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Now Health International Enhances Online Experience With WhatsApp For Business

In The iPMI Picture: Alison Massey, Group Marketing Director, Now Health International Group. In The iPMI Picture: Alison Massey, Group Marketing Director, Now Health International Group.

Now Health International Group has become one of the first International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) providers to launch a WhatsApp for Business account as it continues to leverage new technologies to create a seamless online user experience.

Alison Massey, Group Marketing Director said, “WhatsApp has more than one billion users worldwide and we chose to become an early adopter of the new WhatsApp for Business functionality because we know many of our customers prefer to communicate via this platform. The integration of the service with our Live Chat platform will also help us to enhance the end user experience for our members while driving internal efficiencies”. 2

Alison added, “As a business we endeavour to get back to all email queries within one working day and answer phone calls and Live Chat queries almost instantly. However we know that on average consumers expect WhatsApp responses to range from 20 minutes to one hour, so by adding this channel to our customer service suite we’re offering a middle ground for our members that want a response quickly, but don’t need an immediate reply”.

Following the recent launch of the WhatsApp for Business platform - which only became available for both Android and iOS devices in April of this year - Now Health International has become an early adopter of this service to create yet another digital channel by which it can connect with its members.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application worldwide and the new business functionality enables companies to create an official profile which can be used to communicate with customers in a fast, efficient manner. Now Health International has implemented the WhatsApp for Business account to enhance the customer experience, by making it more convenient for its globally mobile members to get in touch via a digital channel they are already highly familiar with.

Now Health International’s new WhatsApp for Business account is designed to complement the company’s various other customer channels, including email, telephone, Live Chat, and Facebook chatbot. It also enables the business to respond to its members in a smarter and more timely manner, particularly for those that prefer not to or unable to make voice calls. The WhatsApp service will be available across all of Now Health International’s core markets, excluding China where the application is less prevalent.

To deliver internal efficiencies the company has also taken advantage of the integration between LiveEngage (the platform it uses to deliver its Live Chat functionality) with WhatsApp for Business. This enables the Customer Service team to manage WhatsApp conversations via LiveEngage from their desktop, so they can run multiple chats simultaneously and triage queries to ensure urgent issues and emergencies can be prioritised. The company also aims to drive members to the WhatsApp channel via their website and phone line Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, thereby reducing the number of landline calls to generate cost savings.

The implementation of the new WhatsApp for Business account forms another milestone in the company’s ongoing Digital Transformation strategy to deliver a more seamless omnichannel process, from customer acquisition, to underwriting, and claims processing. In the coming months the business is considering linking the WhatsApp account to its AI powered Facebook chatbot, which gives members fast, automated responses to frequently asked questions.


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