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Covid-19 Symptom Tracking App Launched

Isle of Man based Health Monitoring Services Ltd has developed a world-leading mobile App that not only tracks the development of Covid-19 in individuals but gives immediate, real-time results on the progression of symptoms that may lead to a full Covid-19 episode.

The company believes the roll out of the Health Monitoring Service App will represent a major step forward in tracking the progress of the pandemic leading to better, more reliable information, quicker diagnosis, and more effective management.

The App is compatible with any smart phone or tablet and is both simple to use and intuitive.

Users simply answer a series of pre-set, symptom related questions twice a day, once in the morning and once again in the evening. Each question is given a value which assess symptom severity. The App will evaluate the responses and produce a Green, Yellow, Amber or Red response.

Within each colour group, the identified symptoms are ranked 1 to ten in order of severity. Green is all clear, Yellow is a slight shift in symptom based on 1 or 2 ‘yes’ answers. An Amber response starts the self-isolation process moving to red indicating that the person needs medical intervention.

At a glance, users will be able to see which colour group they are in, the severity of the symptoms and a recommended course of action.

All results are given in real-time and the App is controlled by a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence function that evaluates the twice daily response over time to create a highly personalised pattern of Covid-19 progression.

At each stage, the App will give the user full guidance on what to do next, based on the government’s latest guidance or instructions.

“Tracking the development of Covid-19 through the progression of the symptoms will yield invaluable information to governments, employers and healthcare organisations,” says Dion Croom, CEO Health Monitoring Services Ltd, adding:

“Individual users will also have the reassurance of knowing where they sit on the Covid-19 symptom spectrum and what their response should be.”

Information security is a fundamental component of the App and Health Monitoring Services Ltd has integrated several layers of security including data encryption and biometric identification. The user always has control of their data.

“Tracking Covid-19 symptoms from early onset to full episode is absolutely crucial to the effective management of the transmission rate,” says Dion, adding: “All too often the government is playing catch up as the rapid progress of the virus outstrips our ability to keep pace with it.

“The Health Monitoring Service App removes that stumbling block by giving an up-to-the-minute profile of the deadly virus, its progression, its severity and its geographical spread.

“At the same time, individual users will be able to make informed judgements based on their own personalised profile together with best advice from government.”

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