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Generali Global Health Launches My Digital Doctor App

In The iPMI Picture: Marco Giacomelli, CEO, Generali Global Health (GGH). In The iPMI Picture: Marco Giacomelli, CEO, Generali Global Health (GGH).

Leading international health insurance provider, Generali Global Health (GGH), has launched the My Digital Doctor app, enabling members access to a global, multilingual team of doctors 24 hours a day wherever they are in the world.

The service is provided through global healthcare services company Advance Medical. Members can schedule video and phone consultations through the app from their smart phone or tablet.

GGH  members will be able to discuss all aspects of primary care from coughs and colds to mental health support. The app can also be used to manage ongoing conditions with a doctor and review treatment plans and test results, as well as provide guidance on general health and wellbeing. Prescriptions and referral letters can be issued directly via the app and members can conveniently upload images and files when booking an appointment. All consultation details are stored safely and securely within the app.

Marco Giacomelli, CEO, Generali Global Health (pictured) said, "Our members can access a convenient and confidential source of medical advice from the comfort of their home or the office. It is particularly useful for our members who are situated in remote locations and means they avoid using their time to travel to see a doctor.

"So far the app has been popular with our members accessing My Digital Doctor via our existing portal platform and the  service acquired an average rating of 9.8 out of 10, so we are pleased to be able to extend access."

My Digital Doctor is accessible free of charge and use is unlimited to members and their families and, when used, premiums are not affected

Carlos Nueno, CEO of Advance Medical commented, "We have been delivering market leading healthcare services to a global customer base for over 18 years. Our global team of doctors help patients from around the world every single day. Through My Digital Doctor we connect globally mobile customers of Generali with highly qualified doctors to overcome their varied healthcare challenges. Generali customers have convenient access to an international standard of clear and trusted clinical advice".

The service is one of a growing number of value added services available to all GGH members. Other services which are also free to use include:

  • An employee assistance programme (EAP) - providing 24/7 access to confidential support that can help members, and their dependents, manage challenges such as loneliness, adapting to new cultures, the emotional impact of relocation and stress. The service, manned by multilingual counsellors, is accessible by telephone, email, video call and instant messaging.
  • A Second Medical Opinion service - where members can arrange a telephone or video consultation with a world leading specialist for an independent and confidential review of a medical case. This service can be accessed where doubt exists about a diagnosis, whether medication is working or advice on ongoing treatment options.
  • Genomic profiling tests for cancer - using an innovative test, members diagnosed with cancer receive a report based on their specific genomic profiling. This information helps the clinician to choose the most appropriate treatment option for the patient.
  • Bria wellness - Bria is a mobile app that helps members identify health risks and take preventative steps and also offers access to health advice, according to each member's unique situation and goals. Users can choose health goals and adopt action plans to help maintain healthy habits. The app can also connect users with work colleagues, friends and family who can encourage each other and compete in challenges to gain places on a leader board.

All services are provided as standard within Global Choice.

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