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Cigna Acquires Brighter

Brighter has emerged as one of health care’s most innovative technology companies working with leading health service and dental organizations to engage patients and providers in personalized and seamlessly integrated experiences to more efficiently deliver higher-value healthcare.

The acquisition will build upon the already successful relationship between Cigna and Brighter by accelerating the development of Cigna’s mobile and desktop platforms and creating new end-to-end experiences that connect health consumers and providers with the guidance, support, and incentives they need to increase quality of care and maximize cost-savings.

With an experienced team led by co-founders Jake Winebaum and Jason Szczuka, Brighter will provide Cigna the technology, consumer expertise, innovation and speed-to-market capabilities necessary for the ongoing and critical digital transformation of health plans to enable:

  • Consumers to more regularly and confidently engage with the plans, providers and wellness programs that are best able to improve their health while reducing costs;
  • Providers to more cost-efficiently provide their high-quality services by leveraging reduced marketing, administrative and patient-engagement expenses; and,
  • Employer plan sponsors to quickly enjoy population health management wins and data-driven recommendations for ongoing improvements.

“We’re committed to delivering superior experiences that better connect consumers with high-quality healthcare providers and wellness programs,” said David M. Cordani, President and Chief Executive Officer at Cigna. “The acquisition of Brighter accelerates our progress towards these priorities and in establishing us as the leader in the digital transformation of our industry.”

Cigna will integrate Brighter’s digital health plan platform capabilities as it continuously develops and releases new end-to-end digital experiences that are designed to create deeper and more successful relationships amongst consumers, provider partners and health service organizations.

“When we started Brighter, we set out to use technology and consumerism to improve the health insurance experience and reduce unnecessary costs,” Winebaum said. “Our experience with Cigna as a partner over the past two years has proven that those goals can be accomplished. I am extremely excited to now be joining Cigna to further the realization of our shared mission. By combining Cigna’s expertise, ambition and scale with Brighter’s team and technology, we look forward to delivering innovative new solutions for Cigna’s customers and providers.”

Brighter will continue as a market-facing, client-focused organization serving the digital health needs of its current and prospective customers, as well as become the digital health engine for Cigna markets and segments.

The acquisition is consistent with Cigna’s strategy of deploying capital toward opportunities that enhance the company’s ability to create value for customers and provider partners in an increasingly dynamic marketplace, and is an example of ongoing investment in innovative and disruptive business opportunities.

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