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International Private Medical Insurance Market Company And Country Knowledge Test Part 2

International Private Medical Insurance Market Company And Country Knowledge Test Part 2

Compulsory insurance, voluntary top up covers, differences between what you can sell to locals and expatriates, rules on overseas investors, compulsory local partnerships, economic sanctions, and even local politics are all things that insurers and brokers must understand - as are newer factors of controls on insurance and healthcare prices, and recent compulsory health insurance rules for travellers or students.

Competition for business is not just from global groups, as regional groups and strong national insurers also want a slice of the market.

Test your knowledge of the International PMI and international health insurance industry with the 2nd part of the IPMI Industry Knowledge Test.

Do you follow the crowd to the Gulf, or see more potential in Africa, Asia and South America?

  1. Who moved from Lausanne to Montreux recently?
  2. Which about to be merged US insurer pulled out of China in 2013?
  3. Which insurer should never confused with a month?
  4. Who owns Astrenska?
  5. Who offers major medical expanses in Several Latin American countries?
  6. Which Asian country has hospitals accredited by a French body and why?
  7. Which island is part of the USA but has different ACA rules from the states?
  8. Which country was about to bring in universal healthcare until the due elections?
  9. Which are the top 3 countries for expats in China?
  10. Name the 3 countries where competition commissions have looked at healthcare and links with health insurance?

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If you struggle to answer all or most of these questions you may need the new IPMI report that answers all of these questions plus many more. 




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