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Healix Wins 3 Year Contract With UK Government

Healix Wins 3 Year Contract With UK Government

Providing managed healthcare service for 23,000 UK government staff and dependants working overseas.

Following an EU Open Procurement Procedure, leading healthcare services provider, Healix International, has been awarded a three year contract to continue providing managed healthcare services for UK government employees working or travelling overseas. The contract also includes an option for the government to extend the contract for a further two years.

Having secured the original contract in 2010, Healix will now continue to provide government employees and their dependants with access to a full range of occupational health services and both primary and secondary healthcare services whilst overseas, until at least 2018.

The new contract is bigger than the original contract with the number of individuals covered increasing from approx. 14,500 to approx. 23,000 across 14 different government departments including the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), Home Office, Ministry of Defence, Cabinet Office and the Department for International Development.

“This is an important contract for Healix because it capitalises on the wealth of experience we have in managing the delivery of healthcare services overseas and in the medical assessment and preparation of employees and their dependants before they are posted abroad”, advised Marise Caunter, FCO Contract Manager at Healix International. “By having nurses as case managers, we ensure that FCO employees and their dependants are given the right medical advice and guidance from the outset.”

The contract requires Healix to ensure that government employees (and their accompanying dependants), who require medical assistance whilst overseas, receive care consistent with the level of entitlement available from the NHS. Working with an established network of medical service providers around the world, Healix case managers determine the most appropriate medical care required for each individual and manage the arrangements to ensure that the medical treatment of the individual is their first priority, regardless of which country they are posted to.

“This contract is very exciting for us because it combines both UK and international medical needs for individuals and their families, many of whom work in challenging environments” concluded Marise Caunter. “The combination of our medical expertise and experience with international cost containment arrangements gives government employees the care they need whilst enabling the government departments to effectively manage their employee healthcare budgets.”

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