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HM Insurance Group Launches Hospital Indemnity Product

HM Insurance Group added hospital indemnity coverage to its suite of group supplemental products, giving groups another option for filling gaps in employee benefits coverage. Hospital indemnity pays a fixed amount per day to covered members when an accident or illness strikes.

"Hospital indemnity provides an opportunity to cover the gap created between what is covered by a traditional health insurance plan and the remaining out-of-pocket expenses that can accompany an illness or injury," Mike Sullivan, president and chief operating officer, said. "Hospital indemnity benefits can help to provide financial protection when used to make co-pays, replace lost income and pay bills." HM also offers clients – at no charge – an online enrollment tool, HM Benefit Choice. This site helps groups and employees to expand their benefits package and get the additional coverage they need in a convenient online environment and without the hassle of additional paperwork.

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