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Munich Re Appoints Tom Warnes Chief Clinical and Operating Officer of Munich Health North America

Munich Health North America is adding this role to further expand clinical management capabilities and strengthen operations.

“Tom’s experience and leadership will greatly advance our success as a healthcare operator and industry leader in clinical management,” said Juan Serrano, President and CEO of Munich Health North America. “This applies especially to the care and management of high risk populations which is a crucial factor for improved patient outcomes and also for our clients’ results.”

Tom Warnes has over 25 years of experience in healthcare, within provider organizations, health plans, and service providers. Most recently he held the position of Chief Clinical Officer of Prominence Health. In this role he led the strategy and execution of population health management and all aspects of medical management for health plan and employer programs. Before that he held roles of progressive responsibility with organizations including Avalon Healthcare Solutions, CareCentrix, WellCare Health Plans, Priority Health, and Grand Valley Health Plan.

Warnes will be located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, following the recent move of Munich Health North America’s headquarters to Minnesota, an important hub in the healthcare industry.

“This is a great and unique opportunity. Munich Health has the depth and resources to be a key player in the US health market. I look forward to growing this business, and improving patient outcomes and how high risk, high cost care is coordinated and managed,“ said Warnes.

Munich Health is one of three business segments of Munich Re. Here all international health care business in insurance and reinsurance operations, as well as related services are pooled under the Munich Health brand.

In international healthcare business, Munich Re pools its insurance and reinsurance operations, as well as related services, under the Munich Health brand. Munich Re’s global investments (excluding insurance-related investments) amounting to €215bn are managed by MEAG, which also makes its competence available to private and institutional investors outside the Group.

Munich Health North America, a division of Munich Reinsurance America, Inc., is a leading reinsurer in the healthcare industry, helping health plans and MGUs, healthcare providers, and employers manage their healthcare programs.

Munich Re stands for exceptional solution-based expertise, consistent risk management, financial stability and client proximity. This is how Munich Re creates value for clients, shareholders and staff. In the financial year 2015, the Group – which combines primary insurance and reinsurance under one roof – achieved a profit of €3.1bn on premium income of over €50bn. It operates in all lines of insurance, with over 43,000 employees throughout the world. With premium income of around €28bn from reinsurance alone, it is one of the world’s leading reinsurers. Especially when clients require solutions for complex risks, Munich Re is a much sought-after risk carrier. Its primary insurance operations are concentrated mainly in the ERGO Insurance Group, one of the leading insurance groups in Germany and Europe. ERGO is represented in over 30 countries worldwide and offers a comprehensive range of insurances, provision products and services. In 2015, ERGO posted premium income of €17.9bn.


WellAway Limited Provides ACA Compliant Products With Optional Worldwide Coverage

As part of its ongoing commitment to make it easy for expats to stay healthy and safe, WellAway Limited ( now offers health insurance products that meet US healthcare regulations and offer worldwide coverage.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that expats planning to spend more than 11 months in the US must be covered by an ACA compliant health insurance plan in order to avoid paying tax penalties. In response to newly implemented US regulations, WellAway® launched the New American plan to accommodate expats relocating to the United States of America.

“We saw a need for a product that would service our global citizens.” said Griselle Chernys, CEO for WellAway Limited. “While they may call the US home for an extended period of time, they do travel and need coverage elsewhere. Our goal was to make it easy with one plan.”

New American is an ACA compliant health insurance product that also offers worldwide coverage. Members receive comprehensive medical coverage including maternity benefits. All WellAway plans also include emergency evacuation and repatriation. Members can choose to expand their coverage beyond the US with ACA+ optional worldwide coverage and further enhance their policy with benefits that include: vision and dental, life and disability, kidnap and ransom, and terrorism.

WellAway® offers the most complete health coverage for expatriates worldwide paired with white-glove ConciergeCare service that delivers reliable member support and is available in more than 180 countries.

For more information, please contact WellAway Limited at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Latinos And People With Low Incomes Are Most Likely To Be Uninsured

Of the U.S. adult population currently without health insurance, 88 percent is Latino, makes less than $16, 243 a year, is under age 35, and/or works for a small business, according to new Commonwealth Fund survey findings. Half (51%) of the remaining uninsured live in one of the 20 states that had not yet expanded Medicaid at the time of the survey.

The report, Who Are the Remaining Uninsured and Why Haven’t They Signed Up for Coverage?, finds that an estimated 24 million working-age adults were uninsured between February and April 2016, six years after the initial implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010. According to the report, as the number of people without health insurance declined by 20 million since the law went into effect, the composition of the uninsured population has changed: white adults now represent a smaller share and Latinos a larger share.

