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Aetna International Declared Runner-Up In ‘Employee Benefits Services Provider Of The Year’ Award

Aetna International Declared Runner-Up In ‘Employee Benefits Services Provider Of The Year’ Award

Aetna International (, a leading health care insurer, is declared a runner-up of the “Employee Benefits Services Provider of the Year” award at the Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards (EMMA) in Singapore.

Aetna International was selected as the runner-up after a rigorous study from a panel of global mobility experts from established multinational corporations, including Morgan Stanley, Boeing and Accenture.

FEM Events Director, Sally Martin, said tonight, “Our judges were very impressed with the case studies Aetna presented which showed very distinct and measurable results of how they have helped their customers manage their health plans. Aetna International is a deserving runner-up of the ‘Employee Benefits Services Provider of the Year’ Award.”

Derek Goldberg, managing director of Aetna International for Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, said, “We are delighted with our win and we are happy we’re on the right track of providing customers what they need. We will continue to work closely with our customers to understand their needs and make sure we continue to meet and exceed these.”

As a global health care service provider, Aetna International is focusing its efforts on building a healthier world through better, simpler access to quality and affordable care.

After acquiring a competitor in 2014, the group had two product portfolios, two system platforms and two service models. It needed to simplify this by consolidating into a single operating model while ensuring its product offerings would sufficiently meet the needs of its expanded customer base.

It has also leveraged on technology to streamline its claims processing as well as using it for customer communication.

The results are reflected in its claims experience; with a strong focus on speed and accuracy, offering customers assurance, which is a key element of what a benefits provider should do.

The judges said Aetna International had placed much emphasis on engaging with its customers, which included initiatives such as providing round-the-clock customer service and ensuring that most of its customers’ needs are resolved in the first call.

Customers appreciate this new focus, which reflects an exceptional satisfaction rating of Aetna’s service.

The event was held at the Orchard Hotel, located in the heart of Singapore’s busy Orchard Road area, and was well attended by industry leaders from the global mobility industry.

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