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H.E Humaid Al Qutami Meets Officials From NTT Data Services To Discuss The Latest Advancement In Health Insurance Systems

H.E Humaid Al Qutami, Chairman of the Board and Director General of the Dubai Heath Authority (DHA) emphasized the importance of constantly developing the insurance system in Dubai to simplify the customer’s journey and enable them to receive quality health services through adopting the latest technologies and systems.

Al Qatami met with the officials from NTT Data Services, one of the leading international companies in the health technology field that manages health insurance for more than 5000 hospitals around the world including DHA hospitals.

During the meeting, Al Qatami discussed with the CEO of NTT Data Services, John MacCain, the latest international advancements in health insurance field. Al Qatami pointed out that by using one of the leading health organizations in the field of health, insurance and technology, the authority aims to enhance the health insurance policy in Dubai and support the authority’s constant efforts to provide quality services that exceeds customer’s expectations.

Al Qatami said that DHA will continue to partner with international organizations to establish partnerships that support the strategy goals, which aims to achieve a happy and healthy community.

He said the authority now has a well-rounded health insurance system that is meeting the developmental drive witnessed by Dubai in all sectors and in the same time is in line with the demands of society and goals to become one of the leading travel and residential destinations in the world.

On the other hand, MacCain emphasized the NTT Data Services’ commitment to support the health insurance system in Dubai and to support its strategy that aims to achieve customer satisfaction.

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