“About 26 million Americans have gained coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s marketplaces and Medicaid expansion,” said Sara Collins, Vice President for Health Care Coverage and Access at The Commonwealth Fund and the report’s lead author. “However, millions of people still don’t have health insurance. That means they are likely to go without the health care they need and are at risk of medical debt or bankruptcy if they get sick.”

The study finds that state and federal policies, varying levels of awareness about the health insurance marketplaces, and concerns about affordability are the primary reasons people remained uninsured. Specifically:

  • The ACA excludes undocumented immigrants. While exact data are not available, the authors say undocumented status is likely a major reason why many Latinos remain uninsured. Latinos also make up a significant portion of other groups at high risk for not having coverage: Among uninsured adults earning less than 138 percent of the federal poverty level ($16,243 for an individual or $33,465 for a family of four), 47 percent are Latino. Latinos also comprise 47 percent of uninsured young adults, and 46 percent of uninsured adults working for small businesses. An analysis published simultaneously on The Commonwealth Fund’s To the Point blog uses the survey to delve further into the effects of the ACA on Latinos’ health insurance.
  • Twenty states—including Texas and Florida, two of the largest states in the country—had not expanded their Medicaid programs at the time of the survey. One-third of all adults who remain uninsured have incomes that would likely qualify them for Medicaid (under 138 percent of poverty) but live in one of the 20 states without expanded Medicaid (Louisiana expanded eligibility this year and began enrollment in June). This especially affects uninsured young adults, of whom 38 percent, or an estimated 4 million, have incomes that would qualify them for Medicaid but live in nonexpansion states.
  • Uninsured adults are concerned they cannot afford marketplace coverage even if their income might qualify them for plan subsidies or for Medicaid. In the survey, 64 percent of uninsured adults who knew about the marketplaces but had not shopped for coverage said it was because they assumed they would not be able to afford it. Of those that did look for marketplace coverage but did not buy it or find any other insurance, 85 percent said they could not find an affordable plan. A large majority (86%) of this group, who were also uninsured, had incomes qualifying them for subsidies or Medicaid, though some may not have been eligible because of their immigration status.
  • The uninsured are less aware of the marketplaces. About 62 percent of uninsured survey respondents were aware of the marketplaces, compared to 79 percent of all adults.

Covering the Remaining Uninsured

The ACA has expanded health insurance and access to health care for millions of Americans. Ensuring that everyone in the United States receives the full benefits of the law, the report’s authors say, may require additional action:

  • States could expand eligibility for their Medicaid programs, which would immediately extend health insurance to millions of uninsured people.
  • Enhanced subsidies and lower cost-sharing in marketplace plans may be needed to encourage some of the remaining uninsured to enroll, especially those with moderate incomes.
  • Broad immigration reform would help increase the numbers of people who are eligible for coverage under the ACA. A loosening of the law’s restrictions on eligibility for undocumented immigrants would also help. 
  • More efforts to reach the uninsured and help them with the enrollment process would increase coverage.

“The Affordable Care Act was designed to help the United States achieve coverage for all Americans and ensure that everyone can get the health care they need,” said Commonwealth Fund President David Blumenthal, M.D. “The law has been successful in reducing the number of uninsured, but now it is time to make it possible for all to realize its benefits.”


Bupa Arabia Launches New International Health Insurance Plan Covering Members Anywhere Around The World

Bupa Arabia has announced launching a new International Health Plan for members to have access anywhere, anytime to a hospital or healthcare professionals, in Saudi Arabia or even when they are travelling abroad.  The 'International Health Plan' is Bupa Arabia's first international single card plan for members to cater to their global healthcare needs.

The 'International Health Plan' provides access to over 1.2 million healthcare providers in 190 countries when the Bupa insurance card is presented. It empowers its members to access elective or emergency treatments abroad whenever they need it.

The 'International Health Plan' is targeted to achieve many of the benefits to the beneficiaries wherever they go for business or leisure, with immediate coverage for preventative tests, maternity cases, dental and optical, cancer treatment, chronic diseases, and more with coverage reaching up to tens of millions of dollars.

"With the rise in the number of Saudis and Expats travelling abroad for business and pleasure, along with the increase in foreign investors and business representatives coming into the Saudi business field, the necessity of expanding our coverage internationally has become extremely apparent." said Tal Nazer, CEO of Bupa Arabia.

