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Aviva Launches Health Records App For International Solutions Customers

Aviva Launches Health Records App For International Solutions Customers

Customers with Aviva’s International Solutions private medical insurance will now be able to access a new personal membership smartphone app, which can store their medical records, provides details of how to claim wherever they are in the world, and gives immediate access to emergency assistance and medical advice.

The free International Solutions App provides customers with peace of mind that if they need urgent medical treatment abroad, their medical history can be quickly and safely accessed and shared from their mobile device. The app enables customers anywhere in the world to view, update and provide trusted medical professionals with tailored access to their personal medical records.

With a high level of functionality, the International Solutions App allows customers to record a range of medical details including allergies, conditions, immunizations, medications and tests, as well as the ability to store images of scans and x-rays. The customer can choose which medical records to share with their healthcare providers, and any information they would like to store in a password-protected Emergency Records area, which a chosen family member or colleague can immediately access in the event of an emergency.

When healthcare or emergency support is needed, the app will enable customers to dial straight through to Aviva and its 24 hour emergency assistance and medical advice service, as well as to a list of their healthcare providers. There is also a clear step-by-step guide on how to make a claim and details about International Solutions cover.

Teresa Rogers, head of international at Aviva UK Health said, “Our international customers are increasingly mobile across the globe and remote working on mobile devices has become the norm, so we’re delighted to be able to improve customers’ experience of their International Solutions cover by providing them with safe mobile access to their personal medical records and round-the-clock health services. The launch of the app is the next stage of Aviva’s digitisation of its International Solutions offer and it will provide customers with greater convenience and flexibility in accessing healthcare and sharing vital medical records with providers, wherever they are in the world. In the event of illness or injury abroad, the app will give customers peace of mind that all their vital health information is recorded and quickly accessible.”

The International Solutions App is available to download free, with immediate, effect for all individual and corporate customers with an Aviva International Solutions policy1. It has been produced in partnership with Medelinked2, who developed Aviva’s My Health Passport online record system for International Solutions customers, which launched in 2012.

Recognising the app will also benefit and appeal to other customers, Aviva has arranged an exclusive discount for other Aviva product holders. Anyone with an Aviva policy will be able to download the app for £12.50 for 12 months or £7.50 for 6 months. Standard rates apply for non-Aviva customers, at £29.95 for 12 months or £19.95 for 6 months.

There is also a free 30 day trial for any customer. The app stores customers’ medical records securely through the My Health Passport online records system. The customer has sole control over the information that is stored and whether they wish any healthcare individual or organisation to view any part of their medical records. Aviva is unable to access any of the data, unless the user chooses to specifically share chosen information.

1. The Aviva International Solutions App is available to all customers with an Aviva International Solutions policy, through Google Play and ITunes App stores. Supported phones are the iPhone 4 and above, with operating system iOS 7 and above, and most Android phones with operating system version 4 and above.

2. Medelinked is the new name for Zaptag UK Ltd, which developed Aviva’s My Health Passport online records system for International Solutions customers in 2012.

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