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Cigna Commits To Global Mobile Employee Health With Launch Of Integrated Wellbeing App

In The iPMI Picture: Phil Austin, CEO, Cigna Europe. In The iPMI Picture: Phil Austin, CEO, Cigna Europe.

Cigna Europe has launched a new mobile health and wellbeing app, Cigna Wellbeing®, which is designed to provide tailored clinical and lifestyle support to globally mobile employees.

Recognising the emotional and wellbeing challenges employees and their families face in a new country, Cigna Wellbeing® provides real-time health and wellness coaching, together with 24/7 video and telephone consultations with doctors, nurses and healthcare specialists. With preventative care and behavioural change at the heart of the new app, the innovative lifestyle management programme will educate, inspire, engage and motivate users to become more involved in their own care.

For employers, Cigna Wellbeing® provides tailored aggregated data reports, offering insight on staff health and wellbeing, engagement levels and behavioural data. Wellbeing assessment results (whilst protecting the privacy of the employee) can help drive business strategy and direction.

“For an employee and their family who are living abroad, there’s never a ‘convenient’ time or place to get sick and, quite often, they are in an unfamiliar location when needing medical guidance,” said Phil Austin, CEO Cigna Europe (pictured above). “Having access to Cigna Wellbeing® for coaching and being able to use a mobile phone for a GP consultation, receive a diagnosis and a written prescription, all without physically having to go to a doctor’s office, offers real peace of mind. Our doctors also cover up to eight languages via the telephone consultations, so to be able to speak with a doctor in your own language makes a real difference.

“Our recent Cigna 360 research shows that eight in ten people are experiencing stress, with one in five saying that they have ‘unmanageable stress,1”. continued Austin.   These figures are alarming, and highlight that for employers, being able to create a positive workplace has never been more important.   With our new app, employers have an opportunity to create a positive workplace for their global mobile workforce andencourage and enable them to make healthy choices that support their health and wellbeing.

“Cigna Wellbeing® has been built with this in mind; bringing together best practice, research and industry insights into one accessible place,” continued Austin. “Many health issues suffered by employees working abroad are both predictable and preventable.  Cigna Wellbeing® offers a collective, integrated and innovative tool that gives users greater control of their health and wellbeing via online coaching.” 

Following successful launches in North America and the Middle East, Cigna Wellbeing® is being rolled out across Europe and is available on all Apple and Android devices.

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