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BSI and International SOS Develop Duty of Care And Risk Mitigation Standard

BSI (British Standards Institution) announced the intent to create PAS 3001:2016; a code of practice to provide global organisations with a standardisation document that describes best practices to manage risks and provide duty of care to their employees who are working abroad. 

Commissioned by International SOS the PAS will provide best practices on assessing risks to employees abroad and developing policies to mitigate those risks. 

Howard Kerr, Chief Executive of BSI said, “For businesses to reach their full potential they must be able to diversify into new markets. Often this means international movement of products, people and services. When it comes to people, which we consider one of the most valuable assets a business can have, they should feel safe and protected in the new territories they venture into. PAS 3001 will provide guidance to employers to safeguard and support their employees when abroad in unfamiliar locations. This in turn allows employees to confidently focus on their jobs and task at hand.”

Arnaud Vaissié, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of International SOS, said, “Today’s organisations have increasingly large numbers of employees working and travelling abroad. As a result, employers have an increased duty of care to protect their employees. Our goal in supporting this standard is to provide best practices to deliver on that duty of care.” 

A Publicly Available Specification (PAS) is a sponsored fast-track standard that is developed through a consensus-building process facilitated by BSI. The draft title of PAS 3001:2016 is Working Abroad – The responsibilities of an organisation for health, safety and security – Code of Practice.  

BSI will compose a representative steering group of experts from industry, government, and academia that will be responsible for the technical content of the PAS. The PAS will be available for a public consultation period of one month, currently scheduled for March 2016.

International SOS invests heavily in standards and quality programmes. They are the first organisation in the world to be certified in accordance with the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) newly published Guidelines for the delivery of telehealth service.1   In addition, International SOS has achieved global certification to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems for its Assistance Centres, International SOS Clinics and Medical Services.

International SOS provides medical and travel security services. Their telehealth services platform provides medical information, advice, and referrals 24/7/365 to clients travelling or working abroad.

1 ISO/TS 13131:2014 ED1 Health Informatics Telehealth Services Quality Planning Guidelines. The technical specification belongs to a class of standards that provide flexible, general guidelines that support innovation in healthcare. 


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