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MedCareProfessional Renews Annual Digital Marketing Program With iPMI Magazine Featured

MedCareProfessional Renews Annual Digital  Marketing Program With iPMI Magazine

MedCareProfessional offers international and national ground and air medical patient transport. They co-operate reliably and economically soundly with renowned insurance and assistance companies, air ambulance owners and operators, hospitals and multinationals. 

They realize Europe-wide ground ambulance transports for repatriation purposes.

Patients that require transport in a lying, supine position or in need of a medical escort can thus be taken to a hospital near home in one of our luxurious ambulances.

These ambulances are especially designed for long-distance transports and boast an equipment far above the recommended norm DIN EN 1789, therefore advanced measures can be taken in an emergency. During the transport patients are seen to by our friendly, courteous and experienced medical personnel.

Adjoining countries like Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and the Benelux are the main aim of our operations, though more distant destinations are certainly operated, too.

We guarantee worldwide professional help for injured or sick people with our fleet of ambulance cars, medical intensive care transport engines and with air ambulances or commercial carriers, no matter where you are.

ICU Transport

Our ICU ambulance cars are mobile intensive care wards – they have all the latest equipment available and are always up to scratch. Thus we are enabled to transport our patients without interrupting their life-supporting therapy. Our medical personnel consists of ICU physicians trained in surgery, internal medicine and anesthesia, assisted by paramedics and nurse anesthetists.

These transports gain more and more significance in our work due to the continuous formation of specialty hospitals and medical centers. Therefore outstanding equipment and excellent personnel ensure the best possible transport security.

Medical Technology

  • 2 BREAS LTV 1200 Ventilator

  • 2 Zoll CCT Monitoring

  • 2 Accuvac Rescue Suction Unit

  • 7 Fresenius Syringe Pumps

  • 1 Fresenius Infusion Pump

  • 1 Mobile BloodGasAnalysis Device (EPOC)

  • Mounting for ECMO / IABP



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