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Sanitas Acquires The Five Valdeluz Group Care Homes In Madrid

Sanitas Mayores, the division of Sanitas which specialises in elderly care, is expanding its care home network through the acquisition of Valdeluz, part of the Arpada Group, which manages five nursing homes in the autonomous region of Madrid. 

As a result Sanitas Mayores becomes the leading operator in the region in terms of number of beds, with over 2,400 units spread across 19 care homes. In addition, the company also runs two day-care centres in Madrid.

The five care homes have a total of 840 beds and employ 450 people. Their employees will continue to care for the residents in order to provide workforce stability. These homes cover the Carabanchel district of Madrid and various municipalities in the region: Alcorcon, Torrelodones, El Escorial and Colmenar Viejo.

In line with Sanitas Mayores’ management model, the two focal points in residents’ care will be the specialisation in the care of individuals with dementia and the promotion of healthy and happy ageing.

In addition, the necessary renovations will be carried out in the new care homes so that they meet Sanitas’ requirements in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency. The routine of the homes’ residents and employees shall in no way be affected by the change of ownership.

The care homes are equipped with full care facilities, including specialist memory and cognitive stimulation units. In addition, residents have painting and activities rooms, a gym and hairdressing and chiropody services.

Domènec Crosas, Managing Director of Sanitas Mayores, said: "This new acquisition fits with the company’s development plans to provide more and better care for older people, positioning Sanitas Mayores as the leading provider of care home beds in the Madrid region.”

“The care home sector faces the challenge of being able to offer each individual and family the help they specifically require. To achieve this we are working to develop a very comprehensive range of services. Of course, we plan to carry on our care home business, which we trust will continue to grow over the next few years.”

Pioneering digital communications in the care home sector

Residents’ families in the five care homes will also be able to use Sanitas Mayores’ new mobile phone communication service.

A study carried out by the company on communication between residents, family members and care homes found that nine out of every ten carers would like a smoother two-way exchange of information with the care home and care team. This helps families to feel positively about the move to a care home. 

Using the new app, families have all the information regarding a resident’s care and health at their fingertips, and are able to view their diet, medication and the activities they take part in.

Therefore, while the new mobile telephone service forms part of the company’s process of digitalisation, it is also aligned with Sanitas Mayores’ commitment to involving families in the care within the care home. Other actions include joint activities organised with residents and talks by some of the care home professionals.

Following the positive response to the pilot scheme Sanitas Mayores has now extended this application to all its care homes in Madrid. It will be progressively rolled out during the first quarter of 2017 to all the company’s care homes.

Person-centred and restraint-free care model

The five care homes will be incorporated in the Sanitas Mayores’ management system and its various care programmes. These include, particularly significantly, the physical restraint elimination programme, the implementation of which has enabled Sanitas to reduce the use of restraints to 0.9% compared to an average of 12.8% for the sector.

Where restraints are still used, this is mostly due to decisions by family members, and it is planned to progressively eliminate the restraints within an appropriate time frame. Alongside the implementation of the restraint-free programme, the right prescription and review of psychotropic drugs are highlighted as key factors in reducing the use of pharmacological restraint.

From the outset, the five care homes will be included in the Sanitas Mayores care management model. The model offers specialist and personalised care, based on a knowledge of the individual circumstances of each resident, for instance, care for individuals with Alzheimer's or other types of dementia. Its specialism in this area is backed up by Sanitas Mayores’ experience of caring for more than 3,000 people with Alzheimer’s in Spain.

A second core focus is the promotion of healthy and happy ageing, aimed at providing greater quality of life and wellbeing and encouraging the greatest possible independence for as long as possible. This is supported by the homes’ wide-ranging programme of both therapeutic and leisure activities designed by specialists, together with the multi-disciplinary team of doctors, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

Following the acquisition, the Sanitas Mayores network now has 45 care homes and 3 day-care centres with a total of 6,031 places and over 3,600 employees.

This acquisition strengthens the position of Sanitas’ parent company, Bupa, in the aged care market, where it is one of the world's largest players. Bupa operates across care home businesses across five countries (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Spain) looking after 33,100 residents with more than 86,000 employees worldwide. 

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