"People's lifestyles are constantly changing, especially in Saudi Arabia," CEO Nazer continued, "and we must be fast on our feet to meet the demands for new health coverage plans that these changes are generating. Whether a person is a frequent traveler for business or pleasure outside the Kingdom, a familiar and reliable international health insurance plan is indispensable, so making Bupa Arabia your insurance partner is a smart decision."

This innovative product is a result of the fruitful partnership between Bupa Arabia and Bupa Global, which possesses more than 70 years of experience in international healthcare across more than 190 countries around the globe.


Voyager Insurance Services Launches - Flexible Unique ‘UK Style’ “Anywhere to Anywhere” GlobalVoyager Travel Insurance Product

Voyager Insurance Services Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new and unique travel insurance product designed specifically for international and expatriate residents worldwide.

With the world becoming a smaller place to travel or do business, especially online, brokers and Intermediaries often come across travel insurance requests from customers abroad, or who may not be eligible for their ‘standard’ travel insurance, or who have already travelled. Their websites will often have up to 50% of visitors from overseas that is wasted traffic if they can’t offer a solution. GlobalVoyager is the world’s first flexible comprehensive ‘UK style’ international travel insurance solution available for individuals, families and groups of expats and international citizens travelling on leisure or business from virtually “anywhere to anywhere” and is available to residents of almost every country around the world.

“To date many brokers and intermediaries have been missing many valuable sales opportunities due to not having a comprehensive ‘UK’ style international and expat travel insurance product” comments Carl Carter, Deputy Managing Director. “The few products available elsewhere tend to be inflexible or restricted to Medical Only Cover and don’t offer the range of ‘UK style’ non-medical covers much needed by the conscientious traveller”. GlobalVoyager, as well as providing Emergency Medical Expenses, Evacuation and Assistance Benefits, has additional optional benefits that can be added to any policy to tailor it to the needs of the customer such as:

• Optional Enhanced Travel Benefits – such as Baggage, Legal Expenses, Personal Liability and Personal Liability;

• Optional Cancellation, Curtailment & Abandonment Benefits;

• Optional Winter Sports Activities & Benefits – such as On Piste Skiing or Snowboarding activities, Piste Closure and Ski Equipment;

• Optional Action or Action Plus - Adventure Sports Activities.

“Voyager Insurance Services has been providing award winning travel insurance for 20 years, so it has been a natural progression to expand from providing travel insurance for UK and EEA customers, to customers worldwide” adds Carter. “GlobalVoyager is the world’s first global travel insurance product that delivers ‘UK style’ comprehensive cover and flexibility making it a one-stop solution for travel insurance for the global traveller.” Carter continues, “This is a significant opportunity for brokers and intermediaries of all sizes, as this product can cater for such a wide range of residencies as well as destinations. You never know what cover the next customer walking through the door, or the customer who visits your website, is going to need but with GlobalVoyager you will be prepared for virtually all circumstances.”

GlobalVoyager Snap-Shot Features:

• ‘UK style’ plan, regulated by the FCA and insured by an ‘A’ Rated Global Insurer.

• Choice of £GBP, €Euro or $US Premiums and Schedule of Cover.

• Both Single Trip and Annual policies available.

• Policies are available in up to 4 levels of cover; Basic, Standard, Super and Elite (3 levels of cover available for Annual policies).

• Available to residents virtually any country worldwide, including expatriates and foreign nationals.

• Can be bought for one way trips or even after departure (or arrival).

• Policy duration from 3 days to 3 years available.

• No age limit on Single Trip policies.


Future Generali India Insurance Launches Its First Exclusive Online Travel Insurance Products

Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited (FGII), a joint venture between Future Group and Generali has announced the launch of two online travel insurance products for the international travelers - Future Easy Travel Worldwide and Future Easy Travel Schengen. The plans are specially designed keeping in mind the uncertainties of today’s times right from loss of documents to sudden illness while on a foreign land.

The benefit of both the online products include cashless claim settlement, Universal International Free phone number (UIFN), Worldwide emergency, medical and travel assistance along with the flexibility to choose from different plans in each product category as per one’s requirement. A significant feature embedded in all the plans is that complete medical care like bearing of medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, continuation of medical treatment in India and daily hospital allowances are included in all of the plans. The age criteria for purchasing the policies range from six (6) months to 70 years old thus encompassing the entire family in a single proposal. Trip delays/ cancellations, emergency dental treatment, loss of check in baggage, burglary at home while travelling and financial emergency assistance are few of the additional benefits that one can avail, depending on the plan that the policy holder opts for.

