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Generali Global Health And Best Doctors Sign Worldwide Agreement

Generali Global Health And Best Doctors Sign Worldwide Agreement

Generali Global Health, a division of Generali, has appointed Best Doctors with a two year contract to provide their policyholders with Best Doctors’ unique services.

The contract, effective 1st July 2016, will include expert medical information services and second medical opinions, involving an in-depth expert review by world-leading physicians of clients’ diagnoses and proposed treatment plans.

Generali Global Health’s services, including their flagship Global Choice plan, are aimed at expatriates, globally mobile employees and their families anywhere in the world, with initial territorial emphasis being on the Far East and Middle East. Working closely with Generali’s multinational operational hub, Best Doctors will deliver its expert reports, written by peer-reviewed doctors, to Generali Global Health customers, whatever their location.

Dominic Howard, Director Europe at Best Doctors, said, “Generali is an important and long-standing client of Best Doctors in the UK and other European territories, where we are linked to their Life and protection products. This extension to their international private medical plans is an exciting and significant development for us and provides Generali Global Health with added value and a strong differentiator when selling health protection policies.

“Like Generali, Best Doctors is a company that serves millions of customers around the world, and with our global reach we are well-placed to deliver the highest quality medical information to families when they need it most, wherever they are.”

Marco Giacomelli, CEO of Generali Global Health, added, We at Generali Global Health are committed to the health and wellbeing of our insured members and the globally mobile community at large. Our partnership with Best Doctors is one of our many initiatives to bring valuable innovation in the international private medical insurance market, and Best Doctors’ reputation for excellence will further enhance the quality of service we deliver to our customers.” 

Best Doctors, Inc. is the trusted medical resource for ensuring that individuals have the right diagnosis and treatment, helping to dramatically improve the quality of care and reduce costs.

Founded in 1989 by two Harvard Medical School professors, Best Doctors serves more than 600 employers, health plans, insurers and affinities, touching 30+ million members in countries all across the world. Best Doctors has received accolades from the media and the medical community as the leading organization for connecting patients with the best medical care.

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Generali Global Health is a leading provider of international private medical insurance solutions for corporations, groups, and individuals.

Backed by the financial solidity and extensive geographical footprint of the Generali group,

Generali Global Health offers a wide range of health plans designed to protect and enhance the lives of internationally mobile people and their families.

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