposals for new solutions, is the best way to ensure we are able to remain ahead of the competition. Kate's experience of B2B marketing within the insurance industry, and experience in new business and proposition development, means she is perfectly placed to take up this vital role within the Strategic Marketing and Innovations Team."

Kate added, "I am delighted to take on this exciting new role to explore new opportunities to transform our motor, home and health customer service offerings now and in the future.   I also have the opportunity to look at entering new markets that will support the future needs of our clients, placing Allianz Global Assistance worldwide at the forefront of innovation and development. That's exciting."

As part of the Allianz group, Kate will be drawing upon the successes of other business units across the globe to both create new products and solutions, and improve existing offerings to meet the changing needs of the UK market. The new role is a key investment for Allianz Global Assistance, demonstrating its commitment to providing industry leading solutions for their clients and their customers

Kate's previous roles include Global Propositions Design Lead at Bupa Global, as well as various marketing roles for insurers such as Bupa International, RSA Insurance Group and Norwich Union (now Aviva).  




Punter Southall Health & Protection Launches Expatriate Benefit Solutions

Punter Southall Health & Protection, one of the largest health and protection advisers in the UK, has launched Expatriate Benefit Solutions, a unique service to support employers with expatriate staff.

The new service is especially relevant for employers with small numbers of expatriates looking to expand and diversify their business overseas and is provided in association with Healix International, Morneau Shepell, and Bupa Global.

Commenting on the launch, Teresa Wighton, Head of International Healthcare Consulting, Punter Southall Health & Protection, says: “A successful international assignment needs careful consideration, planning and substantial resources. The average cost of an assignment can be significant and failure can therefore not only be costly, but also result in reputational damage for the company and the loss of valuable employees. Our new service helps reduce these risks and provides employers with the valuable support services that can help employees and their families settle into a new environment.”

The service comprises three inter-related components - pre-assignment screening, a cultural training and expatriate employee assistance programme, and international medical insurance.

Pre-assignment screening is provided by Healix International, using a simple online health questionnaire which is completed for all family members and assessed by a medical team. This is then used to determine if employees or their dependants have any underlying health issues or conditions to enable the right support to be put in place before an assignment starts.

Jon Atkins, Director of Business Development, Healix International, says “Many of the illnesses and health related problems suffered by business travellers and expatriates while overseas are both predictable and preventable. With the experience we have gained through the 12 million medical screenings we carry out each year, we are able to provide a comprehensive and cost effective online solution for assessing the health risks facing employees and their dependants.”

The cultural training and expatriate employee assistance programme is provided by Morneau Shepell and is aimed at helping employees settle into a new work environment and help their families adapt to their new lives. It comprises:

  • A three-hour cultural training programme where employees learn skills and knowledge to live and work effectively within a different culture, and families learn how to communicate around feelings regarding the international assignment.
  • A unique employee assistance programme (EAP) tailored specifically to support the needs and challenges facing expatriates. The service is 24/7 and provides access to 250 expatriate counsellors in over 70 countries, who all have personal expatriate experience.

Richard Albert, Vice President, Global Business Development at Morneau Shepell, says: “We are a leading and experienced expatriate EAP provider that has the unique understanding of the psychosocial impact of international relocation on diagnosis and treatment of problems. This clinical understanding enables us to effectively address expatriate problems and the spill over of these into the workplace. We also take a dual mandate, not only to provide short-term solution-focused counselling support, but also to sustain expatriates while on assignment.”

Bupa Global is providing the international medical insurance for this new service.  Ian Abbott, Head of Intermediary Distribution UK, Bupa Global, says: “Punter Southall Health & Protection partnered with Bupa Global to develop international medical insurance plans that fit the needs of expatriates wherever they are in the world. The products are available exclusively to clients of Punter Southall Health & Protection and are designed to give the ultimate assurance and peace of mind when sending employees and their families overseas. They provide cost effective, benefit rich cover, supported by a range of on-line services and 24/7 helpline advice and support.”



AirMed Flight Crews Complete Training for Kathmandu, Nepal

Following a recent increase in the number of requests for repatriations from Kathmandu in Nepal, AirMed has taken the decision to invest in additional flight crew training and gain approval for operations into this complex airfield.

