World Of America And Grupo Protg, Two Of The Largest Insurance Brokers Serving The US And Latin America Join Forces

World Of America And Grupo Protg, Two Of The Largest Insurance Brokers Serving The US And Latin America Join Forces
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World of America and Grupo Protg, two of the largest insurance brokers serving the US and Latin America have joined forces. We are pleased to present the “Globalitas Group”, a dynamic company that opens up business opportunities by multiplying its commercial strength in the market throughout offices in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

More than a new company in the market, it is a fresh new approach to doing business globally.

“Globalitas Group” is the solution that everyone was waiting for, to increase their sales and expand their reach in the insurance industry. The group offers insurance lines that combine more than 200 plans and products, such as health, life, savings, travel, professional disability, hospital indemnity, special insurance, property and casualty, corporate & employee benefits as well as academic ACA compliant plans for expatriates. This merger gives greater possibilities of business opportunities to the more than 2000 consultants and insurance companies they represent.

World of America and Grupo Protg have over 35 years of experience in the field, and their merger arises from the need to allow new and greater commercial access for their international and domestic representatives, eliminating barriers to enter into the markets with products from more than top 40 insurance companies they represent.

“Globalitas Group” unifies these two brokers, and at the same time allows each entity to work independently and continue to offer its services, strengths and resources to their clients in 24 countries.

As a result of customer satisfaction throughout the years, for their quality of service and sales volume, they have earned them more than 180 awards and prizes in local and international markets.

Their portfolio of clients exceeds 37,000 individual and over 150 corporate accounts. Their high quality customer service team is supported by the most modern technology in the market, allowing a highly effective and efficient management structure. They service and process more than 87,000 calls, more than 320,000 emails and handle over 44,000 claims per year, with a combined portfolio of more than USD 125,000,000 in premiums.

With a multi-disciplinary and multicultural service team, “Globalitas Group” transcends language barriers and provides their customers and representatives’ solutions with greater ease and precision.

For more information Contact “Globalitas Group” at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“Globalitas Group” is the best choice and at your service!

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