Shreeraj Deshpande, Head of Health Insurance, Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited said, “India is one of the fastest-growing outbound travel markets in the world today. The well informed Indian traveler today looks for a combination of ease of buying, value as well as experience while buying insurance. We believe Future Group’s understanding of the Indian mindset together with the international experience of the Generali Group have helped us design these online products that will reiterate and reflect the importance of travel insurance”.

The Future Easy Travel Worldwide product can be purchased for travelling to different countries worldwide and includes some of the favorite personal/professional destinations like US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong. There are 12 different plans in this category that one can choose from and enjoy the Future Generali Advantage of Global knowledge and indigenous expertise.

The Future Easy Travel Schengen plan is specially designed for customers travelling to Europe on a Schengen visa and covers the 26 countries included in the Schengen visa. There are Six (6) comprehensive plans to choose from for the discerning traveler.

These two travel policies are the first exclusive online products launched by Future Generali India. One can buy the products through the company’s website. The company is planning to launch more such online products in future to strengthen its position in the digital insurance market in India.


International Medical Group Appoints Key Leaders In Europe

International Medical Group® (IMG®) has appointed Geoff Tothill as chief medical officer and Philip Wright as managing director of the European division.

"We're thrilled to welcome Geoff and Phil aboard during this exciting time for IMG," said President Todd A. Hancock. "Their extensive experience and knowledge of the industry will be an invaluable asset to the company."

As chief medical officer, Tothill will be responsible for overseeing all clinical aspects of the company, including medical evacuations, case management and utilization review, among other functions. Tothill reports to IMG Chief Operating Officer Daryl Chapman.

"I am privileged to join IMG's dedicated clinical team," he said. "My years of experience have provided the foundation I need to continue leading IMG's efforts in directing members to safety and ensuring they receive the highest quality of care and service."

Tothill, who received his medical doctorate from Guy's Hospital Medical School in London, brings to the position more than 25 years of experience in both the clinical setting and emergency assistance services. His clinical experience includes aviation medicine, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery and emergency medicine. His background in emergency assistance services includes providing in-flight care for multiple air ambulance evacuations.

Previously, Tothill served as chief medical officer of Capita Global Assistance, managing up to 27,000 requests for assistance every year.

As managing director of IMG's European division, Wright will be responsible for leading the team in Europe, achieving revenue targets, developing strategic partnerships and expanding IMG's global footprint. In this capacity, Wright reports to Hancock.

"My career to date has afforded me valuable insight into maintaining successful businesses and identifying international market opportunities," Wright said. "At IMG, I'll use these skills to further our leading position in the industry."

Wright received his Bachelor of Arts from the business school at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, and brings to IMG more than 35 years of leadership experience — more than 20 years of which is in the insurance industry.

Previously, Wright served as the chief commercial officer with global responsibility for sales, marketing and product development at Globality Health. As director of the UK branch, he established the insurer's presence in the UK. Prior to working with Munich Re, Phil spent 10 years on the board of Standard Life Healthcare.


Allianz Global Assistance Named Preferred Travel Insurance Provider Of Hickory Global Partners

Allianz Global Assistance USA announced that it has become the preferred travel insurance provider of Hickory Global Partners (HICKORY), a travel management services company providing innovative service, distribution and technology to its network of travel agency and supplier partners. The agreement provides HICKORY-affiliated travel agencies with access to Allianz Travel Insurance products and a new Business Travel Protection plan.

Allianz Travel Insurance products* include coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delays, baggage delays and loss, as well as for medical and dental emergencies and 24/7 travel assistance to customers who may need help while they’re traveling. The new Business Travel Protection product provides post–departure coverage for delays, lost or delayed baggage, emergency medical expenses, evacuation and access to 24/7 assistance and concierge services.

“We are very pleased to provide our members with access to the award-winning travel insurance and assistance products offered by Allianz Global Assistance,” said Chris Dane, President, Hickory Global Partners. “Now our member agencies can offer their clients additional peace of mind by protecting their trips from lost costs associated with covered unforeseen events.”

“We are proud to be named the preferred travel insurance provider of Hickory Global Partners,” said Richard Aquino, Vice President of Sales at Global Assistance USA. “HICKORY member agencies now have convenient access to a wide variety of travel protection plans, including our new Business Travel Protection product and our popular Rental Car Protector.”


Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata, Successfully Performs Cochlear Implantation On A 5 Year Old, A First Of Its Kind For Eastern India

Young Arian Debbarma, a resident of Tripura was suffering from the effects of prenatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. The five year old was unable to hear since birth, and as a result, could not speak. His parents had tried multiple options across the country, but to no avail. Finally, they turned up at Apollo Gleneagles , Kolkata, where a team of specialists carried out a series of rigorous investigations. Following the investigations, a team under the leadership of ENT and Head and Neck Surgeon Dr Abhik Ghoshundertook the implantation of a cochlear device in Arian’s brain to bestow him with the gift of sound.

The operation was undertaken on 2nd April, 2016, on the occasion of World Autism day, and stitches were removed on 11th April, 2016. The patient is doing fine, and once the implant is turned on in about a month’s time, his improvement is expected to peak.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Rupali Basu, President and CEO-Eastern Region, Apollo Hospitals Group, India, said, “This particular case is a very rare incident, considering the fact that sensorineural hearing loss due to hypoxic ischemic brain damage is uncommon among the pediatric population. The successful completion of the surgery highlights Apollo Gleneagles’ premier position in the delivery of modern, transformative medical care. We are also in the process of starting a full-fledged cochlear implantation team, which can be expected to transform the treatment of such cases in the near future.

Ms Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Group, India, added, " We are extremely happy and pleased at this rare feat by the team at Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata, and am sure they will continue to surpass even greater heights in the days to come. I also take this opportunity to wish young Arian all the best for a bright and prosperous future."


UnitedHealth Group Reports 2016 First Quarter Results

UnitedHealth Group has reported 2016 first quarter results.

“Our commitment and determination to constantly improve how we serve customers and consumers in health benefits and services is reflected in consistent, market-leading organic growth and strong levels of customer retention in the first quarter,” said Stephen J. Hemsley, chief executive officer of UnitedHealth Group.

Based on the first quarter results and business trends, the Company now expects 2016 revenues of approximately $182 billion and adjusted net earnings in a range of $7.75 to $7.95 per share. The increase in the outlook for adjusted net earnings of $0.15 per share is due to changes in the expected income tax rate and intangible amortization. Management affirmed its outlook for strong cash flows from operations of up to $10 billion.


  • UnitedHealth Group first quarter 2016 revenues of $44.5 billion grew 25 percent or $8.8 billion year-over-year. Growth was broad-based and reflected growing market demand for the Company’s product and service offerings. UnitedHealthcare revenues grew 10 percent and Optum revenues grew 54 percent, with revenue growth of 20 percent or more at each Optum business.
  • First quarter earnings from operations were $3 billion and adjusted net earnings grew 17 percent year-over-year to $1.81 per share. As expected, the first quarter net margin of 3.6 percent decreased 40 basis points year-over-year, due principally to an increased level of pharmacy care services business.
  • First quarter 2016 cash flows from operations of $2.3 billion were 1.4 times net earnings.
  • The consolidated medical care ratio increased 30 basis points year-over-year to 81.7 percent in the first quarter of 2016, reflecting the extra calendar day of service in the quarter. Prior year medical reserve development was $360 million, compared to $140 million in the first quarter of 2015, and first quarter 2016 medical cost trends were well-controlled and consistent with management expectations.
  • The first quarter 2016 operating cost ratio of 15.2 percent decreased 110 basis points year-over-year primarily due to changes in business mix.
  • The first quarter 2016 tax rate of 39.8 percent decreased 350 basis points year-over-year from 43.3 percent in first quarter 2015, due to the adoption of a new accounting standard. Under the new standard, certain corporate tax benefits related to stock-based compensation programs are recorded through the tax provision. This new standard, which added roughly $0.06 per share to net earnings due to the concentration of activity in the first quarter, is expected to have considerably less earnings impact in the remaining quarters of 2016.
  • First quarter 2016 days claims payable of 51 days increased 4 days year-over-year and 1 day sequentially; days sales outstanding of 16 days increased 3 days, due to increased government receivables and business mix.
  • The Company’s financial position is strong, with a debt to total capital ratio of 49 percent at March 31, 2016. The Company expects this ratio to decrease during the second half of 2016 as debt levels are reduced. First quarter 2016 annualized return on equity was 19 percent, an increase of 1 percentage point year-over-year.
  • UnitedHealth Group repurchased 4.2 million shares for $0.5 billion in first quarter 2016, at a weighted average price of $119 per share.