“We are constantly communicating with our clients to find ways in which we can enhance our service” says Jane Topliss, Director for Business Development. “With the increasing ease of access to the Himalayas and the growing popularity of travel to that area, it has become clear that our clients have a developing need for air ambulance capabilities in and out of Kathmandu, especially as it is known that the healthcare facilities in this region are limited.”

Kathmandu is a complex airport to operate from because of the difficult terrain and high altitude. Due to this all flight crews have to have specific training on the air traffic procedures at the airport prior to them being approved to be able to operate there. This is an annual training and approval requirement which is being integrated into AirMed’s standard flight crew training programme.

Two of AirMed’s Learjet 35A flight crews have already gained the approval with the remaining pilots scheduled to complete it during their next recurrent 6 monthly simulator training in the U.S.

Jane added, “During the last few years AirMed has gained considerable experience in longer distance air ambulance missions. Last year we repatriated patients from as far afield as Uruguay and Brunei and by providing this additional capability we are ensuring our clients are not only being provided with the highest quality of care for their patients, but also a service which covers the majority of geographical regions. We never stand still, we are continually developing in terms of what solutions we can provide to our clients and ultimately to our patients.”

About AirMed

AirMed is a specialist fixed wing air ambulance company based at Oxford Airport (EGTK) in the UK. They have been operational for nearly 30 years and can provide specialist services like neonatal, paediatric, obstetric, burns and ECMO. Their fleet consists of 5 aircraft; 2 x Learjet 35As, 2 x Piper Cheyenne IIIAs and 1 Piper Cheyenne IIXL all of which are owned and operated by AirMed and are maintained at AirMed’s EASA Part 145 Approved Maintenance facility. AirMed is registered with the Care Quality Commission in England and holds Full Accreditation “Special Care” with EURAMI. During 2013 they carried out 600 patient transfers including one adult patient with 95% full thickness burns.


Dr. Siddick Maudarbocus, CEO, Medic Assistance International, Joins iPMI Magazine Executive Assistance Round Table

From this first hand experience of tropical and emergency medical services in the heart of Africa, he established the first medical assistance company based in Mauritius and which looks after all the medical aspects of the tourist industry in Mauritius. With over half a million tourists visiting Mauritius annually MAI has a team of doctors and specialists who look after the A-Z health problems of visitors and deliver daily hotel consultations, clinic inpatient management and medical repatriation to various countries.

MAI i is affiliated with various international assistance companies and currently represent over 60 major overseas assistance companies. In 1991 Dr Maudarbocus travelled to Saudi Arabia and was the co- founder and medical director of the SOS HAJ Assistance project which was set up to deliver medical evacuation services to sick pilgrims who were stuck in Saudi Hospitals after the Haj season was over.

For the next 3 years Dr Maudarbocus spent each Haj season in Saudi Arabia as the medical director of this program and this program received official backing from several Muslim countries across the world for its positive contribution to the field of medicine and humanitarian assistance. Settling back in his native island of Mauritius in the late 80’s Dr Maudarbocus developed a successful practice blending eastern and western approach to healing his patients. In fact he was promoting at the time the type of medicine which today is being recognized as Integrative Medicine- “medicine without barriers”, evidence- based medicine combining the best of eastern and western medical knowledge and practice.

Several teaching hospitals worldwide have now developed departments of Integrative medicine which manage disorders of the mind-body which have not responded well to the conventional medical approach. Over the years Dr Maudarbocus reputation (specially in the field of pain management, stress linked disorders and sexual problems) spread beyond the shores of Mauritius and visitors from all over the world started visiting him to seek a cure to their illnesses.

For several years he made regular trips each year to Saudi Arabia to visit his patients and counts among his patients many members of the Royal family and high Society.

In 1991 the World Health Organisation In Geneva invited 40 of the world's experts in the field of ear acupuncture in Lyons for a working committee to formalize a new system of nomenclature of ear acupuncture points. Dr Maudarbocus had the privilege of being selected in that distinguished group among 40 of the world's top experts/researchers/practitioners from several countries including China, Korea, Japan , Europe, Australia and USA.

