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International SOS Partners With Salesforce And AOKpass To Roll Out COVID-19 Testing & Vaccination Solution

During Web Summit 2021, International SOS announced its partnership with Salesforce and AOKpass to roll out a digitally integrated testing and vaccination solution which securely manages COVID-19 testing, vaccine administration, monitoring and health certification. This solution is the latest addition to International SOS’ suite of medical services to help organisations manage the current pandemic and safeguard workforce health.

International SOS’ end-to-end offering encompasses information, advisory and planning, on-the-ground delivery and digital certification. It can be delivered through International SOS’ clinics, its medical professionals at client sites, and through its network of over 90,000 credentialed medical providers. Where in-country regulations allow, the solution includes procurement of COVID-19 vaccines, and the management of local supply chain logistics.

The overall solution is underpinned by best-in-class clinical governance, proven global and multi-site coordination, on-site delivery excellence and medical expertise. International SOS combines these capabilities with the latest in digital technology: the International SOS HealthCloud360 and AOKpass.

The International SOS HealthCloud360 digital platform is built on Salesforce cloud technology and integrates seamlessly with AOKpass, a portable digital certification that enables the secure verification of an employee’s testing and/or vaccination status via blockchain technology.

As an integrated digital platform, it is both user friendly and scalable across multiple countries and sites. It includes detailed reporting and analysis to give clients comprehensive programme status. Furthermore, it has been developed with the highest standard of security and data privacy in mind; it is fully GDPR compliant and conforms to the required ISO certifications.

Key features include employees’ and dependents’ information management, eligibility management, appointment scheduling, clinical workflow management, vaccines and consumables inventory management, monitoring of testing/vaccination status, patient communication flow, verification of results and issuance of digital certification.

Arnaud Vaissié, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of International SOS, comments, “We have entered a new era of workforce resilience and business continuity where employee health is now a critical pillar. There is no easy way out of the pandemic, however, secure and effective testing and vaccination will be key to sustaining business operations, supporting a safe return to the workplace, travel and events, and to reducing the spread of infection”.

Sujith Abraham, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Salesforce Southeast Asia says, "Since the beginning of the pandemic, companies have had to reimagine how to leverage technology to ensure a safe return to work. Salesforce is grateful for the opportunity to support International SOS in the deployment of technology that offers world-class security, user-friendly applications and personalised insights. In an environment where speed and manpower are of critical importance, the International SOS HealthCloud360 platform empowers organisations, big and small, to take appropriate care of their citizens and employees."

Darren Toh, Chief Executive Officer, AOKpass, says, “As the world’s most operationally advanced secure health status issuance and verification platform and app, AOKpass is proud to partner with International SOS and Salesforce in helping enterprises across all sectors to prioritise workplace health and safety and ensure the highest levels of operational efficiency.”

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, International SOS has been supporting thousands of organisations around the world including governments, large tech firms and financial institutions. From managing outbreaks, implementing COVID-19 testing and administering vaccinations, to planning for the safe return to on-site operations and the resumption of business travel. Our approach focuses on prevention, education, actionable insights and on-the-ground support.


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