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Test Your Knowledge Of iPMI And Health Insurance

Test Your Knowledge Of iPMI And Health Insurance

The iPMI business crosses physical, cultural and perceptual borders minute-by-minute and is one of the most complex areas of insurance in terms of laws and regulations. Test your knowledge now of the International PMI and international health insurance industry with our new test.

  1. Which US insurer has a Central Europe service centre, and where is it?
  2. Which US insurer had horrific losses in one South American country and what was it?
  3. Who bought the IPMI book of Best Doctors, and what did they not buy?
  4. Name two global IPMI comparison sites?
  5. Which country’s New Year present to citizens took away their free health insurance?
  6. Which country brought in compulsory health insurance for travellers, and what are the excepted classes?
  7. Which country makes it almost impossible for expats to leave the state health insurance system?
  8. In which country can local employers be excused from insuring expats in the state health insurance scheme only if they have less than 5 expat workers?
  9. Which country has street patrols that can fine people who have no health insurance?     
  10. Which insurer will launch a new five- year plan in June?


If you struggle to answer all or most of these questions you may need a ready reference that answers these questions plus more. Enter: International And Expatriate Healthcare And Insurance 2016, the brand new report from industry analyst Ian Youngman, ACII.

Although there are now more opportunities than ever for insurers and brokers to sell iPMI and health insurance to locals and expats, to do so successfully YOU need to understand how healthcare and health insurance works in each targeted country - PLUS what the competition is doing. 


Compulsory insurance, voluntary top up covers, differences between what you can sell to locals and expatriates, rules on overseas investors, compulsory local partnerships, economic sanctions, and even local politics are all things that insurers and brokers must understand - as are newer factors of controls on insurance and healthcare prices, and recent compulsory health insurance rules for travellers or students.

Competition for business is not just from global groups, as regional groups and strong national insurers also want a slice of the market.

Do you follow the crowd to the Gulf, or see more potential in Africa, Asia and South America?

The business landscape is changing fast - such as the country that brought in compulsory free insurance for citizens and then with no warning scrapped the plan and told them to buy their own cover.

The last 2 years has seen massive changes in who owns who, who is partnering with who and local healthcare/insurance offerings. Historic information is interesting, but as investment companies warn "Past performance is no guide to future success".

This is the report that looks at the now and the future.

Report author Ian Youngman says, "This report has taken longer than expected to produce due to fast changing industry events. This has meant I had to make continuous changes to make sure we are fully up to speed. I have updated the previous report, doubled the number of companies, added new sections, added 60 countries and restructured it to make it more logical."



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