Medic Assistance International (MAI), Mauritius, is a 24/7, 365 day medical, health, travel and technical assistance service organization based on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

Cross border healthcare, SOS Assistance, Medical evacuation, worldwide repatriation, air ambulance,travel assistance,tourist assistance, medevac, medical, technical and travel assistance for tourists, business travelers, expats and medical tourists in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Seychelles, Madagascar and Comores. Medic Assistance International (MAI) delivers travel, health and medical assistance services on an international scale including medical evacuation (Medevac) from anywhere in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Seychelles, Madagascar and Comoros.


ADP’s Air Wing Department Rescues an Emirati Family after a Traffic Accident in Swaihan

Abu Dhabi Police’s Air Wing Department rescued a local family with an air ambulance after a traffic accident took place in the Swaihan area. A mother and her two children were transported to Tawam Hospital.

The medical team that accompanied the air ambulance provided medical care and helped in transporting the family to the hospital. The Operation Room received a tip about a traffic accident in the Swaihan area that had caused injuries. The air ambulance immediately took off to reach the specified location. The medical team found the mother and her two children. The victims had sustained some injuries. Abu Dhabi Police’s Air Wing Department was involved in a number of other missions this week.

They transported three injured people to hospitals. In their first mission, they transported a local patient after his situation deteriorated at Al Mafraq Hospital in Abu Dhabi. They took him to Rashid Hospital in Dubai. The medical team took all necessary procedures to ensure the stability of the patient’s situation.

In their second mission, Abu Dhabi Police’s Air Wing Department took an Indian man, whose situation deteriorated at Al Hurair Clinic, to Tawam Hospital in Al Ain after receiving a tip from the operation room.

The air ambulance that was in Al Ain took off to the clinic and transported the man. Necessary medical procedures were taken to ensure safe transport of the patient. On its third mission, the air ambulance transported a patient from Dalma Hospital in the Western Region “Al Gharbia” to Al Mafraq Hospital in Abu Dhabi, due to the patient’s deteriorating situation.

For more ground and air ambulance medical transportation news, including company and provider information, log on to iPMI Magazine and head for the Ground and Air Ambulance company and providers services directory.


Augsburg Air Ambulance Renews Advertising Deal With iPMI Magazine Until 2015

Augsburg Air Ambulance is an air ambulance company providing expatriates, business travelers and tourists with worldwide air and ground ambulance services.

Services: Air Ambulance, Ground Ambulance, Medical Escorts on Commercial Airlines, Medical Evacuation, Medical Team Provision, Repatriation.

Geography: Available for Worldwide Air Ambulance flights

Contact: Daimlerstr. 9 D-86368 Gersthofen. Germany Phone: +49 821 299 1020 Fax: +49 821 299 2030 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Rowland Brothers International (RBI) Joins iPMI Magazine Provider Network

Rowland Brothers International (RBI) operate internationally on behalf of UK Funeral Directors, Insurance, Assistance companies, International companies, the Foreign Office, The United Nations and many Embassies, High Commissions & Consulates in London and around the World.

Rowland Brothers International has been providing advice and international repatriation services for over 40 years. Our reputation and expertise are such that they we have been the official helpline for The National Association of Funeral Directors and its members for 15 years. Embassies, Consulates, Government Departments and international companies worldwide now rely on the skill and compassion of Rowland Brothers International to help manage the huge logistical exercise of repatriation.


Rowland Brothers International repatriation service started in 1971. The family funeral business, Rowland Brothers, established in the 1870s , was asked to exhume and repatriate a Countess to France. Then Senior Partner Tony Rowland was asked to set up a repatriation strategy for a popular tour operator, Intasun, which organised package holidays to Spain. Rowland Brothers International developed and has since worked with numerous holiday companies, insurance and assistance companies, and international corporations around the world.

As our worldwide network grew, so did our connections with international organisations such as Insurance and Assistance companies, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Red Cross, Missing Abroad and the Metropolitan Police. In 2007, after many years experience within the company, Tony’s daughter Melanie Walkling became a partner together with her brother, Stephen. Melanie took over the role of International Operations Director for the International Department and Stephen took over the role of Managing Director and Director for Golden Leaves, Funeral Plans.

