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Healix Recognised In EMMA Awards For Best Employee Benefits And Services Provider

Healix Recognised In EMMA Awards For Best Employee Benefits And Services Provider

The Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards in Singapore for the APAC region saw Healix ‘highly commended’ for its International Medical Screening service.

Healix were delighted that its contribution towards helping employers in their duty of care towards their global workforces was recognised by the judging panel. Providing employers with an on-line solution to comprehensively and cost-effectively assess any health risks facing their global workforce, (and dependants), the Healix International Medical Screening service ensures better preparation for overseas assignments.

“Many illnesses and health issues suffered by employees working overseas are both predictable and preventable. However, evaluating any health risks associated with sending an employee overseas has historically involved costly medical examinations by doctors who generally lack an international perspective and an understanding of the occupations involved”, advised Janice Buffett, Group Marketing Director, Healix Group of Companies.

“By combining our proprietary, award-winning, international medical risk assessment software with the knowledge and expertise of a team of doctors and nurses who all have extensive experience of international medicine, Healix has been able to develop a unique and innovative service for employers relocating employees and their families abroad.”

The Healix International Medical Screening service accurately and effectively assesses medical risks in terms of the role being performed, the destination location and length of stay, the quality of local healthcare and the family unit as a whole. 

For more information on Healix's International Medical Screening service, click here.

A full list of the APAC EMMAs results can be seen on their website 


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