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Peer To Peer Mutual Platform Targets Health Insurance

Peer To Peer Mutual Platform Targets Health Insurance

In China, a new model, mutual aid, is on the rise. Different from insurance, members on mutual aid platforms can lower the cost and increase their claim payment through mutual financial assistance and risk sharing.

Users can join this new mutual assistance plan with an advance deposit of only 10 yuan and get a repayment up to 300,000 Yuan. If there are 1 million users, when someone applies for 300,000 Yuan as mutual aid money, each user only needs to share 0.3 Yuan.

Zhongtuobang is the largest mutual aid platform in China with over 1.7 million members, which implemented blockchain technology when going online and launching in 2016.

Qiao Ke, founder of this Shanghai platform, says, " Mutual aid is assistance from the majority to the minority in case of low-probability events such as cancer and accident."

Zhongtuobang has launched multiple mutual aid products including Anti-Cancer & Disease, Travel Accident, Dad & Mom Mutual Aid, Women's Health and a Students Comprehensive Plan.

Ian Youngman, author of new report "Peer to Peer Insurance 2016" says, "This is not an insurer and not a broker but a promise to pay mutual platform that falls between current regulatory sectors. Chinese regulator CIRC, having just cracked down on peer-to-peer lending platforms with new rules and scaring owners by showing them Shanghai prison, has issued dire warnings to customers about the dangers of using such mutual help platforms. CIRC is believed to be working urgently on new legislation to ensure only regulated platforms can stay open."


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Peer To Peer Mutual Platform Targets Health Insurance 

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