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MedAire App Assists Crew With Contagious Disease Response Helping To Restore Passenger Confidence

MedAire has announced the launch of its medical event assessment app. The app helps expedite time to care for passengers experiencing medical issues during flight, allowing crew to easily capture important diagnostic information and transmit it to MedAire’s medical advisory service, MedLink, for expert advice and assistance.

“Flight crew are the first responders during in-flight medical events. Their role is critical in ensuring timely, appropriate care to a passenger,” said Dr Paulo Alves, Global Medical Director at MedAire. “This can be challenging given cabin communication limitations and the stress of being a first responder – even more so if the passenger has critical symptoms such as chest pain or a shortness of breath, or if they suspect the passenger may have an infectious disease.”

Airlines around the world participated in the BETA testing of the MedAire app prior to its launch. Icelandair, responsible for transporting more than 4.5 million passengers in 2019, was the first airline to officially go live with the new app as part of its standard safety protocols.

The app was developed to help crew accurately gather necessary information - such as chief medical complaint, vital signs, symptoms, and medical history from the ill passenger. The information can then be seamlessly shared with the ground-based medical team at MedAire’s MedLink centre.

In addition, the app provides detailed guidance for the crew-member on next steps for the most common – and serious – types of events that occur during flight. Guidance may include obtaining the onboard medical kit, providing oxygen, or donning personal precaution equipment (PPE).

“The ability to communicate quickly and accurately with medical professionals can help both crew and passengers feel reassured that airlines are taking all precautions to mitigate safety and medical risks, including those associated with COVID-19,” continued Dr Alves. “The new functionality and app is part of MedAire’s standard in-flight MedLink service – relied on by airlines around the world – and demonstrates our continued commitment to provide solutions to support crew and passenger safety and confidence.”

The new app complements the holistic approach to medical risk mitigation services offered by MedAire to help to support passenger confidence when flying. These include Covid-19/ Contagious Disease Health Screening for passengers and crew; medical advice and assistance for in flight medical issues; and cabin crew medical training.

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