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Bupa Global Offers Maternity App To Business Customers

Bupa Global has launched Bupa Due Date Plus, a maternity app designed to support working women throughout their pregnancy. Bupa Due Date Plus is designed for clients looking to better support their employees, providing help and information throughout pregnancy for both the expectant mother and if desired, their partner. 

Bupa Due Date Plus is available to Bupa Global customers now.  Features of the app include a personalised pregnancy plan, week-by-week updates, a due date calculator, weight gain tracker, baby-kick counter, and an issues and symptoms checker.

New Bupa Global research* has revealed that a fifth (22%) of women who have worked whilst pregnant said their employer was not supportive enough. In addition to wanting better reduced or flexible hours, women who didn’t feel supported at work said their employer could have provided more in-pregnancy health information, options for working at home, and clearer information about the company’s policies such as maternity leave and benefits.

Patrick Watt, Commercial Director Europe, Bupa Global says, “Our research showed that nearly eight in ten (79%) of mothers found working whilst they were pregnant both mentally and physically challenging. Businesses everywhere are increasingly engaged with employee health and wellbeing, but formalised maternity support is relatively limited. Offering the Bupa Due Date Plus app is one way that businesses can support pregnant employees in a way that benefits mother, baby and the rest of the workforce.”

He continued, “What’s more, the app delivers proven improved health outcomes, not only engaging the mother with their baby’s wellbeing right from the start, but it also offers their partner the ability to engage via the app at every stage of the pregnancy.”

The app includes a Symptoms & Issues section which contains more than 70 different clinical content screens that cover the most common symptoms and issues experienced during pregnancy, giving users access to quality medical guidance whenever they need it, and the ability to call relevant contacts such as your doctor or midwife, from within the app. In addition, users can:

  • Track their weight gain
  • Keep a list of things to discuss with their doctor
  • Set reminders for appointments
  • Watch ultrasound videos showing what babies look like at each stage of pregnancy
  • Get daily updates and tips

The app is powered through a partnership with Wildflower Health, a leading mobile health software company. To download the app, visit your app store and search “Bupa” or follow these links for the App Store or Google Play Store.

For more information on Bupa Due Date Plus and Bupa Global, visit


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