Roland Brothers International is a Preferred Provider of International Assistance Group.

More information:


Air Ambulance Company Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance is proudly supporting National Breast Cancer Awareness Month during the month of October by participating in local events and encouraging employee involvement in special office activities.

The U.S.-based provider of medical flights has designed a special pink t-shirt, which it is selling to employees and also offering to the public on its online apparel store. The price of the shirt is $15 with a portion of the proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The shirt's front includes a small Angel MedFlight logo superimposed over the familiar pink ribbon.

The back of the shirt features a larger version of the logo and ribbon with the text, "Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Supports the Fight Against Breast Cancer."

Representatives of the company wore the pink t-shirt while participating in the 21st Annual Susan G. Komen Phoenix Race for the Cure this past Sunday. Thousands of area residents participated in the event, which included a one-mile walk and a 5K run. Angel MedFlight is also encouraging its employees to wear pink in the office on Fridays in October in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The company will be displaying photos from its "Pink Fridays" campaign and the Race for the Cure.


HCC Ratings Affirmed by A.M. Best and Fitch

HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:HCC) today announced that A.M. Best Company, Inc. and Fitch Ratings have affirmed the Company's ratings.

"We are very pleased that A.M. Best and Fitch have affirmed HCC's financial strength ratings of "A+" and "AA," respectively. These strong ratings reflect our continued commitment to underwriting discipline and consistent profitability," said Christopher J.B. Williams, HCC's Chief Executive Officer.

On October 3, 2013, A.M. Best announced that it had affirmed the "A+ (Superior)" financial strength ratings (FSR) and "aa" issuer credit ratings (ICR) of the property/casualty companies in the Houston Casualty Group and HCC Life Insurance Company. Additionally, A.M. Best affirmed ICR and debt ratings of "a" on the holding company's $300 million 6.300% Senior Notes due 2019. The outlook for all of A.M. Best's ratings is Stable. The following property/casualty insurance companies comprise Houston Casualty Group, as defined by A.M. Best:

  • Houston Casualty Company
  • U.S. Specialty Insurance Company
  • Avemco Insurance Company
  • HCC Specialty Insurance Company

A.M. Best also affirmed the "A+ (Superior)" FSR and "aa-" ICR for the following insurance company subsidiaries:

  • American Contractors Indemnity Company
  • United States Surety Company

On October 1, 2013, Fitch Ratings announced that it had affirmed the "AA (Very Strong)" insurer financial strength (IFS) ratings for HCC's insurance company subsidiaries and the "A+" issuer default rating for HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc.

In addition, Fitch affirmed the "A" debt rating on the holding company's $300 million 6.300% Senior Notes due 2019. The outlook for all of Fitch's ratings is Stable.

These IFS ratings apply to the following insurance company subsidiaries:

  • Houston Casualty Company
  • U.S. Specialty Insurance Company
  • Avemco Insurance Company
  • HCC Specialty Insurance Company
  • HCC Life Insurance Company
  • American Contractors Indemnity Company
  • United States Surety Company

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc. is a leading specialty insurer with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain and Ireland. As of June 30, 2013, HCC had assets of $10.2 billion and shareholders' equity of $3.5 billion. HCC's major domestic and international insurance companies have financial strength ratings of "AA (Very Strong)" from Standard & Poor's Corporation, "A+ (Superior)" from A.M. Best Company, Inc., "AA (Very Strong)" from Fitch Ratings, and "A1 (Good Security)" from Moody's Investors Service, Inc.

For more information about HCC, please visit



You Are Global

You Are Global Overseas Health Insurance


You Are Global is a leading international health, expat, life and travel insurance broker and intermediary, based in Brazil. You Are Global works with leading private medical insurance providers and companies like IMG, Cigna, HCC, Now Health International and Allianz Worldwide Care. You Are Global caters specifically for expatriates, travelers and tourists, working, living and visiting Brazil. You Are Global has specific expertise working with Spanish speaking cultures around the world whilst also proving international health, medical, travel, expat and life insurance plan to the out bound travel market in Brazil.

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