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SOS International Publishes Annual Results For 2018

What type of society are we expected to service in the future? What are the needs of future customers and end-users and how do they think and act? These questions are the core of our Connected 2020 strategy and they have been the point of orientation in our work during 2018.

The technological development offers more options than the industry has ever had. SOS International has exploited this development to simplify and optimise administrative tasks and thereby leave more room for human touch where it is needed the most.

However, success is not a matter of simply digitising already existing systems, but rather to understand the new generation and the changing behaviour of our customers. Although some types of assistance can be solved digitally, there is still a need for human hands. In SOS International, we have had, and will continue to have, a clear focus on balancing digital and personal assistance. Moreover, we have had a keen focus on simplification and standardisation meaning the right services, processes and systems to support the optimal customer journey. 

During 2018, we have introduced several new digital services within all our business areas, especially within the roadside assistance business area. In the course of 2019, we are ready to introduce further digital services within all our business areas.

We have used these new digital services to gather valuable experiences in order to properly merge digital solutions and the operational setup in the most optimal way – with a clear focus on availability, quality and experienced value. Combined with a significant upgrade of our entire IT organisation and a change of technological platform, SOS International has futureproofed its business.

This goes hand in hand with our efforts to further develop cooperation with our customers. As part of this, we aim to system integrate with our customers which is a crucial element in our ambition to provide the best and most seamless customer journeys.

The above combined with our continued focus on reducing claims costs have been the hallmarks of our efforts the past year. 

You can read about this and much more in the full report here (in English)

This year’s result is characterised by a reasonable development in the top line and the result in 2018 of DKK 11.5 million before tax is satisfactory taken this year’s heavy investments in the build-up of our IT infrastructure, including the increased demands in terms of IT security and GDPR into account.

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