UnitedHealthcare continues to consistently grow as more customers choose its products and services, due to the combination of distinctive service, product innovation and integrated clinical and network value they offer. UnitedHealthcare has developed a balanced mix of business across the commercial, government and international markets, reflecting its deliberate strategy of diversifying and serving the breadth of needs in those markets.

  • UnitedHealthcare grew organically over the past year to serve 2 million more people in the U.S. medical benefits markets, with well-diversified growth across commercial, Medicare and Medicaid offerings. First quarter growth contributed 1.3 million people to this total, helping UnitedHealthcare’s first quarter revenues grow $3.3 billion or 10 percent year-over-year to nearly $36 billion.
  • First quarter 2016 earnings from operations for UnitedHealthcare of $1.9 billion were roughly even with first quarter 2015, as strong growth largely offset a 60 basis point reduction in operating margins to 5.2 percent. The year-over-year margin decrease was driven by increased quarterly costs from an extra calendar day of service and public exchange performance, partially offset by reserve development.

UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual

  • UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual grew to serve approximately 700,000 more people in the first quarter and 1 million more people year-over-year. First quarter growth was well-balanced, with growth of more than 300,000 people in risk-based and nearly 400,000 people in fee-based offerings, including increases in people served through the fee-based national account, public sector, mid-sized employer, small employer and individual segments of the market.
  • First quarter revenues of $12.8 billion grew $1.4 billion or 12 percent year-over-year, driven by growth in the number of people served and price increases matching medical cost trends for risk-based products.

UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement

  • First quarter 2016 UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement revenues of $14.1 billion grew $1.3 billion or 10 percent year-over-year, due to consistent growth in services to seniors:
    • In Medicare Advantage, UnitedHealthcare grew to serve 325,000 more seniors year-over-year, a 10 percent increase, including nearly 300,000 seniors in the first quarter.
    • Medicare Supplement products grew 7 percent to serve 270,000 more people year-over-year, including 165,000 in the first quarter.
    • UnitedHealthcare’s stand-alone Medicare Part D program served 5 million people at March 31, 2016. UnitedHealthcare partially offset its planned 2016 pull-back in subsidized Part D products with an acquisition that broadened its Part D product portfolio, resulting in a net decrease of 70,000 people served in the first quarter.

UnitedHealthcare Community & State

  • First quarter 2016 UnitedHealthcare Community & State revenues of $7.7 billion grew $823 million or 12 percent year-over-year due to strong overall growth and an increasing mix of higher need members.
  • In the past year, UnitedHealthcare grew to serve 410,000 more people in Medicaid, an increase of 8 percent, including 145,000 more people in first quarter 2016. UnitedHealthcare continues to receive and implement new state-based awards, including serving 55,000 people as of January 1, 2016 under the New York Essential Plan and more than 200,000 people as of April 1, 2016 through the new Iowa Health Link program. UnitedHealthcare received a superior score on the re-procurement and program expansion serving Nebraska’s Medicaid program in 2017.

Optum is a health services business serving the broad health care marketplace, including payers, care providers, employers, governments, life sciences companies and consumers. Using advanced data analytics and technology, Optum’s people help improve overall health system performance: optimizing care quality, reducing costs and improving the consumer experience and care provider performance.

Optum’s growth continues to reflect its differentiated capabilities and comprehensive solutions for stakeholders broadly across the health care system, both domestically and abroad.

  • First quarter 2016 Optum revenues of $19.7 billion grew $6.9 billion or 54 percent year-over-year. Optum earnings from operations grew 49 percent or $364 million year-over-year to $1.1 billion, with solid operating margins from all business segments. Strong growth in pharmacy care services increased operating earnings and reduced Optum’s overall operating margin, which decreased by 20 basis points year-over-year to 5.6 percent.
    • OptumHealth revenues of $4 billion grew $709 million or 22 percent year-over-year due to growth in its health care delivery businesses, including expansion in neighborhood care centers. OptumHealth served 79 million consumers at March 31, 2016, for growth of 8 million people or 11 percent year-over-year.
    • OptumInsight revenues grew 20 percent to $1.7 billion in the first quarter of 2016, driven by growth in technology services, care provider revenue management services and payer services.
      OptumInsight’s revenue backlog grew to $11 billion at March 31, 2016, an increase of 21 percent year-over-year. Revenue backlog growth rates will fluctuate quarter to quarter, based on the timing of contract awards.
    • OptumRx revenues of $14.3 billion grew 72 percent year-over-year, driven by both acquisitions and organic growth. In total, OptumRx grew script fulfillment by 71 percent to 252 million adjusted scripts in the first quarter of 2016.
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